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 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary type[[Attribute]][[Type]][[Level]]/ [[Rank]][[ATK]][[DEF]]
[[Skull Conductor|Skull Conductor]]スカル・コンダクターEffect MonsterDARKZombie420000
[[Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower|Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower]]精気を吸う骨の塔Effect MonsterDARKZombie34001500
[[Spirit of the Pharaoh|Spirit of the Pharaoh]]スピリッツ・オブ・ファラオEffect MonsterLIGHTZombie625002000
[[Tengu, the Winged Mayakashi|Tengu, the Winged Mayakashi]]翼の魔妖-天狗Synchro Monster
Effect Monster
[[Tristan, Knight of the Underworld|Tristan, Knight of the Underworld]]冥界騎士トリスタンEffect MonsterDARKZombie418000
[[Tsuchigumo, the Poisonous Mayakashi|Tsuchigumo, the Poisonous Mayakashi]]毒の魔妖-土蜘蛛Synchro Monster
Effect Monster
[[Uni-Zombie|Uni-Zombie]]ユニゾンビEffect MonsterTuner monsterDARKZombie313000
[[Vampire Fraulein|Vampire Fraulein]]ヴァンパイア・フロイラインEffect MonsterDARKZombie56002000
[[Vampire Genesis|Vampire Genesis]]ヴァンパイアジェネシスEffect MonsterDARKZombie830002100
[[Vampire Grace|Vampire Grace]]ヴァンパイア・グレイスEffect MonsterDARKZombie620001200
[[Vampire Sucker|Vampire Sucker]]ヴァンパイア・サッカーLink Monster
Effect Monster
[[Vendread Anima|Vendread Anima]]ヴェンデット・アニマEffect MonsterDARKZombie100
[[Vendread Chimera|Vendread Chimera]]ヴェンデット・キマイラRitual Monster
Effect Monster
[[Yoko, the Graceful Mayakashi|Yoko, the Graceful Mayakashi]]麗の魔妖-妖狐Synchro Monster
Effect Monster
[[Yuki-Musume, the Ice Mayakashi|Yuki-Musume, the Ice Mayakashi]]氷の魔妖-雪娘Effect MonsterWATERZombie101900
[[Yuki-Onna, the Absolute Zero Mayakashi|Yuki-Onna, the Absolute Zero Mayakashi]]零氷の魔妖-雪女Link Monster
Effect Monster
[[Zombie Mammoth|Zombie Mammoth]]マンモス・ゾンビEffect MonsterEARTHZombie419000
[[Zombie Master|Zombie Master]]ゾンビ・マスターEffect MonsterDARKZombie418000
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