Dragon Cards game

The soul-eating jar and the Dragon Cards sealed-up.

The soul-eating jar, known in the Japanese version as the xing zhen hu (ja: 心鎮壷 (シン・ツェン・フー) , shin tsen fū; zh: 心鎮壷, xīn zhēn hú), which is Chinese for jar of soul suppression, is a jar in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, in which the dragons from the Dragon Cards game are sealed.

The card "Xing Zhen Hu" is based on this jar.


Yugi's soul taken by the Dragon Cards

A soul being sucked into the jar.

The Dragon Cards are usually kept in a seal. When the seal is broken the only way to reseal it is to offer the soul of the loser of a game of Dragon Cards to the dragons. When this happens the dragons get sucked back into the jar and pull the soul of the loser with them.

The dragons consume the souls of people dragged into the jar. This process takes three months and only one soul can be consumed at a time. If a second soul is pulled into the jar, the first one is released.


When Yugi lost to Imori, his soul was pulled into the jar. However Dark Yugi defeated Imori in a rematch, causing Imori's soul to be sucked in and Yugi's to be released.


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