Soul Fusion Special Edition is a Special Edition in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG).


Each Soul Fusion Special Edition contains:



Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
SOFU-FRSE1"Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights""Isolde, Deux Récits du Chevalier Noble"Super RareEffect Link Monster
SOFU-FRSE2"Summon Sorceress""Sorcière d'Invocation"Super RareEffect Link Monster
SOFU-FRSE3"Neo Space Connector""Connecteur Néo-Space"Super RareEffect Monster
SOFU-FRSE4"Prank-Kids Rocksies""Rocherigolo Farce-Gamins"Super RareEffect Monster

Card numberEnglish nameGerman nameRarityCategory
SOFU-DESE1"Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights""Isolde, Heldin zweier Edler Rittergeschichten"Super RareEffect Link Monster
SOFU-DESE2"Summon Sorceress""Beschwörungszauberin"Super RareEffect Link Monster
SOFU-DESE3"Neo Space Connector""Neoraum Connector"Super RareEffect Monster
SOFU-DESE4"Prank-Kids Rocksies""Streichbuben Steinis"Super RareEffect Monster

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
SOFU-ITSE1"Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights""Isolde, Due Racconti dei Nobili Cavalieri"Super RareEffect Link Monster
SOFU-ITSE2"Summon Sorceress""Stregona Evocatrice"Super RareEffect Link Monster
SOFU-ITSE3"Neo Space Connector""Connettore del Neo Spazio"Super RareEffect Monster
SOFU-ITSE4"Prank-Kids Rocksies""Ragazzi-Birichini Rocciaspasso"Super RareEffect Monster

Card numberEnglish namePortuguese nameRarityCategory
SOFU-PTSE1"Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights""Isolde, Dois Contos dos Nobre Cavaleiros"Super RareEffect Link Monster
SOFU-PTSE2"Summon Sorceress""Feiticeira Invocadora"Super RareEffect Link Monster
SOFU-PTSE3"Neo Space Connector""Conector do Neo Espaço"Super RareEffect Monster
SOFU-PTSE4"Prank-Kids Rocksies""Rochanimados Travesso-Guris"Super RareEffect Monster

Card numberEnglish nameSpanish nameRarityCategory
SOFU-SPSE1"Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights""Isolda, Dos Historias del Noble Caballero"Super RareEffect Link Monster
SOFU-SPSE2"Summon Sorceress""Hechicera de Invocación"Super RareEffect Link Monster
SOFU-SPSE3"Neo Space Connector""Neo Espace Conector"Super RareEffect Monster
SOFU-SPSE4"Prank-Kids Rocksies""Divertirrocas Brominiños"Super RareEffect Monster

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