The slave merchant ( () (れい) (しょう) (にん) (ふう) (おとこ) dorei shōnin-fū no otoko)[1] is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions.


Shadi sentences the slaver

Shadi approaches the slave merchant.

The slave merchant had a group of children, including Diva, Sera and Mani work for him and let them sleep in his house. He would get them to beg for money, which he would keep for himself. If he was not satisfied with the amount they brought back, he would scold and refuse to feed them.[2]

After Diva and Sera returned an unsatisfactory amount of money, they apologized to the other children for costing them a meal. Mani insisted it was not their fault and that no matter how much they brought back the slave merchant would say it was not enough. He offered them a pillow, saying hugging it almost feels like having a big meal. After hearing the group laughing, the merchant entered the room and angrily grabbed Diva, demanding to know what was funny.[2]

Shadi Shin then arrived and declared that he was freeing the children. Shadi immobilized the slave merchant and teleported the children away. He announced that the merchant that he would no longer harm anyone and used the Quantum Cube to make him disappear.[2]


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