Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 026
Animation director Yang Kwang Seok +
English air date December 13, 2005  +
English episode name The School Duel, Part 2  +
Episode number 26  +
Episode season number 1  +
Episode series Yu-Gi-Oh! GX  +
Episode summary The inter-school Duel between [[Jaden Yuki]] and [[Chazz Princeton]] continues, with the latter continuing his assault with "[[Armed Dragon LV7 (anime)|Armed Dragon LV7]]" and the former unveiling new cards to counter this.  +
Japanese air date March 30, 2005  +
Japanese episode name VS万丈目サンダー(後編) アームドドラゴンLV7  +
Romaji episode name Vāsasu Manjōme Sandā (Kōhen) Āmudo Doragon Reberu Sebun  +
Ruby Japanese episode name <ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja
<ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>VS</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>バーサス</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby><ruby class="rubytext ruby-ja" lang="ja"><rb>万丈目</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>まんじょうめ</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>サンダー(後編) アームドドラゴンLV7
t;/rp></ruby>サンダー(後編) アームドドラゴンLV7  +
Screenshot Series026.jpg  +
Translated Japanese episode name VS Manjoume Thunder (Second Part) - Armed Dragon LV7  +
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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 026 + , Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 026 + , Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 026 + , Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 026 +
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