Soul of the Duelist: Vendor Edition is a Vendor Edition Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It follows Pharaoh's Inheritance: Vendor Edition and it is followed by Rise of Destiny: Vendor Edition.


Only contains the Common cards from Soul of the Duelist, with five of them being Normal Parallel Rares:



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
SOD-JP002"Neo Aqua Madoor"「ネオアクア・マドール」CommonNormal Monster
SOD-JP003"Skull Dog Marron"「骨犬マロン」CommonNormal Monster
SOD-JP004"Goblin Calligrapher"「スカゴブリン」CommonNormal Monster
SOD-JP009"Dark Mimic LV1"「暗黒のミミック LV1」CommonFlip monster
SOD-JP013"Armed Dragon LV3"「アームド・ドラゴン LV3」CommonEffect Monster
SOD-JP016"Horus' Servant"「ホルスのしもべ」CommonEffect Monster
SOD-JP017"Black Dragon's Chick"「黒竜の雛」CommonEffect Monster
SOD-JP018"Malice Doll of Demise"「怨念のキラードール」CommonEffect Monster
SOD-JP021"Ultimate Baseball Kid"「超熱血球児」CommonEffect Monster
SOD-JP023"Element Dragon"「エレメント・ドラゴン」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
SOD-JP024"Element Soldier"「エレメント・ソルジャー」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
SOD-JP025"Howling Insect"「共鳴虫」CommonEffect Monster
SOD-JP026"Masked Dragon"「仮面竜」CommonEffect Monster
SOD-JP028"Unshaven Angler"「ヒゲアンコウ」CommonEffect Monster
SOD-JP029"The Trojan Horse"「トロイホース」CommonEffect Monster
SOD-JP030"Nobleman-Eater Bug"「使徒喰い虫」CommonFlip monster
SOD-JP031"Enraged Muka Muka"「激昂のムカムカ」CommonEffect Monster
SOD-JP032"Hade-Hane"「派手ハネ」CommonFlip monster
SOD-JP036"Sanwitch"「クリッチー」CommonFusion Monster
SOD-JP037"Dark Factory of Mass Production"「闇の量産工場」Normal Parallel RareNormal Spell Card
SOD-JP039"Mind Wipe"「記憶抹消」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
SOD-JP040"Abyssal Designator"「深淵の指名者」Normal Parallel RareNormal Spell Card
SOD-JP041"Level Up!"「レベルアップ!」CommonNormal Spell Card
SOD-JP044"The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension"「四次元の墓」CommonNormal Spell Card
SOD-JP045"Two-Man Cell Battle"「ツーマンセルバトル」CommonContinuous Spell Card
SOD-JP046"Big Wave Small Wave"「大波小波」CommonNormal Spell Card
SOD-JP047"Fusion Weapon"「フュージョン・ウェポン」CommonEquip Spell Card
SOD-JP048"Ritual Weapon"「リチュアル・ウェポン」CommonEquip Spell Card
SOD-JP049"Taunt"「挑発」CommonNormal Trap Card
SOD-JP050"Absolute End"「絶体絶命」CommonNormal Trap Card
SOD-JP052"Ninjitsu Art of Decoy"「忍法 空蝉の術」CommonContinuous Trap Card
SOD-JP054"Heavy Slump"「大暴落」CommonNormal Trap Card
SOD-JP056"Mind Crush"「マインドクラッシュ」Normal Parallel RareNormal Trap Card
SOD-JP058"Gorgon's Eye"「ゴーゴンの眼」CommonNormal Trap Card
SOD-JP059"Cemetery Bomb"「セメタリー・ボム」CommonNormal Trap Card
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