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A Sneak Peek event, also known as a Sneak Preview, was an event held at Konami's Official Tournament Stores to celebrate a new TCG booster pack, occurring the weekend before the new packs are sold. A new TCG booster pack is released every three months.

For an entry fee, players receive five of the new booster packs and a special Sneak Peek promo card (while supplies last). Using these cards, players build a Deck and compete with other Sneak Peek participants. Players get to keep all the cards from the packs they open. All Sneak Peek participants have a chance to win an exclusive Sneak Peek Game Mat as a door prize or raffle.

At the 20th January 2020, Konami Germany announced that Sneak Peeks will be discontinued and that the Sneak Peek of Ignition Assault will be the last Sneak Peek. Beginning with Eternity Code, the Pre-Release events will be the replacement.

A deck box from the Raging Battle Sneak Peek




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