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The query [[Class 1::Official]] [[Primary type::Xyz Monster]] [[Type::Dragon]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 (from cache) in 0.0109 seconds.

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 Japanese nameSecondary type[[Attribute]][[Rank]][[ATK]][[DEF]]
[[Evilswarm Bahamut|Evilswarm Bahamut]]ヴェルズ・バハムートDARK423501350
[[Evilswarm Ophion|Evilswarm Ophion]]ヴェルズ・オピオンDARK425501650
[[Evilswarm Ouroboros|Evilswarm Ouroboros]]ヴェルズ・ウロボロスDARK427501950
[[Evolzar Dolkka|Evolzar Dolkka]]エヴォルカイザー・ドルカFIRE423001700
[[Evolzar Laggia|Evolzar Laggia]]エヴォルカイザー・ラギアFIRE424002000
[[Evolzar Solda|Evolzar Solda]]エヴォルカイザー・ソルデFIRE626001000
[[Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger|Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger]]迅雷の騎士ガイアドラグーンWIND726002100
[[Galaxy Stealth Dragon|Galaxy Stealth Dragon]]銀河影竜DARK420001600
[[Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Blade Dragon|Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Blade Dragon]]銀河眼の光波刃竜LIGHT932002800
[[Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon|Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon]]銀河眼の光波竜LIGHT830002500
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