"Snake" ( (へび) Hebi) or "Snake monster" ( (へび) モンスター Hebi Monsutā) is a group of Monster Cards used by Seika Kohinata in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga. They are based on venomous snakes or serpents from various mythologies.

It is unclear how Snake monsters are identified in the manga; no Snake monster has " (へび) " (Hebi) on their name, and they are shown to be Reptile-Type with the effect of "Viper's Grudge", making "Snake" not an archetype nor a Type. It is possible that "Snake monster" simply refers to a group of monsters based on snakes, without any in-game relation, considering the manga series use lores that greatly differ from OCG lores, and often use non-gaming terms in card lores. In the international release, the term "Snake monster" is removed and replaced by the term Reptile-Type monster, possibly to avoid confusion.

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