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The query [[Medium::Anime]] [[Card type::Spell Card||Trap Card]] [[Summoning::Special Summons to your opponent's field||Special Summons from your hand to your opponent's hand||Special Summons from your Graveyard to your opponent's field]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 (from cache) in 0.0812 seconds.

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 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Ojama Trio (anime)おジャマトリオTrap Card
Ordeal of the Heroヒーローの受難Trap Card
Reckless Parasite寄生虫の暴走Spell Card
Release & Reverseリリース&リバースTrap Card
Return Talisman式神返しTrap Card
Reverse Reuse (anime)リバース・リユースTrap Card
Revival Gift (anime)リバイバル・ギフトTrap Card
Salamangreat Sparks転生炎獣の散火Spell Card
Sapphire Reviveサファイア・リバイブTrap Card
Self Fan Clubセルフ・ファンクラブSpell Card
The Shallow Grave (anime)浅すぎた墓穴Spell Card
Shining Rebornシャイニング・リボーンTrap Card
Sphere Field (card)スフィア・フィールドSpell Card
Spinning Wheel Spindle糸つむぎの針Spell Card
Temptation of the Goddess女神の誘惑Spell Card
Trick Box (anime)トリック・ボックスTrap Card
Triggered Summon (anime)誘発召喚Trap Card
Underworld Circle黄泉天輪Spell Card
Unfinished Time Box未完の時空機械筐Trap Card
Vicious Claw (anime)ヴィシャス・クローSpell Card
Volcanic Mineヴォルカニック・マインTrap Card
Wild Halfワイルド・ハーフSpell Card
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