"Something you can show, but can't see" also given as "something you can see, but have never seen before" and "something you can see, but can't see" is a riddle in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and Japanese anime.

Different characters have interpreted the riddle differently and given different answers.

Character Answer Situation
Yugi Muto An unfinished puzzle[1] Used the riddle as a hint for the treasure inside his box.[1]
Joey Wheeler Friendship[1] Used the riddle to describe a treasure he has.[1]
Joey Wheeler Smell[2] Yami Yugi used this as a hint for Joey to figure out Mai's Aroma Tactics.[2]
Joey Wheeler Time Joey used this as a hint to use "Time Wizard" in his Duel with Mai.
Rex Raptor Takoyaki[3] Relayed by Mai, who was frustrated from her loss to Joey.
Mai Valentine Weakness She used this to encourage Yami Yugi, who was losing in his Duel with her.
Yami Yugi A hidden enemy He suspected Odion, posing as Marik, was not the person he claimed to be.


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