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The query [[Class 1::Official]] [[Type::Fiend]] [[Secondary type::Tuner monster]] [[English name::!Rubic, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 (from cache) in 0.0078 seconds.

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 Japanese namePrimary type[[Attribute]][[Level]]/ [[Rank]][[ATK]][[DEF]]
[[Dark Tinker|Dark Tinker]]ダーク・リペアラーEffect MonsterDARK210001300
[[Double Resonator|Double Resonator]]ダブル・リゾネーターEffect MonsterFIRE100
[[Emissary from Pandemonium|Emissary from Pandemonium]]地獄からの使いEffect MonsterEARTH726001800
[[Fabled Kushano|Fabled Kushano]]魔轟神クシャノEffect MonsterLIGHT31100800
[[Fabled Miztoji|Fabled Miztoji]]魔轟神ミーズトージEffect MonsterLIGHT2400200
[[Fabled Oltro|Fabled Oltro]]魔轟神オルトロEffect MonsterLIGHT2800500
[[Fabled Raven|Fabled Raven]]魔轟神レイヴンEffect MonsterLIGHT213001000
[[Flare Resonator|Flare Resonator]]フレア・リゾネーターEffect MonsterFIRE33001300
[[Force Resonator|Force Resonator]]フォース・リゾネーターEffect MonsterWATER2500500
[[Goldenhair, the Newest Plunder Patroll|Goldenhair, the Newest Plunder Patroll]]Effect MonsterWATER402000
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