Even if the world is destroyed, I'll always be on Varis' side!

— Specter[1]

Specter,[2] also known as Spectre (スペクター Supekutā) in the Japanese version, is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is Varis' assistant and a member of the Knights of Hanoi, as well as one of the victims of the Hanoi Project and the human who Earth was based on.



Specter's VR Form

Specter is a fair skinned man with gray hair and light blue eyes. In his VR form he wears a white suit with yellow outlines, and a black stripe on his chest. He also wears white shoes.

In Real Life, Specter looks seemingly identical to his VR form. He wears gray coat, white shirt, black vest, gray pants and brown shoes.

As a child, he wore a green jacket over a dark shirt and khaki pants.


Much like Varis, Specter is a villainous individual who will do anything to protect the goals of Knights of Hanoi, doubting that anyone would truly understand their reason for executing their plans. Living up to his name, Specter briefly appears to do whatever Varis orders him. He has a habit of snapping his fingers to perform an action, as well as giving a polite bow to his opponent before engaging in duels.

Specter likes to know everything about his opponent before he duels them. He then uses information on their past to distress them. When dueling Blue Angel, he correctly ascertained she got her avatar name from the "Blue Angel" book, which her brother used to read to her, when she was a little girl crying over the loss of her parents. Not only does the knowledge unsettle Blue Angel, Specter also claims that she will cry like the Blue Angel in the story because when she loses to him, she will lose her connection with her brother and become mere data.

During his duel with Blue Angel, Specter was shown to be an extremely manipulative, deceptive, and cold-hearted individual, at one point going as far as feigning having seen the light through Skye's actions inspired by the Blue Angel story, only to later burn the book, causing her great distress. He also mocks Playmaker's self-proclaimed revenge to be ridiculous, as he brought his war with Hanoi to everyone else's involvement, despite his best intentions. He is also cowardly to a petty degree, to the point using Akira Zaizen as his hostage when he was cornered, calling it his trump card to win.

A young Specter walked a path of darkness, without love he struggled to find, which created a destructive hatred inside him.[3] While Playmaker said that incident caused time to stop for him, Specter said that due to it, time started moving for him. He had fun during the incident and stated that if the incident hurt Playmaker then he must have led a happy life before it.

His antisocial behavior, along with his twisted, manipulative, sadistic nature and downright disengagement with the human race, shows he's at core a sociopathic misanthrope.

In Season 2, Specter retains much of his old personality while some of his better qualities are shown. This is seen when he calmly guided Theodore to Yusaku and Ai, ensuring him that he's not deceiving them, although promising to destroy Theodore if he stays loyal to Flame. A human side of him is seen when he shed a tear for Earth and when he reprimanded Lightning for instigating the chain of events that lead to his Ignis' demise, showing that despite being on opposing sides, part of him genuinely cared for Earth since the Ignis was the only relative he's ever had. He is also shown to be considerate at times, asking Lightning if his comrades are alright prior to his duel.


Specter has the ability to discern his Ignis presence. It was seen after Earth got terminated by SOL where he was the only human able to feel that he is gone.



Young Specter.

When Specter was still a baby, his parents abandoned him inside a hollow tree, at the mountain behind an orphanage. It took several days after he was abandoned for the orphanage to find him, and during that time, the tree protected him from rain, wind, and wild animals. It closed its branches around the hollow where Specter lay each time something threatened him. After he was found, he was raised in the orphanage for several years, though he only felt at peace near the tree and regretted that he couldn't spend much time with it. He grew up in the orphanage, but because he never had relatives, he didn't interact with other people. Even among the other children, he was always alone and bored. He lived like a specter, for nobody cared about him.[1]

As a child, Specter was one of the six children who were kidnapped in the Lost Incident,[4] but the incident actually entertained him, even if he was penalized and electrocuted. He sensed someone was testing him and expected big things for him. This pleased Specter, who felt he had a reason to live. He was sad when the Incident ended and he was returned to the orphanage. The other adults at the orphanage forbade him to talk about what he experienced, and they treated him cautiously. Since he felt more alone than before, he first ran towards the hollow tree, only to see that it was cut down. On that day, he began distrusting society, and ran away from the orphanage to the location of the Lost Incident. Since the location was locked, he waited there, hoping he would return playing. One day, Specter saw a hooded figure who came for Specter, which pleased him. Since that day, Specter served Varis with a stern loyalty.[1]

Season one

Specter appeared inside the Knights of Hanoi base along with Varis. He reported that they had found a lead on Ai, who would attempt at reviving Cyberse. He also told Varis about Playmaker and how he would interfere with their plans. Since Playmaker deleted his record logs, the two concluded he was a skilled hacker. Varis was interested, but asked of Specter to keep the priorities on Ignis.[5] Varis and Specter watched the knight duel Playmaker, which resulted in the latter's victory.[6] Specter told Varis that he had made some wrong decisions in his attempt to gain Ai. He, however, said that the sliver lining was that SOL Technologies also failed to gain the A.I.[7]

Specter and Blue Angel meet.

Later inside the Knights base, he and Varis watched Blue Angel's public announcement to duel Playmaker. He told Varis that they could use her. Inside LINK VRAINS, Specter appeared from the shadows to speak to a waiting Blue Angel. He told her how Playmaker hadn't showed up and she questioned if he was a Knight. Ignoring the question, he said hello to her and the section where they were meeting then turned into a darkened, digital area. Specter, appearing bigger then his usual size, walked into Blue Angel before disappearing. The shock made Blue Angel shield her eyes. He appeared behind Blue Angel which shocked her and as she moved, he appeared before her. He said he was a fan of hers and she accused him of lying. He denied this and said he wanted her to beat Playmaker, while now appearing on the floor. Specter then returned to standing and held up a glowing purple card. He fired it towards Blue Angel which hit her. He told her this card will open a door deep in her heart. He wished her luck and disappeared. The card seemed to be absorbed into her Duel Disk upon his exit. After he left, Blue Angel seemed to not remember why she was there.[8]

Specter and Varis watched the duel between Playmaker and Blue Angel. Varis counted on the card Specter gave to Blue Angel to control her.[9] Dr. Kogami was surprised how Playmaker wanted revenge for what had happened 10 years ago. Specter arrived, noting how scary the fate can be.[10] Specter was with Varis, who noted his subordinates have been defeated by Playmaker and his allies. Varis noted despite this setback, his three subordinates would serve as the core for his plan. Specter reminded Varis they still didn't know about Playmaker's identity, but Varis proclaimed the plan had to continue, even if it cost his life, and nothing would stand in his path.[11]

Varis let Specter face Kitamura, to test the latter before letting him join the Knights of Hanoi. Specter introduced himself and battled Kitamura in a Master Duel. Specter defeated Kitamura, and thanked him, for due to his poor management, the takeover of LINK VRAINS was easy. However, he was disgusted to see Kitamura wanted to trick Varis into his bidding. Kitamura wished to join the Knights of Hanoi. Specter snapped his fingers, bidding his wish - as data. With that, Kitamura glowed with a red light before disappearing. Specter turned to the journalists, Frog and Pigeon, declaring that anyone wishing to enter LINK VRAINS would suffer the same fate. Still, he dared anyone to log inside. Later, he faced Blue Angel, and introduced himself to her, noting it was the second time they met. With a snap of his fingers, Specter reminded Blue Angel of the incident, when he gave her 'that card'. Blue Angel accused him of giving her that computer virus, as Specter noted he was "her fan". She demanded an explanation behind this, but Specter refused to answer, thinking she would not understand, like combining hobbies and ideals. He exclaimed an idol like her would not understand his noble ideals. Since Varis ordered him to crush anyone that wanted to stop their plans, Specter let Blue Angel escape. She refused, swearing to defeat him and Varis. Specter thought a weakling like her could not defeat Varis, and promised a far worse fate than a computer virus should she lose, alerting her she would not be able to return to the real world. Blue Angel nevertheless promised to protect LINK VRAINS from the likes of him. The two initiated a Master Duel. Specter Normal Summoned "Sunseed Genius Loci", and used it to Link Summon "Sunavalon Dryas".[2]

Specter explained his monster could not be targeted for attacks. Blue Angel suspected there was more to it than that, while Specter set a card. She asked about Ghost Gal's whereabouts, as Specter joked that he hoped he would be Ghost Gal's friend, with a name like that. Blue Angel demanded a serious answer, as Specter proclaimed Varis had defeated her, and was a part of Tower of Hanoi as data. He assured Blue Angel she would be a part of the tower, too. Blue Angel swore she would not allow Specter to do that, by defeating him, which amused Specter. Blue Angel started her turn by summoning two "Trickstar" monsters, and played "Trickstar Light Arena" to prevent Specter from activating his Set card, and brought out "Trickstar Holly Angel". Specter noted its effects can damage him and strengthen "Holly Angel", as Blue Angel noted being too popular had its drawbacks. She revived "Trickstar Lilybell" and inflicted 200 LP damage on Specter. However, she saw the tree started reacting, but Specter ordered her to continue.[12]

"Trickstar Lilybell" attacked Specter directly, who announced his tree's effects have been triggered - Specter Special Summoned a Link Monster, "Sunvine Gardna", which restored Specter's LP back. Specter took note that Blue Angel drew inspiration from the book named after her. Specter admitted it was a good book, and read it out loud, claiming the character, "Blue Angel", shared the traits of Skye Zaizen herself. He continued reading, pointing out that Skye Zaizen also feels lonely and cries. To prevent that, Specter knew Skye Zaizen became Blue Angel, a hero of LINK VRAINS, to become popular. Blue Angel was angry Specter dug up her past, who was nevertheless amused. Blue Angel identified him to be like the evil monsters in the book, as a "sad excuse for a human". She swore to defeat Specter, who claimed it would be an honor. "Trickstar Holly Angel" attacked "Sunvine Gardna", who protected Specter by reducing 800 LP damage from that attack, as well as ending Blue Angel's Battle Phase.[12]

Blue Angel realized Specter played a defensive Deck, who boasted it is an absolute defense. Blue Angel ended her turn with a Set card, while Specter belittled her efforts. Blue Angel planned on using "Trickstar Reincarnation", which would make Specter draw five cards and two of her "Trickstar Lycoris" would inflict 2000 LP damage on him. His Set card, "Sunvine Burial", banished Blue Angel's "Trickstar Reincarnation" and all of her copies in her Deck. He predicted Blue Angel would use that to inflict a lot of damage on his LP through "Trickstar Lycoris". Specter claimed he opened Blue Angel's heart, finding that loneliness when Skye was six years old, after the disappearance of her parents, soothed down when Akira read the "Blue Angel" book to her. Seeing Akira was her "treasure", Specter knew Skye fears losing that "treasure" the most. He proclaimed Blue Angel would lose everything, after she loses to him in this duel. Specter drew a card and was inflicted 400 LP damage, and used "Sunavalon Dryas" to bring out "Sunvine Healer", which restored his 500 LP back.[12]

Using "Sunvine Healer", Specter's "Sunavalon Dryas" evolved into "Sunavalon Dryades", a Link-2 monster. He noted like Akira protects his sister, this tree protects Specter. Blue Angel sensed Specter was also alone, since he loved the book, but unlike her, he was not loved and became destructive, which is the source of his power. Specter found Blue Angel a strange person to have noticed his traits. Still, this made it clear to him that Blue Angel knew her purpose, and found it bad that she would not live up to that. He brought the "Sunseed Genius Loci", using it to Link Summon "Sunvine Thrasher", whose ATK was boosted to 2400. "Sunvine Thrasher" destroyed "Trickstar Holly Angel" in a double K.O., but Specter revived the latter to the Link Marker of "Sunavalon Draydes". "Trickstar Holly Angel" destroyed one of Blue Angel's "Trickstar Lycoris", and Specter asked her how did it feel to be attacked by her own ace monster. Blue Angel wondered if there was a way to destroy his tree, and upon looking at her hand, found a new strategy.[12]

Blue Angel Link Summoned "Trickstar Crimson Heart" and regained a bit of her LP. To stop "Sunavalon Dryades", Blue Angel raised its ATK by playing "Trickstar Bouquet", then had it sent to the Extra Deck with "Trickstar Temptation". She noted Specter bore love towards the tree, but hatred as well, which was covered by the tree. Specter admitted he sought love, but that love was never fulfilled. He claimed he was fine, even if he was scarred. He tempted Blue Angel, who fought for those that were hurt, for him, too, by negating "Trickstar Temptation" by the summoning of "Sunvine Maiden". Blue Angel was greately displeased her strategy failed, a failure Specter commended to her lack of desire to understand him. He claimed he felt alone, at the bottom of a canyon, walking on a path without sound or light, and told her she would never defeat him if she does not understand that. His tree evolved further into "Sunavalon Dryanome", and Link Summoned a "Sunvine Thrasher", who attacked "Trickstar Crimson Heart". While the latter was revived to Specter's field, Blue Angel used "Trickstar Light Arena" to reverse the damage, gaining LP to 5000.[3]

With no defenses left, Blue Angel took 4000 LP damage from "Trickstar" monsters Specter stole from her GY. On her next turn, Blue Angel made three consecutive Link Summons to bring out "Trickstar Delfiendium". Returning the three banished "Trickstar Reincarnation" cards to her hand, Blue Angel's "Trickstar Delfiendium" gained 3000 ATK, though Specter reminded her that his tree protected him. Blue Angel pointed out that all of the Link Markers of "Sunavalon Dryanome" were occupied, and could not trigger its effect. Her "Trickstar Delfiendium" attacked, and Blue Angel realized she won. However, Specter clapped for this strategy, with his LP intact, which shocked Blue Angel. He used "Sunavalon Dryanome" to reposition the attacked "Trickstar Crimson Heart" to a different Main Monster Zone and negated the attack. Since Blue Angel was unable to set "Trickstar Reincarnation" cards she obtained, Specter noted she was unable to do anything and would finish her off and let her meet Ghost Gal soon.[3]

Blue Angel went defensive by returning "Trickstar Delfiendium" and "Trickstar Candina" to Special Summon two "Trickstar Lycoris". She bet on her strategy by playing "Trickstar Treat", which set the "Trickstar Reincarnation" from her hand, meaning Specter would draw cards and take damage from "Trickstar Lycoris", at the cost of Blue Angel taking 1000 LP at the End Phase. Blue Angel noticed Specter has been analyzing her, meaning he wanted some protection, too, from being alone. She declared the ultimate love was the blue love he sought out. She swore to save Specter, who dared her to just do that. Specter took 1600 damage from Blue Angel's tactic, but he replenished LP by bringing out "Sunvine Healer". Blue Angel continued by setting a second copy of "Trickstar Reincarnation", halving Specter's LP. Blue Angel noted even in cruelest hearts, people yearned for love, and played her final "Trickstar Reincarnation".[3]

A sadistic Specter laughs at Blue Angel's defeat.

Specter started crying, demanding that Blue Angel saved her, but before that happened, Specter played "Sunbloom Doom". Targeting "Trickstar Holly Angel", Specter gained LP equal to the ATK of all monsters that shared the type, Fairy. Specter noted Blue Angel didn't live up to her promise, who was terrified, as Specter's LP raised and fell to 7200. He admitted that he did read the "Blue Angel" book, and found he had to defeat someone as pathetic enough to think that had to save him. He ripped the book, which was burnt down. Blue Angel questioned if tormenting her made Specter happy, who explained even if "Trickstar Treat" would deplete all of her LP, he would personally defeat her. Simply by banishing "Sunbloom Doom", Specter destroyed Blue Angel's "Trickstar Lycoris" (whose Level equaled the number of Spell and Trap cards played during this turn), and inflicted 1000 LP to her. Specter bid farewell to *Skye Zaizen*, a girl that failed to become a Blue Angel, whose wings shattered at her defeat. Blue Angel fell down, making Specter laugh maniacally.[3]

Specter gloated over Blue Angel's unconscious body, claiming he crushed her "blue love". As promised, Specter declared Blue Angel could not log out of LINK VRAINS, thinking it was a fitting punishment for this "pathetic idol", then teleported away. He came out of a portal to confront Playmaker. Specter introduced himself, and explained he would not let them pass through. He told him that these were Varis' orders, and they would be crushed, too, like Blue Angel was, which shocked Ai and Playmaker. Specter informed them he defeated her without even having to use his full strength. Specter confirmed that he did defeat Blue Angel, but he remembered she spoke something about "blue love", which Ai did not understand. Specter showed them bits of data of Blue Angel, stating she had no power to save him, and promised the same fate would befall Playmaker. When the duel started, Specter again began by using "Sunseed Genus Loci" to Link Summon "Sunavalon Dryas", and setting a card.[1]

Playmaker remembered Blue Angel's tactics were about burning effect damage, and knowing he defeated her quickly, Ai proclaimed he was very dangerous, too. However, Ai noticed Specter's monster did not look very offensive. Playmaker asked Specter why does he fight, but Specter claimed he fought for Varis. Playmaker tried to persuade Specter to step down, if he did not know about Varis' mastermind plan. Specter replied that he knew that the data around the world would be destroyed, but he nevertheless would stand by Varis. Playmaker claimed that Specter did not understand Varis, whose plans have been continuing since ten years ago, in an incident where many people were harmed. He claimed an outsider like Specter had no reason to be involved in this. Specter claimed he understood the Lost Incident, and was one of the six children that were involved in that event, just like Playmaker was. Playmaker was surprised, and pointed out the atrocity of the Lost Incident that befell Specter.[1]

Specter did not understand, and explained that the incident actually entertained him, since he never felt livelier. He explained if one had a happy life before the Lost Incident, the event must've been hard for them. Specter explained he was found by Varis at the site of the Lost Incident, and he gave Specter a place where he could belong, among the Knights of Hanoi. Specter wondered if he was weird, but thought Playmaker was even stranger for his sense of justice. Playmaker remembered that due to that incident, time stopped moving for him, but Specter replied that it started moving for him since then. Ai noticed Playmaker was distant, and reminded he was nothing alike Specter, and pointed out the tower would continue growing as long as they waste time. Playmaker understood, while Specter dared Playmaker to defeat him.[1]

Playmaker Link Summoned "Link Disciple" and "Link Devotee" by linking them. Playmaker tributed "Link Devotee" to draw a card and swap one into his Deck, then Special Summoned two "Link Tokens" and Normal Summoning "Cyberse Gadget", whose effect revived "Latency" from his GY. Using these monsters, Playmaker made three Link Summons: "Binary Sorceress", "Multi Sledgehammer" and "Binary Blader". Since his tree could not be attacked, Specter took the attack of "Binary Sorceress", only to replenish his LP by Special Summoning "Sunvine Gardna". Specter explained the tree protected him when he was a baby, and when the tree was cut down, he began distrusting society, and now served Varis. Specter proclaimed as long as the tree was on the field, nobody could defeat him. He anticipated Ignis would be erased, along with LINK VRAINS. Playmaker reminded him Specter would be erased, too.[1]

Specter counted on that, since he merely wished to fulfill Varis' goal. Playmaker's noted that Specter woukd sacrifice himself for Varis. Specter merely replied Playmaker would never understand their goals, as long as he chased after revenge. Since Playmaker's attack failed, he had "Binary Sorceress" share half her attack to "Binary Blader", who could attack twice per Battle Phase, as Ai noted Specter would take 2000 LP damage. Specter's "Sunvine Gardna" protected him by reducing that damage by 800, and that damage healed Playmaker, due to "Binary Sorceress'" effect. To speed things up, Specter used "Sunavalon Glorious Growth" to summon a Sunvine Token, and use it with "Sunvine Gardna" to make his tree evolve into "Sunavalon Dryanome", even in the middle of Playmaker's battle.[1]

Ai sensed they could be in big trouble, unless Playmaker tried harder. In addition, Specter neutralized Playmaker's efforts by returning the LP count to 4000. Playmaker noticed that is a defense-oriented deck, and Blue Angel must've fallen to Specter's tricks. Specter announced the tree could not be attacked, and Ai knew Specter anticipated these attacks. "Binary Blader" made its second attack, giving Specter 2600 LP damage and replenishing Playmaker's LP by the same amount. Specter repeated his combo, summoning another "Sunvine Gardna", and "Sunavalon Glorious Growth" raised his LP back and lowered Playmaker's LP back to 4000. In an attempt to finish this, Playmaker removed all of the Counters of "Multi Sledghammer" it received when other monsters attacked, raising its ATK to 4000. Ai praised Playmaker, while Specter noted all of these insignificant attacks were just to power up "Multi Sledgehammer" for a final strike. Ai claimed it was a brilliant strategy, but Specter told it was not perfect; "Sunavalon Glorious Growth" redirected the attack to "Sunvine Gardna", who reduced the damage.[13]

Once more, Specter summoned a "Sunvine Gardna", regained the LP and made Playmaker's LP back to 4000. Ai realized Specter has the advantage in here, who confirmed these words, for Playmaker was walking towards his defeat. Specter smirked, showing that his tree had no weaknesses. Specter explained they both experienced the Lost Incident. However, Playmaker was obsessed with revenge, while Specter helped Varis in saving the world. The latter pointed the battle was decided from the start. Playmaker doubted that, while Specter told it were moments before Playmaker's defeat. Specter went on offense, reviving "Sunseed Genius Loci" with "Sunvine Shrine" and using it to Link Summon "Sunvine Thrasher". "Sunvine Thrasher", with 3200 ATK, attacked "Binary Blader", who absorbed half the ATK of "Multi Sledgehammer". Specter repeated his combo, just like with Blue Angel's "friends", by taking "Binary Blader" and have it attack Playmaker's monsters. Ai warned Playmaker he was losing, but Playmaker was glad that Specter could no longer use the effect of "Sunavalon Dryanome", for all of the zones its Link Markers were pointing to were occupied, and believed to have a chance at winning the next turn. [13]

Ai noted that's why Playmaker has that name. Specter explained someone said the same thing earlier. He Normal Summoned "Sunseed Genius Loci", and used it with "Sunvine Gardna" to Link Summon "Sunavalon Daphne". Ai and Playmaker realized this just expanded "Sunavalon" zones for its effects. "Sunavalon Daphne" sent "Binary Blader" to return the two "Sunvine Gardna" to Specter's Extra Deck. Suddenly, the bridge began to break, as the data was being erased. However, Specter's tree reformed the bridge, letting the duel continue on. Using "Sunavalon Force", Specter made his tree immune to effects, while Ai reminded Specter could simply summon more "Sunvine" monsters to protect himself. Playmaker made three consecutive Link Summons to bring out "Excode Talker" and "Underclock Taker", preventing Specter from using two Main Monster Zones and reducing the ATK of "Sunvine Thrasher" to 900. Specter was displeased, since he could not use his combo to protect himself, while Ai gloated they would win. Specter snapped his fingers, showing Playmaker that Akira was captured. Specter explained Akira went to rescue his sister, and promised to touch him with the vines, which would corrupt him with a virus.[13]

Specter threatened if he were to be injured, the vines would expand and eventually infect Akira. Ai and Playmaker were angry that Specter was cheating and playing dirty, by dragging people that weren't even involved. Specter chuckled, reminding how many people Playmaker actually got involved in this crisis. He noted Blue Angel became a victim, and Akira was captured, too, who told Playmaker not to worry about him. Ai reminded Playmaker not to listen to this villain. However, Playmaker ended his turn, surprising Ai and Akira. Specter laughed, for he discovered Playmaker's weakness: virtue. He noted Playmaker wanted revenge, but he would not let innocents be hurt. For amidst that revenge, Specter knew Playmaker would think of virtue to keep on fighting, which was what Specter considered weakness. With the ATK of "Sunvine Thrasher" restored, Specter pointed out the "undefeatable" Playmaker would soon experience his first and final defeat. "Sunvine Thrasher" slashed "Underclock Taker", and with "Sunavalon Force", Playmaker's LP were reduced to 900. Ai panicked, as the bridge continued collapsing.[13]

Specter lamented that he could not defeat Playmaker, considering the bridge was collapsing. Playmaker smiled, for Specter's efforts did not defeat him. Specter frowned, while Playmaker thought Varis would be disappointed to hear those news. When Playmaker fell, Specter's tree reformed the bridge, just to continue on the duel. Specter became angry, and promised to finish Playmaker off by ending the duel. Still, Specter was confident Playmaker could not win, not only because of Specter's combo, but due to Playmaker's sense of justice, which would not let Akira be infected by the virus. Akira yelled out Playmaker should ignore him, else that would make Skye's sacrifice worthless. Specter ended his turn, daring Playmaker to risk Akira by attacking him. Ai pointed at Specter for cheating and dirty play, who took those words as a compliment. Specter was happy, considering this foul play let him gain the advantage. Playmaker set a card, despite Specter daring him to attack. Specter was slightly disappointed, as was Ai.[14]

Specter had "Sunvine Thrasher" attack "Excode Talker", who was protected by Playmaker's "Overload Anchor". Ai claimed they were just getting started, so Specter let his opponent do whatever they wanted. Ai reminded Playmaker about the other effect of "Overload Anchor", which could lower down the ATK of "Sunvine Thrasher", to mount an attack. Playmaker remained silent, which Specter noted he truly was a champion of justice. Ai reminded Playmaker if they lose, the tower would be completed, and everyone would be erased. Specter continued mocking Playmaker, who activated "Link Processing Failure" to stop Specter's Link Monsters from attacking. Specter claimed that was nevertheless a pointless move, and Playmaker could not do anything, unless he attacked. Ai voiced Specter's words, telling him to forget Akira, else the world would be plunged into chaos. Ai named Playmaker as the world's last hope. Specter did not want to watch Ai and Playmaker quarrel, and he Link Summoned the Link-4 "Sunavalon Dryatrentiay". He tributed "Sunavalon Daphne" to destroy Playmaker's Spell and Trap Cards. Next, he revived "Sunseed Genius Loci" and used it to bring out another "Sunvine Thrasher", whose ATK became 4000.[14]

Ai became worried, but sighed, hearing that Specter's monsters in Main Monster Zones could not attack the turn he used his tree's effect. Playmaker doubted that, since Specter had a reason to summon that high ATK monster. Specter commended Playmaker for that observation, as his tree attacked and gained ATK, equal to the ATK of the monsters it pointed to. The tree went to make the finishing move, but Playmaker anticipated this. Using "Link Surge Counter", the ATK of "Excode Talker" became equal to that of "Sunavalon Dryatrentiay", making both monsters destroyed in battle. Specter claimed it was still pointless, for "Sunavalon Force" shaved Playmaker's LP to 50. Ai praised Playmaker for avoiding defeat. Just as Specter went to mock Playmaker's efforts, he saw "Sunavalon Dryatrentiay" falling, and was reminded of the tree he saw cut from his childhood. Without Specter's tree, the cards on his field became destroyed. Playmaker noted it was very difficult to break Specter's combo, until his tree was the one that attacked.[14]

Ai started to mock Specter that "his mommy could not protect him". Specter yelled out for his sacred tree, startling Ai and Playmaker. Specter revived the tree with "Sunavalon Cursed Reborn", and while its effects were negated, its ATK became 4000. Ai was scared, while Specter exclaimed due to the effect, any LP damage he would receive would also be taken to Playmaker, assuring that defeat. Ai noted this was why Akira should've been ignored. Kolter completed the code, causing Akira to vanish. However, the trap was too complex, and the attempt failed. Akira reminded the importance of winning, else Skye's sacrifice would've been in vain, and all of this would lead to more victims. He asked for Playmaker's conviction, reminding even with these sacrifices, he has to bear this burden and continue. Akira smiled for a bit, and grasped the vines, taking damage and vanishing. Specter laughed at Akira, for he entrusted the future to a man, who could not win. Playmaker, who became vengeful, made Specter doubt his words, reminding him that his dueling always wins, and with Akira gone, his doubts have disappeared. (In the dub, Playmaker said he never told Akira to sacrifice himself; in fact he did nothing to earn Akira's trust; Akira chose to sacrifice himself for Playmaker's sake, and he will not let slip the opportunity Akira gave him.) [14]

Specter collapses in defeat.

Specter watches as his mother tree burns down (this scene is cut from the dub).

Playmaker Normal Summoned "ROM Cloudia" and revived "Latency", using the latter for Link Summoning of "Talkback Lancer". Tributing "ROM Cloudia", Playmaker resurrected "Excode Talker", and with "Link Atrocity", raised the latter's ATK to 4000, matching that of Specter's tree. Specter noted Playmaker aimed for a mutual destruction, and yelled out his goal was complete, for Playmaker would never reach Varis. Playmaker replied Specter's goal was gone, for "Link Atrocity" caused the tree's ATK was lowered back to 0. With a final slash, "Excode Talker" crushed the tree, causing Specter to fall down in defeat. Specter started shaking, for he could not believe he had lost, thinking he should've let Playmaker fall down the bridge. He didn't expect his loyalty to Varis would backfire, but had no regrets. Playmaker claimed he had no doubts anymore (in the dub, Playmaker said he did not care), yet Specter told doubt and regret were two different things (in the dub, Specter claimed he had Playmaker where he wanted him). As the bridge continued collapsing, Playmaker and Ai continued towards the tower. Specter apologized to Varis for his failure. He stopped, looking at his burning tree, and remembered the times it spent together with it. Specter muttered "Mother..." before the tree vanished (this scene is cut from the dub version, instead Specter vanishes as Playmaker runs past him).[14]

Following his defeat, Specter fell into a coma, but was taken back to the Knights of Hanoi hideout, where Varis praised his hard work, and said that his defeat would not be in vain.[15] Thus, for the sake of Specter's sacrifice and that of his subordinates, Varis went atop the Tower of Hanoi to duel Playmaker in the last moments before the tower's completion.[16]

Season two

After the defeat of the Knights of Hanoi, Specter rewatched the video of the duel between Playmaker and Varis. Learning about the Extra Link, Specter became fascinated by it, thinking it was a beautiful sight to behold.[17]

In LINK VRAINS, Specter was told of the "new Playmaker", Soulburner, and his corresponding Ignis, Flame. Specter was surprised to hear that during the Tower of Hanoi's construction, someone destroyed Cyberse World. The person, Faust, believed the Ignis have fled, and Dr. Genome commented how troublesome that was. Specter believed Soulburner was also a Lost Incident victim. Varis walked to the group, who bowed to him, confirming that Soulburner's real name was Theodore Hamilton. Specter pointed out no Ignis came to him, but was reminded that the Ignis won't come to him if he was to hunt them down and exterminate them. Faust explained they know the location of Yusaku and Theo, proposing an action towards them. Varis refused, stating such problems should be resolved through LINK VRAINS, declaring they should be left out in the real world. Since Playmaker was a tough foe, Varis proposed to simply observe the situation. He believed if the Ignis were to roam free, they'd eventually meet up with the others of their kind, as well as to pursue Bohman, the new foe Playmaker was fighting against.[18]

The Knights of Hanoi analyzed Bohman, pointing out this new foe of Playmaker's used the Link Spell. Varis denied that was a SOL Technologies' mercenary, unlike The Gore, who was just looking for a battle while searching for Ignis. Specter reminded Soulburner was also a dangerous target, who went with Playmaker through the gate. He did ridicule SOL Technologies for not doing anything about the gate, but did reopen LINK VRAINS. Varis pointed out the public would not know of such things, and swore to defeat SOL Technologies one day to avenge his father. Varis stated the gate was opened by an Ignis, thus eliminating SOL Technologies as a suspect. Specter was nevertheless interested in The Shepherd, whom Faust believed to even have some knowledge of Ignis. Varis denied that, for only he, his father and Ignis themselves know of that. Due to the cyberspace the Ignis created, Varis feared they were developing much faster, and would become a bigger threat. He felt Playmaker, who was helping Ignis, was also growing, with his Fusion and Ritual Summoning techniques incorporated. Before they went to deal with Playmaker, Varis asked everyone to come with him. The group went to the prison, from where they bailed Clarissa Turner out, to reform the Knights of Hanoi.[18]

Specter and the rest of Varis' subordinates marched through the fake Cyberse World to destroy it.[19] He summoned "Sunavalon Dryanome" to battle four Echo programs.[20] Soulburner identified Specter, who awaited Soulburner's coming at Windy's temple. Specter knew of Soulburner's accomplishments, and that Flame joined him. Instead of dueling Soulburner, Specter wanted of Soulburner to follow him. Flame thought it was a trap, but Specter simply wanted Soulburner to find the truth about the Ignis. He wanted Soulburner to question his alliance with Flame, and threatened to erase him should he not change his mind. Thus, the two went inside to watch Varis duel Windy, where Specter exclaimed that Varis was just getting started for the climax. Flame was told that Lightning and Windy trapped Playmaker and Ai. Flame was in shock, while Windy bemoaned that another human-supporter just arrived. Lightning went to trap Soulburner and Specter, but Flame used Kolter's program: he created a sphere to protect them from that attack, and flinged some of it to Playmaker and Ai to free them. He then continued watching Varis' duel against Windy.[21]

Specter senses Earth's fragmentation.

Specter listened to Lightning's story, and like most present, was shocked the latter destroyed his own homeworld. With Playmaker, Soulburner, Lightning and his allies gone, Varis decided to abstain from the situation, and let the enemies fight each other. Specter nodded, seeing he wanted to have enemies fight each other.[22] After Earth was defeated by The Gore and taken to SOL Technologies to be terminated, Specter felt his Ignis was gone and shed a tear.[23] Specter and Ryoken had a drink near a building when the hacker, Kenneth Drayden, came out. The two noticed that the AI bounty hunter, known as Shepherd, rode away in a car. Ryoken feared he could be a great enemy to them. Later, on a boat, Specter informed Ryoken that the LIGHT Ignis has gone into hiding. Ryoken assumed that their enemy was preparing, and Specter reported they were scanning the network. Ryoken thought of a plan to lure them out, but needed more recruits for that, and stated Shepard was one such fine candidate.[24]

Specter saw that someone was scanning the network for Ignis' presence. He and Ryoken saw it was Shepard, who decided to hunt the Ignis alone. As Specter saw that Playmaker and his team went through the portal, Varis believed the Light Ignis was beyond that portal. He decided to observe that duel, as his responsibility, and Specter decided to accompany him. The two logged in to LINK VRAINS, and observed the duel. Specter noted the two were an interesting matchup, while Varis stated that he gave Shepherd a hint on Link Spells, and wondered how would he counter them.[25] Specter wondered if Shepard had the advantage after destroying "Judgment Arrows", but Varis reminded that the Light Ignis anticipated this move. In fact, Varis saw he was correct, for Lightning played "Armatos Lex" to return "Judgment Arrows" back to his Deck. Specter saw that Shepherd fired attacks, cornering Lightning at 200 LP. However, Shepherd ended up being defeated.[26]

Specter alerted Ryoken, who saw the Gore duel Playmaker. He noticed the EARTH Ignis has been incorporated into the Gore, and looked at Specter, who was disturbed by this.[27] Specter added that the Gore did an unpredictable move by dueling with an AI, while Ryoken stated he must break beyond expectations to win.[28] Varis met up with Playmaker, Soulburner, Ghost Gal and Blue Maiden, giving them time to think of reactivation of the Tower of Hanoi to find the Ignis. The next day, Playmaker, Soulburner, Blue Maiden and their Ignises went to the old LINK VRAINS with Specter and Varis. Specter mentioned their allies remained logged out, to support the group. The group raised their hands, as they triggered the program. As the Tower of Hanoi was reactivated, Varis had the group shielded from its effects. They noticed LINK VRAINS blurring, as Ai mentioned it was a mirror counterpart of that cyberspace, a world hidden within.[29]

Specter and Varis make a deal with the journalists.

Specter fell into Lightning's trap.

The group went through the portal to Mirror LINK VRAINS. Varis wanted Frog and Pigeon stay out of the conflict, but changed his mind, since they could report about this clash. The group advanced through the portal, and the passage to the other cyberspace. The group advanced through the portal, and reached Mirror LINK VRAINS. Inside, Specter released the frog and pigeon, but reminded them of the danger the world posed. Suddenly, the group faced copies of BitBoot AI, which started a duel.[30] Specter defeated the AI with "Sunavalon Dryas". Playmaker informed his allies to split and search for Lightning, but the cyberspace started to tremble. The data material disappeared, causing Specter to descend down from his D-Board, to a valley-like world. Suddenly, Kolter's program activated, as the latter saw everyone's progress, and sent the link to Varis' allies. Suddenly, Jin and Lightning appeared, as they took on Specter first. Specter remembered Lightning's logic to face weakest enemies first, and was slightly alarmed of that.[31]

Still, he reminded he had to defeat anyone that stood in his path, in Varis' name. Lightning believed that Specter gave his free will and was now Varis' puppet. It was why Lightning thought little of Specter, since he valued free will most. Specter corrected him, for his free will was to serve Varis. He noticed Lightning didn't understand that, since he didn't have a past that Specter had. Finding out he was weak, Specter admitted he joined Varis, who was a stronger man, to protect himself. It was why Specter exclaimed it was the only way, since not everyone was strong. Lightning boasted he could achieve equality, but Specter doubted that, for he was an advanced AI with free will. He believed the Ignis' fate was that of humanity: to have struggles for power. Specter admitted while he didn't acknowledge the Ignis' authority, he still felt voided when his related Ignis had disappeared.[31]

He blamed Lightning for that Ignis' disappearance, for if the Ignis had stayed in Cyberse World, he wouldn't have disappeared. Lightning denied that, for the Knights of Hanoi would still be at their pursuit, and they were fighting for their lives. It was why Lightning started this plan to see the AI as the winners. Seeing they could not sway each other's mind, the two sides started a duel. Much like the last time, Lightning used his speedy tactics to activate "Armatos Colosseum", as well as to summon his decurions and centurions, with applying "Judgment Arrows". Specter remarked that Lightning was going all out, but Lightning, despite having no cards in his hand, continued on. Using his "Decurion" and "Sica" to Link Summon "Primi Ordines", and Special Summoned "Gradius", using it and "Decurion" to bring out "Pilus Prior". With "Gladius" returned to his field by the latter's effect, Lightning made a sixth Link Summon of "Decurion" to the other Extra Monster Zone.[31]

Specter noticed this was Lightning's plan all along: to form a V-shaped Extra Link, and prevent Specter from summoning Extra Deck monsters. Lightning was vary of Specter's monsters, and was why he took these premeasures to seal away his Link Monsters. Specter was amazed by the power of his enemy, and swore to use all of his strength to defeat Lightning. Specter summoned "Sunseed Genius Loci" and "Sunseed Shadow", but remarked that he could not summon his Link Monsters. Lightning knew that his strength was from Extra Deck, and claimed Specter could only surrender. He refused, since he gained respect for Lightning, seeing their decks were somewhat similar, and wished to have a card like "Judgment Arrows". To fulfill his wish, Specter played "Sunvine Plunder" to take control of it. Lightning was surprised to see they were quite equal, but Specter pointed out the Ignis was arrogant, due to a complex - a secret that nobody knew about. Lightning frowned, yet was silent, and Specter assumed he was correct. Regardless, Specter broke his Extra Link, though Lightning's monsters remained in their positions. Specter proceeded to summon "Sunavalon Daphne" to the zone "Judgment Arrows" pointed to. Using "Sunseed Genius Loci", Specter Link Summoned "Sunvine Trasher". [31]

With the Link-2 "Sunavalon Daphne" and "Judgment Arrows", "Sunvine Trasher" attacked with 4800 ATK a decurion. "Primi Ordines" reduced the damage by 4000, thus Lightning took no damage. However, the decurion was summoned to Specter's field. That decurion attacked Lightning's decurion, but Lightning took no damage. Finally, playing "Sunvine Cross Breed", Specter tributed his stolen decurion to summon "Sunseed Genius Loci", setting the field to Link Summon "Sunavalon Dryas". Lightning was alerted, as Specter reverted the tide of battle.[31] Lightning admitted that he underestimated Specter, who broke his Extra Link. Specter replied that Lightning should feel regret, since he would soon be defeated. Lightning frowned, and took his turn. Playing "Armatos Replacement", swapping "Pilus Prior" with his "Centurion". With "Armatos Colosseum", he sent a card from his hand to summon "Scutum" and "Sica" to the zones his centurion pointed to. Using "Primi Ordines" and "Sica", he Link Summoned "Legatus Legionis", then tributed "Scutum" to Special Summon "Galea" from his GY.[17]

As for Specter, he summoned "Sunseed Twin" to bring back "Sunseed Genius Loci". Using the two, along with "Sunvine Trasher", Specter Link Summoned "Sunavalon Melias". It revived "Genius Loci", and using it and "Daphne", Specter summoned a second "Melias". Finally, Specter used his Sunseed a third time to summon "Sunvine Trasher". In response, Lightning swapped "Galea" with "Scutum". To mount the offense, Specter had his "Sunvine Trasher" attack a number of times, up to the number of "Sunavalon" monsters on the field, due to "Melias", with 6400 ATK. Lightning's frown increased, who negated the first attack by using centurion's effect. "Sunvine Thrasher" attacked a second time, but Lightning's "Galea" reduced damage to zero when it was sent to his GY, and "Scutum" protected "Legatus Legionis" from being destroyed. The third time "Sunvine Thrasher" attacked, it succeeded in destroying "Legatus Legionis", and with its effect, was taken out of Lightning's GY to Specter's field. It attacked Lightning's centurion, and shaved off 700 LP from Lightning.[17]

Specter was not done yet, for he tributed his thrasher to resurrect "Daphne", and used "Sunvine Shrine" to bring "Genius Loci", too. This time, Specter, using "Genius Loci", Link Summoned a "Sunvine Thrasher" to the other Extra Monster Zone, and created an Extra Link of his own. Specter laughed at his own achievement, as his thrasher's ATK grew to 3200, and blushed, since he attributed the possibility of this victory to Lightning. Banishing a "Sunseed Shadow", he summoned another "Daphne" to his last unoccupied Zone, thus having a field of seven monsters. His tree evolved into a "Sunavalon Dryanome", as he used that "Daphne" as material. Lightning was aware of the danger that tree posed, for three times if Specter took damage, he could summon a "Sunvine" monster and reverse the damage, and Specter added he could also negate attacks. In addition, Specter banished "Sunseed Twin" and "Legatus Legionis" to bring back his second "Sunvine Thrasher".[17]

Lightning noticed that Specter was a bit ambitious to create this field, who admitted he got excited. Lightning noted that humans called this field beautiful, but Specter brushed him off, since he had no idea of beauty. Lightning exclaimed Specter was the arrogant one here, who yelled out to stop looking down on him. Specter was amused that he managed to anger Lightning, who claimed his Extra Link was fragile. Lightning knew that Specter had a tactic to steal his "Judgment Arrows". Claiming he'll unleash a divine punishment, Lightning used "Judgment Sword". Thus, Lightning moved "Sunavalon Dryanome" to the unoccupied Main Monster Zone, breaking the Extra Link. Specter was offended that his tree was damaged, but Lightning reminded it was still vulnerable to card effects, as he summoned "Tribunus Militum", and using the colosseum, returned "Speculata", "Gladius" and "Sica" to the zones it pointed to. Using these monsters, as well as "Scutum", Lightning Link Summoned Link-4 "Armatos Legio Magnus Dux".[17]

He intended to use the latter to return "Judgment Arrows" to his hand. Since "Sunvine Plunder" protected that card, Lightning's "Tribunus Militum" negated the effects of Specter's spells, and "Sunavalon Dryanome". Lightning succeeded in returning "Judgment Arrows", which, upon leaving the field, destroyed most of Specter's monsters: "Daphne" and two "Melias". Specter became frustrated, as his "Thrasher" was destroyed, too, since it no longer was linked to a "Sunavalon" monster. With "Judgment Arrows" set, "Magnus Dux", whose ATK was raised to 6000, attacked Specter's tree, "Sunavalon Dryanome". Specter was knocked out, and apologized to Varis for failing him. Jin and Lightning walked to Specter, and absorbed him. Before anything else was done, Lightning proclaimed even the weak had their uses, and vanished with Frog and Pigeon.[17]

Season three

Specter and the rest of the Knights of Hanoi pledge their support to Akira.

After Bohman's defeat, Specter was reformed back in LINK VRAINS, along with the rest of the victims. Later, he accompanied Ryoken to see Yusaku and Theo at the food truck, to declare their alligence with them was over.[32] Sometime later, Specter and the rest of the knights appeared before Akira, who called them for help in hunting the Ignis. Ghost Gal asked why they didn't hate SOL Technologies, to which Varis stated that the LIGHT Ignis revealed his true colors, and that their thirst for revenge had faded away. Blue Maiden reminded everyone of their crimes, of which Varis was aware of. Soulburner thought they'd turn themselves in to the police, which Varis confirmed, but only after they hunted the Ignis down. At that point, Varis thought they would have no reason to exist as an organization, and would atone for their crimes. Akira showed pictures of the cyberspace, believing Ai and Roboppy were near it. He deployed Shepherd, Ghost Gal and Specter to the eastern route.[33] Specter rode with Ghost Gal and Shepard around cyberspace.[34] However, Specter was soon defeated and erased by Ai.[35]


Ryoken Kogami/Varis

Varis and Specter met in person after the Lost Incident, after which Specter joined the Knights of Hanoi and eventually came to be Varis' assistant. Varis trusts Specter strongly as a comrade and believes in his skill as a Duelist, sending him after Blue Angel and Playmaker during the preparation of the Tower of Hanoi.

Despite Specter's faith in Varis being seemingly unconditional and without end, he does not seem to exploit this in any malicious way. After Specter's defeat and comatose state following his defeat at Playmaker's hands, Varis praised him for his excellent work and promised him it would not be in vain, showing honest grief.[27]

During Specter's duel against Lightning, Varis praised him for his brilliant strategy of stealing Judgment Arrows and for surpassing him by creating an Extra Link Full Mode. He called out to Specter when he was defeated and erased, promising him that his sacrifice won't be in vain, showing how much he trusts and cares for his comrade.


Earth and Specter's relationship is mostly distant as a result of the war between the Knights of Hanoi and the Ignis. As a result, Earth learned to be self-sufficient to the point of being able to duel really well without the need for a human partner. Despite being on opposing sides, Specter did shed a tear for Earth when he sensed his Ignis had been presumably terminated, showing that part of him did care for the Ignis. Specter also seemed a bit agitated when he and Ryoken found that Earth's data was implanted into Gore. He also stated to Lightning that when he sensed Earth's demise he felt an emptiness form inside of him, showing how he truly cared about Earth, despite his status as a Knight of Hanoi. Specter also reprimanded Lightning for Earth's death, berating him for causing this tragedy by dividing the Ignis.

Earth's dueling style appears to be very similar to Specter's, in that they share a key factor in protecting certain monsters that are symbolic to them (the tree Specter was left under, and Aqua's Crystal Heart).


Specter and "Sunavalon Dryas".

Specter uses a "Sunavalon"/"Sunvine"/"Sunseed" Heal Deck that focuses around Plant Link Monsters with defensive effects, mainly in the form of Damage reduction. For offensive tactics, Specter relies on stealing the opponent's Monsters. Specter also puts a strong focus on continously increasing his LP to survive whatever strategy the opponent comes up with.

Contrary to most Decks, his Main Deck seems to consist mainly of Spells and Traps rather than a balance of monsters and Spells/Traps. His most used Main Deck monster is "Sunseed Genius Loci", a 0 ATK/DEF Normal Monster, which, despite its abysmal stats serves as the main key to his "Sunavalon" Link Monsters. In turn, these quickly bring out a range of "Sunvine" Link monsters from his Extra Deck to deal with the situation at hand. Specter can also return Link Monsters to the Extra Deck to reuse them later and so he won't run out of targets to Special Summon.

The "Sunavalon" Link Monsters trigger when Specter takes damage, then heal that damage. As such, the Deck florishes when faced with repeated instances of damage, as seen during Specter's duel against Blue Angel's Trickstar Deck.

Despite the Deck's strength, many of the support cards require Specter to control at least one "Sunavalon" monster, thus it is his greatest downfall should "Sunavalon" be removed from his side of the field. The Dryas Monster Line also requires an unused Monster Card Zone that they point to apply and resolve their effects, which can be rendered useless if none of the zones are available.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Unknown Duelist 35 Lose (flashback)
Kitamura 32 Win
Skye Zaizen/Blue Angel 32-34 Win
Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker 35-37 Lose
Echo 69 Win x4
Bit & Boot 86 Win
Lightning 86-87 Lose
Ai 107 Lose (with Faust; off-screen)


  • Portraying Specter was Kajimoto Daiki's first anime voice acting role.[36]
  • Specter is the only victim of the Hanoi Project to never interact in some way with his Ignis partner.
  • Before each duel that Specter participated in, he would give a fist to palm salute, which is common of Chinese etiquette.
  • The highlight color on Specter's Link VRAINS avatar, such as on his sleeves and pockets, inexplicably changed from navy blue to yellow very early in Season 1.


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