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This time I want to save everyone. I will become stronger. So I decided I will do everything I possibly can.

— Skye[4]

Skye Zaizen, known as Aoi Zaizen ( (ざい) (ぜん) (あおい) Zaizen Aoi) in the Japanese version, is Yusaku's classmate and the younger step-sister of Akira Zaizen. In LINK VRAINS, she is a popular Celebrity Duelist under the alias Blue Angel (ブルーエンジェル, Burū Enjeru). However with the Ignis becoming a threat, Skye took on a new avatar known as Blue Gal (Blue Girl (ブルーガール, Burū Gāru) in the Japanese version). After partnering with the Water Ignis Aqua, Skye takes on a new battle avatar known as Blue Maiden (ブルーメイデン, Burū Meiden) to fight against Lightning and save Miyu Sugisaki.




Full-body image of Skye.


Young Skye.

Skye is a fair-skinned young woman with light brown hair in a bob-cut and yellow eyes. Her standard attire is a uniform that consists of a slate-colored jacket with a light blue trim, which she wears over a light yellow jumper. Underneath, she has a white dress shirt with a blue tie and heart-shaped clip. Skye's uniform also includes a short black skirt with black socks that reach below her knee and brown shoes. (In the dub, her socks are turned into leggings and cover all of her legs.) At home, Skye's casual clothes include a blue and white t-shirt with pink accents, light blue shorts with a pink drawstring, and baby blue slippers. When going out, she wears a white shirt with light blue jacket, a short blue skirt, and black socks on her brown shoes.

When she was younger, Skye would wear a yellow dress with a green shirt underneath. Her hair was styled similarly to her Blue Angel persona. Skye also carried a doll of "Evilswarm Mandragora".

Aoi VR form

Skye's VR form as Blue Angel.

As Blue Angel, she takes on the appearance of a magical girl, true to her name, she has very long blue hair which reaches her chest and is tied into two long strands with blue ribbons. Her eyes and eyebrows are also blue and she has a green clover tattoo on her right cheek. She wears a blue choker and pink heart-shaped winged earrings. Her outfit consists of a white sleeveless shirt with a blue necktie. Underneath, she wears a blue and pink dress with wing-shaped frills, and dark blue thigh-high socks. (The socks were elongated slightly in the dub.) She wears dark and light blue boots with wings attached to each one. Lastly, she has a pair of white wings with pink heart-shaped and lavender clover-shaped patterns on each wing.

Blue Girl

Skye's VR form as Blue Gal.

As Blue Gal, her appearance resembles her Blue Angel self but her hair is middle length reaching past her shoulders with her bangs resembling Shay Obsidian and she wears a pink Trickstar shaped clip on the right side of her hair. Her outfit and the way she dresses is similar to Ghost Gal. Like Ghost Gal, her outfit is a one-piece outfit consisting of a white, blue and pink vest with a zipper and shorts, stockings that resemble her Blue Angel self and blue boots. She also wears a belt with a deck box on both sides and dark blue elbow length fingerless gloves.

Blue Maiden pan

Skye's VR form as Blue Maiden.

As Blue Maiden, her hair color is reversed. She now has long, wavy hair, with some pulled back in a bun, and a strand over her left shoulder. Her bangs now part to the right, reaching her shoulder, and a short pink highlight behind. Her tattoo is now a teardrop and she wears earrings like Blue Angel's, but upside-down and lack wings. She has a long black, white, and blue sleeveless waistcoat, and a pink and black skirt. She also wears a golden belt with the Trickstar logo, and a black armband with a pink stone on her left arm. There are black, forearm length wristguards with blue wings on the ends, and pointed pink tips at her hands. She also wears blue, pink, and black tights, and pink and black boots with blue wings. Unlike her previous two avatars, Blue Maiden wears a shade of soft pink lipstick. When Blue Maiden activates her Skill, she grows a pair of angel wings.


Aoi Zaizen
Blue Girl activates Skill

Blue Gal using her Skill.

Skye is described as being very nice, polite, timid, and reserved on first sight. As a child, based on a picture of her, she is a shy girl, holding onto her mother. However, as a Celebrity Duelist, Skye becomes very active in LINK VRAINS. As Blue Angel, her personality is very bubbly, energetic and she is a smiling idol with a cheerful demeanor. She is very obedient to her older step-brother, Akira, but also wants to prove herself and is willing to show him that she can handle something on her own. She seems very distrustful of others, as she thinks most people only approach her for her connections to SOL Technologies. Despite this she is shown to be very grateful for people who have helped and saved her and she is also eager to help them in return.

Skye was shown to be get annoyed and angry when Emma lectured her. This carried on inside LINK VRAINS as Blue Angel said she was in a bad mood and felt like beating someone. When Blue Angel worked out Baira was behind the virus which infected her, Blue Angel became more determined to beat her and said she couldn't forgive her.[5]

In season two, Skye's personality has shown to have matured and she decides to fight not just for herself but for others as well. She also began to question about the Ignis' right to live after witnessing the decompilation of one of them by SOL Technologies.


"Aoi" (葵) means "hollyhock", a plant associated with abundance and great fortune and was also the emblem of the Tokugawa family. "Aoi" may also be derived from (青い), a Japanese word for blue, reflected by her alias, "Blue Angel". The characters that form "Zaizen" (財前) can be translated as "before wealth".

Her dub name, Skye, is a fanciful spelling of the English word sky, which is a part the upper atmosphere that is colored blue during the daytime.


In LINK VRAINS as Blue Angel she can summon and create a blue energy whip.[6]

As Blue Angel, Skye can use the Skill "Trickstar Fraud", which allows her to discard a "Trickstar" monster during the opponent's turn in order to force them to draw until they have 3 cards in their hand.

As Blue Gal, Skye uses a new Skill called "Trickstar Gig", which lets her send cards from the top of her deck to the GY equal to the number of "Trickstar" monster on her field and then add one "Trickstar" card from the card(s) sent to the GY by the Skill's effect to her hand.

As Blue Maiden, Skye uses a new Skill, "Shape of Sea" that she obtained from Aqua. When she takes battle damage, it allows her to Special Summon a WATER monster from her GY with equal or less ATK than the damage she took.



Aoi Waits

A young Skye waits outside for Akira.

Eleven years ago, Akira and Skye's parents were married, and the two became siblings. But ten years prior to the events of the story, while on vacation celebrating their anniversary, their parents died in a car accident.[2] This left Akira and Skye alone and their possessions were sold, including their manor. To provide a living for him and his sister, Akira often broke the law, but Skye made him happy, and Akira swore to protect her smile.[1] Despite Akira's attempts, Skye became closed off and insecure.[7]


Miyu and Skye playing when they were children.

Young Aoi taking the blame

Skye taking the blame for losing the ring.

When they were both children, a girl named Miyu Sugisaki approached Skye, who was in school during the period when she and her brother had been traveling among cities. Miyu quickly befriended Skye, who was surprised, since nobody was this friendly to her. Miyu continued playing with Skye in the park, and the two became close friends, and Skye felt that Miyu even saved her from being sad. One particular day, Miyu took her mother's wedding ring without consent and showed it off proudly to Skye. Miyu wanted Skye to wear it, but Skye refused. Despite this, Miyu went to give it to her, but she accidentally lost the ring in the drain. Shocked and scared of what happened, Miyu cried as her mother came and asked her on the whereabouts of the ring. As Miyu continued crying, unwilling to see her friend getting punished, Skye took the fall and told Miyu's mother that she was the one who lost the ring. Miyu wanted to explain that's not the truth, but her mother believed Skye and promptly told her not to approach her daughter again. Miyu felt guilty over the event and would forever remember this as a case where Skye saved her. However, she did not come to the park where Skye awaited her, and sometime after, Skye moved away with her brother. Akira knew that Skye took the blame to protect her friend, but Skye still felt miserable.[8]

Skye cried a lot for the disappearance of her parents, feeling alone and miserable. To cheer her up, Akira read her the story of "Blue Angel", which made Skye happier. This also motivated her to become a hero of LINK VRAINS, under the alias of Blue Angel.[9]

Season one[]

Playmaker Saves The Blue Angel

Blue Angel is saved by Playmaker.

Skye first appeared as Blue Angel and was about to face an unnamed Duelist in LINK VRAINS. Before she was able to begin the Duel, an unnamed Knight of Hanoi appeared. She ran away in fear, and was about to be attacked by "Cracking Dragon", but Playmaker arrived in time to save her.[3] She then watched the Duel between Playmaker and the Knight, and when Playmaker fell from his D-Board, she returned her debt to him by throwing him back his D-Board with an energy whip she summoned.[6] After Playmaker defeated the Knight, she and The Gore approached him and challenged him to a Duel. He refused their challenge, claiming that he had no interest in either of them and left, much to their dismay.[10]

After she defeated an unnamed opponent in a Speed Duel, she logged out of LINK VRAINS and went to watch the sunset. Meanwhile, Kolter and Yusaku discovered her Blue Angel persona and decided to track her down the following day at school, at Kolter's suggestion he do so to gain an audience with Akira. He watched her enter the Duel Club, and when he reluctantly joined in after her, she introduced herself. When he asked about the new Duel Disk model used by everyone in the club, Naoki Shima, another member, started bragging about how Akira had given them all the new Duel Disks, and Skye shot him a stern glare. While Ai tried to start a conversation with the AI program in Skye's Duel Disk, she noticed that Yusaku's Duel Disk was a card-loading model, the same as Playmaker's. She then asked to see Yusaku's Deck, and Yusaku handed it to her, though it was actually a dummy Deck and not his real one. After she looked at the cards, she politely handed it back with a word of thanks, but Naoki snatched it up and started laughing at the cards. She looked on as the club's president scolded Naoki for insulting the Deck, and Naoki apologized and gave it back to Yusaku. After school, Skye returned home to her apartment, and the housemaid robot there told her that Akira would not come home because of work. She turned on the TV and saw him deflect press questions about Playmaker's Duel against Go. When he was asked if Blue Angel would Duel Playmaker next, he said no, at which point she turned the TV off.[11]

Specter gives card to Blue Angel

Specter throws the tainted card to Blue Angel.

That evening, she got a call from Akira, who asked her why she was unhappy, then told her to stop Speed Dueling immediately because it was dangerous and she could die, and because he cared about her. He also told her not to let anyone find out she was Blue Angel as it could jeopardize his position. She timidly replied that she understood and hung up, but then reflected on her resolve to show him that she could hold her own, and decided to Duel Playmaker. She entered LINK VRAINS and, after turning down several Duel requests, issued a public challenge to Playmaker to come out and Duel her, with Yusaku and Shoichi watching. Yusaku refused her challenge, as she was not a Knight of Hanoi. After waiting in vain for Playmaker to show up, she was instead approached by Specter, who claimed to be a fan of hers, but she realized he was lying. He told her he wanted her to defeat Playmaker, and gave her a card, which he told her would free her hidden desires. After he left, she wondered what she was doing there, apparently having no memory of the incident. She bumped into Yusaku again the next morning at school. Ai tried to talk to her Duel Disk again, but this time it gave an angry response, and Ai immediately realized something was wrong. As Skye and Yusaku walked to class, she asked him why he had joined the Duel Club, not believing it was because he loved Dueling. When Yusaku asked her about her brother, she angrily told him that people only ever talked to her because they either wanted the new Duel Disk, or a job at SOL Technologies after graduating. She told him not to bother asking because her brother wouldn't trust her, and ran off.[11]

Vrains 007

Blue Angel under the Knights of Hanoi's influence

While in class, she received a text from "Playmaker" accepting her challenge, when it was actually sent by Ai. She excused herself, claiming she needed to go to the infirmary, but instead went to the rooftop to enter LINK VRAINS. When the Duel started, she felt a wave of excitement when she heard her fans cheering her on.[11] Blue Angel started off splendidly, chipping away a considerable amount of Playmaker's LP and destroying "Decode Talker" even with his attempt at defense. Blue Angel then drew "Dark Angel" and started getting influenced by the Knights of Hanoi. As Playmaker made his move and was about to attack, Blue Angel used her Skill in tandem with her cards to attempt to defeat Playmaker, but was foiled. She then lost consciousness from the mental damage she received from Dark Angel, as "Encode Talker" finished her in one hit.[2]


Blue Angel in a coma.

After the duel, Blue Angel fell into a coma. Playmaker then logged out and found a comatose Skye on the roof. She was then rushed to the hospital. The doctors stated that they couldn't identify the reason or cure for Skye's condition. Later Blue Angel's unconscious body was seen in a building within LINK VRAINS, during the confrontation between Akira, Playmaker and Varis. The latter stated that he would only give Skye the removal program if Playmaker defeated him in a duel.[12] Akira looked at her sister's unconscious LINK VRAINS avatar, noting how her fate depended in the Playmaker's Duel against Varis.[13] Akira looked at his sister, concerned how Varis and Playmaker stopped their Speed Duel and entered the Data Storm.[14][15]

Blue Angel virus-removal program

Playmaker uses the virus-removal program on Blue Angel.

Aoi wakes up

Skye wakes up from her coma.

With Varis' defeat, Playmaker acquired the virus-removal program. He approached Blue Angel's avatar and released the program, making her disappear. Ghost Gal explained she logged out, and Akira sensed Skye was recovering. Akira came to Skye's bed at the hospital, and watched as she woke up from her coma. Skye apologized for her actions, but Akira just asked her to rest. While Akira cried that she was restored, Skye smiled, seeing how much her brother cared for her.[16] Since the incident in LINK VRAINS, Skye did not show up at school, nor did she enter the network. Yusaku believed her brother simply restricted her access to LINK VRAINS to prevent any further danger that could befall her. As predicted, Skye was restricted by the robot at her apartment from leaving, per Akira's orders. She took a tablet and accessed LINK VRAINS network, in the shape of a digital butterfly. She overheard the conversation between Ghost Gal and Akira. After the latter logged off, Ghost Gal recognized the butterfly as Blue Angel, and offered her a chance to regain her reputation. She logged into the LINK VRAINS and stopped one of the AI prototypes from attacking Playmaker with her whip. She swore she would be the one to defeat Playmaker, and asked of the AI to stop their attacks. The AI prototype swore to eliminate her, too. Blue Angel promised to take them on and defeat them.[17]

Playmaker muttered Blue Angel's name, who came to repay him for curing her. Playmaker claimed he never indebted her; regardless, Blue Angel started the Duel with the other AI prototype, and thought she'll be the one to defeat Playmaker. Blue Angel went with her usual tactic by using "Trickstar Light Stage" to summon "Trickstar Lilybell" and, with "Trickstar Candina", Link Summoned her "Trickstar Holly Angel". Special Summoning a "Trickstar Narkissus", Blue Angel had "Trickstar Holly Angel" and "Trickstar Light Stage" shave off the AI prototype's LP, and brought back "Trickstar Narkissus", along with "Trickstar Lycoris". As the AI prototype drew another card, another 400 LP was dealt to it as damage, while "Trickstar Holly Angel" increased its ATK, Blue Angel wished to sting the prototype even more. To halt Blue Angel's strategy, the AI prototype used "Abyss Invitation" to inflict 200 LP damage back to Blue Angel whenever the AI prototype is damaged. Like the other prototype, the AI Link Summoned "Tentacluster Nautilus", and destroyed two of his "Tentacluster Blastsucker" to inflict a total of 1200 LP damage.[18]

Blue Angel's victory

Blue Angel winks at her victory.

Blue Angel noted the prototype fought her by using effect damage, and she would retaliate in a similar manner. The prototype banished two of his "Tentacluster Blastsucker", to shave Blue Angel's LP to 400, while it had 1500 LP left. The prototype brought back a "Tentacluster Blastsucker", and had it attack "Trickstar Lycoris", while Blue Angel noted it would destroy it on purpose and banish it to win the Duel. Using "Trickstar Cascade", Blue Angel negated the attack, preventing AI's victory. Blue Angel declared she wouldn't let the AI prototype gain another turn, as she drew a card. Bringing out "Trickstar Candina", Blue Angel Link Summoned "Trickstar Black Catbat", and dealt 200 LP to the prototype, who dealt the damage to her with "Abyss Invitation". "Trickstar Black Catbat" reduced the ATK of "Tentcluster Blastsucker", and Blue Angel's "Trickstar Temptation" returned it to the AI prototype's hand. Her "Trickstar" monsters defeated the AI prototype, banishing it. Blue Angel cheered and winked for her victory.[18] She came to the data bank and hid, seeing her brother was with Ghost Gal and confronted Playmaker. She listened how Akira was actually demoted to help her out during the "Varis crisis". She also listened about Akira's story that he had to participate in illegal work to protect her.[1]

Blue Angel Shocked

Blue Angel shocked by Playmaker's story.

Blue Angel was concerned when Akira got directly hit by "Decode Talker". As Akira tried to persuade Playmaker to stand down, Blue Angel came, surprising Akira for her arrival. Blue Angel wished to know about the story from ten years ago, too. She admitted she did not know what to Duel for, and felt this story would focus her on continuing forward. Blue Angel listened to the story, and was shocked to hear the children undertook cruel experiments, under the name Hanoi Project. She was also shocked to hear SOL Technologies' data bank contained the name of the mastermind behind the project.[19] Blue Angel was amazed to see Playmaker turned the Duel with one card. "Firewall Dragon" attacked "Tindangle Acute Cerberus", and Blue Angel rushed to her brother. However, he protected her and fell down in defeat. Akira saw he could not do anything to stop Playmaker, but Blue Angel corrected him, as she knew what Akira was feeling. She noted nobody would stand up to Playmaker, and nobody would prevent her brother from protecting her.[20]

The triumvirate

Blue Angel makes a pact with Playmaker and The Gore.

Aoi Questions Herself

Skye is split over either staying at home or joining the fight.

Skye watched The Gore battle Dr. Genome, and even logged in to LINK VRAINS. After The Gore won, Blue Angel joined his and Playmaker's alliance to stop the Knights of Hanoi. At school, Skye joined the Duel Club, where Naoki voiced his concern of the Knights of Hanoi destroying LINK VRAINS. Hosoda forbade Naoki or anyone else to fight the Knights of Hanoi, or else he'd regret that. Thus, he disbanded the club until the problem was solved, and Skye shushed Naoki from protesting. Skye left, but listened how Naoki boasted about Playmaker fighting the Knights of Hanoi. At evening, Skye and Akira ate dinner, since the latter could come back from work earlier due to his demotion. Skye gloated, making Akira believe she did not like that. Seeing Kitamura developed the AI army to confront the Knights of Hanoi, Akira reminded them unlike Skye, the AI-s could not be turned into the Deleted, and forbade her to enter LINK VRAINS. Skye was sad, but accepted Akira's demand. The two watched as Kitamura's AI army battled the Knights of Hanoi, but lost to two of elite members. Akira left to work, while Skye wondered if she should join her friends in the fight, or to stay outside under Akira's protection.[21]

After leaving school, Skye heard some male students wondering why Blue Angel hadn't shown up in LINK VRAINS for a long time. She was then approached by Emma Bessho who wanted to talk to her, but Skye ignoresd her until the latter recognized her as Blue Angel. Skye recognized Emma as Ghost Gal, who asked her if she was done being Blue Angel and learned many people are waiting for her to show up in LINK VRAINS. Skye believed that to be an exaggeration and she only fought for herself, and not for others. Emma then reminded her the reason she became Blue Angel was because she wanted to gain her brother's attention and didn't need Blue Angel anymore after realizing that Akira loved her. Emma told Skye it was better that she stopped being Blue Angel unless she was not committed to her work. She encouraged her to do things that would make her happy and then left. Skye returned to home after the conversation with Emma and got furious and felt insulted on what Emma told her, wondering who was she to give lecture on her and decided to log in to LINK VRAINS.[5]

Blue Angel Link Summon

Blue Angel proceeds to Link Summon whilst Dueling against Baira.

Baira activated the effect of "Dark Mummy Surgical Forceps" which inflict 500 damage to Blue Angel. As Baira summoned "Surgical Forceps" which attacks "Holly Angel", Blue Angel activated the effect of "Trickstar Perennial", sending it to the GY to prevent "Holly Angel's" destruction. Blue Angel later drew "Trickstar Narkissus", and subsequently Normal Summon it to Link Summon "Trickstar Bella Madonna" and defeat Baira. After the duel, Baira approached her saying that she is back to LINK VRAINS. Blue Angel then told her all she did was defeat her and get her revenge on Baira, claiming she only fights for herself and was back only for today. Baira activated the removal program which cures the the Deleted victims. She then told Blue Angel to look at the sky and both witness the Deleted victims getting cured and logging out of LINK VRAINS. Blue Angel questioned her why did she activate the program. Baira claimed that Blue Angel was able to change her heart and she may have fought for herself, but could change those around her. She encouraged her to carry hopes on others if she she was fighting for everyone. The next day both Skye and Akira watched the news about the the Deleted victims getting cured while they were eating breakfast. Skye felt guilty for disobeying Akira and attempted to apologize him for her actions, but Akira was proud of her and praises her for saving the victims of the Deleted. This made Skye genuinely happy and she gave a cheerful smile to Akira.[22] When Yusaku and Kolter went to Clarissa Turner's apartment, who Dueled Blue Angel, a camera was filming them.[23]

Skye watched as an ominous tower appeared in LINK VRAINS, and wondered what was going on. Seeing avatars being absorbed, Skye realized these people could not log out. She watched Specter erasing Kitamura, and the former threatened to do this to anyone that dared entering LINK VRAINS. Being angry at him, Skye logged in LINK VRAINS. She quickly met up with Gore and Playmaker. She was fighting for everyone, as those people look up to her. Gore exclaimed the same, since he was the hero that needed to protect LINK VRAINS. Ai noted how full of energy Gore was. Gore noted that was the Ignis, who yelled out he had a name, Ai. Playmaker explained he came to stop the Tower of Hanoi, rescue Ghost Gal and confront the mastermind, Varis. Blue Angel was shocked to hear Ghost Gal vanished, too, at the hands of Varis. Gore asked about the data Ghost Gal gave to Playmaker, who reported Varis intended to destroy LINK VRAINS, using the tower. Blue Angel realized if the network would be destroyed, then all the people absorbed would be destroyed, too, hence why Playmaker exclaimed the importance of stopping the tower's completion, and Ai added it would prevent him from being erased. The Gore asked how to stop the tower, and was told Varis had to be defeated. Ai warned the time limit was six hours before the tower was completed. Gore and Blue Angel promised to go there, but Playmaker replied it was better if they stayed home, in safety. This actually motivated Gore and Blue Angel to protect the children and the absorbed people, including Ghost Gal.[24]

Playmaker did not care, but asked of them to be careful. He reminded them one of them had to defeat Varis, who, according to Ghost Gal, wielded powerful card. The trio promised to meet up against and went in different directions. She soon faced Specter, who introduced himself, and told it was the second time they met. With a snap of his fingers, Specter reminded Blue Angel of the incident, when he gave her "that card". Blue Angel accused him of giving her that computer virus, as Specter noted he was "her fan". She demanded an explanation behind this, but Specter refused to answer, thinking she would not understand, like combining hobbies and ideals. He exclaimed an idol like her would not understand his noble ideals. Since Varis ordered him to crush anyone that wanted to stop their plans, Specter let Blue Angel escape. She refused, swearing to defeat him and Varis. Specter thought a weakling like her could not defeat Varis, and promised a far worse fate than a computer virus should she lose, alerting her she would not be able to return to the real world. Blue Angel nevertheless promised to protect LINK VRAINS from the likes of him. The two initiated a Master Duel. Specter Normal Summoned "Sunseed Genius Loci", and used it to Link Summon "Sunavalon Dryas".[24]

Specter explained his monster could not be targeted for attacks, but Blue Angel suspected there was more to it than that, while Specter set a card. She asked about Ghost Gal's whereabouts, as Specter joked that he hoped he would be Ghost Gal's friend, with a name like that. Blue Angel demanded a serious answer, as Specter proclaimed Varis had defeated her, and was a part of Tower of Hanoi as data. He assured Blue Angel she would be a part of the tower, too. Blue Angel swore she would not allow Specter to do that, by defeating him, which amused Specter. Blue Angel started her turn by summoning two "Trickstar" monsters, and played "Trickstar Light Arena" to prevent Specter from activating his Set card, and brought out "Trickstar Holly Angel". Specter noted its effects can damage him and strengthen "Holly Angel", as Blue Angel noted being too popular had its drawbacks. She revived "Trickstar Lilybell" and inflicted 200 LP damage on Specter. However, she saw the tree started reacting, but Specter ordered her to continue. "Lilybell" attacked Specter directly, who announced his tree's effects have been triggered - Specter Special Summoned a Link Monster, "Sunvine Gardna", which restored Specter's LP back. Specter took note that Blue Angel drew inspiration from the book named after her. Specter admitted it was a good book, and read it out loud, claiming the character, "Blue Angel", shared the traits of Skye Zaizen herself.[9]

He continued reading, pointing out that Skye Zaizen also feels lonely and cries. To prevent that, Specter knew Skye Zaizen became Blue Angel, a hero of LINK VRAINS, to become popular. Blue Angel was angry Specter dug up her past, who was nevertheless amused. Blue Angel identified him to be like the evil monsters in the book, as a "sad excuse for a human". She swore to defeat Specter, who claimed it would be an honor. "Holly Angel" attacked "Sunvine Gardna", who protected Specter by reducing 800 LP damage from that attack, as well as ending Blue Angel's Battle Phase. Blue Angel realized Specter played a defensive Deck, who boasted it is an absolute defense. Blue Angel ended her turn with a Set card, while Specter belittled her efforts. Blue Angel planned on using "Trickstar Reincarnation", which would make Specter draw 5 cards and two of her "Trickstar Lycoris" would inflict 2000 LP damage on him. His Set card, "Sunvine Burial", banished Blue Angel's "Trickstar Reincarnation" and all of her copies in her Deck. He predicted Blue Angel would use that to inflict a lot of damage on his LP through "Lycoris". Specter claimed he opened Blue Angel's heart, finding that loneliness when Skye was six years old, after the disappearance of her parents, soothed down when Akira read the "Blue Angel" book to her.[9]

Seeing Akira is her "treasure", Specter knew Skye fears losing that "treasure" the most. He proclaimed Blue Angel would lose everything, after she loses to him in this Duel. Specter drew a card and was inflicted 400 LP damage, and used "Sunavalon Dryas" to bring out "Sunvine Healer", which restored his 500 LP back. Using "Sunvine Healer", Specter's "Sunavalon Dryas" evolved into "Sunavalon Dryades", a Link-2 monster. He noted like Akira protects his sister, this tree protects Specter. Blue Angel sensed Specter was also alone, since he loved the book, but unlike her, he was not loved and became destructive, which is the source of his power. Specter found Blue Angel a strange person to have noticed his traits. Still, this made to him clear that Blue Angel knew her purpose, and found it bad that she would not live up to that. He brought the "Sunseed Genius Loci", using it to Link Summon "Sunvine Thrasher", whose ATK was boosted to 2400. "Sunvine Thrasher" destroyed "Holly Angel" in a double K.O., but Specter revived the latter to "Sunavalon Drydes'" Link Marker. "Holly Angel" destroyed one of Blue Angel's "Trickstar Lycoris", and Specter asked her how did it feel to be attacked by her own ace monster. Blue Angel wondered if there was a way to destroy his tree, and upon looking at her hand, found a new strategy.[9]

Blue Angel Link Summoned "Trickstar Crimson Heart" and regained a bit of her LP. To stop "Sunavalon Dryades", Blue Angel raised its ATK by playing "Trickstar Bouquet", then had it sent to the Extra Deck with "Trickstar Temptation". She noted Specter bore love towards the tree, but hatred as well, which was covered by the tree. Specter admitted he sought love, but that love was never fulfilled. He claimed he was fine, even if he was scarred. He tempted Blue Angel, who fought for those that were hurt, for him, too, by negating "Trickstar Temptation" by the summoning of "Sunvine Maiden". Blue Angel was greately displeased her strategy failed, a failure Specter commended to her lack of desire to understand him. He claimed he felt alone, at the bottom of a canyon, walking on a path without sound or light, and told she would never defeat him if she does not understand that. His tree evolved further into "Sunavalon Dryanome", and Link Summoned a "Sunvine Thrasher", who attacked "Trickstar Crimson Heart". While the latter was revived to Specter's field, Blue Angel used "Trickstar Light Arena" to reverse the damage, gaining LP to 5000. With no defenses left, Blue Angel took 4000 LP damage from "Trickstar" monsters Specter stole from her GY.[25]

On her next turn, Blue Angel made three consecutive Link Summons to bring out "Trickstar Delfiendium". Returning the three banished "Trickstar Reincarnation" cards to her hand, Blue Angel's "Trickstar Delfiendium" gained 3000 ATK, though Specter reminded her that his tree protected him. Blue Angel pointed out that all of "Sunavalon Dryanome's" Link Markers were occupied, and could not trigger its effect. Her "Trickstar Delfiendium" attacked, and Blue Angel realized she won. However, Specter clapped for this strategy, with his LP intact, which shocked Blue Angel. He used "Sunavalon Dryanome" to reposition the attacked "Trickstar Crimson Heart" to a different Main Monster Zone and negated the attack. Since Blue Angel was unable to set "Trickstar Reincarnation" cards she obtained, Specter noted she was unable to do anything and would finish her off and let her meet Ghost Gal soon. Blue Angel went defensive by returning "Trickstar Delfiendium" and "Trickstar Candina" to Special Summon two "Trickstar Lycoris". She bet on her strategy by playing "Trickstar Treat", which set the "Trickstar Reincarnation" from her hand, meaning Specter would draw cards and take damage from "Trickstar Lycoris", at the cost of Blue Angel taking 1000 LP at the End Phase. Blue Angel noticed Specter has been analyzing her, meaning he wanted some protection, too, from being alone. She declared the ultimate love was the blue love he sought out.[25]

Blue Angel's defeat

Blue Angel falls from the sky after her defeat (this moment is cut from the dub).

She swore to save Specter, who dared her to just do that. Specter took 1600 damage from Blue Angel's tactic, but he replenished LP by bringing out "Sunvine Healer". Blue Angel continued by setting a second copy of "Trickstar Reincarnation", halving Specter's LP. Blue Angel noted even in cruelest hearts, people yearned for love, and played her final "Trickstar Reincarnation". Specter started crying, demanding that Blue Angel saved her, but before that happened, Specter played "Sunbloom Doom". Targeting "Trickstar Holly Angel", Specter gained LP equal to the ATK of all monsters that shared the type, Fairy. Specter noted Blue Angel didn't live up to her promise, who was terrified, as Specter's LP raised to 8800 due to "Sunbloom Doom" and then fell to 7200 after "Trickstar Reincarnation" resolves, having lots of LP still remaining due to the LP gain from "Sunbloom Doom". He admitted that he did read the "Blue Angel" book, and found he had to defeat someone as pathetic enough to think that had to save him.[25]

Aoi unconscious

In the real world, Skye became unconscious.


Blue Angel is turned into data.

He ripped the book, which was burnt down. Blue Angel questioned if tormenting her made Specter happy, who explained even if "Trickstar Treat" would deplete all of her LP, he would personally defeat her. Simply by banishing "Sunbloom Doom", Specter destroyed Blue Angel's "Trickstar Lycoris" (whose Level equaled the number of Spell and Trap cards played during this turn), and inflicted 1000 LP to her. Specter bid farewell to Skye Zaizen, a girl that failed to become a Blue Angel, whose wings shattered at her defeat. Blue Angel fell down, making Specter laugh maniacally.[25] Blue Angel was unconscious inside the network and outside after losing to Specter, who mocked her efforts. Akira, who found her unconscious body in the real world, logged in to LINK VRAINS to save her. Akira quickly found her, but was trapped by Kiyoshi Kogami before he could reach her. Upon talking, Kogami left and Akira could do nothing but watch his sister get turned into data and sent to the Tower of Hanoi. As Specter Dueled Playmaker, Blue Angel's data flew over and Specter showed it off to Playmaker to prove his threat.[26] Akira grasped the vines, sacrificing himself to let Playmaker win. He briefly thought of Skye, and felt he would join her soon.[27]

With Varis' defeat, Playmaker stopped the Tower of Hanoi, which emitted the data back. Thus, Skye and Akira woke up from their comas.[28] Theodore read the news made by the pigeon and frog about LINK VRAINS' heroes - Blue Angel, The Gore and Playmaker[29] - which motivated him to join and fight, too.[30][31]

Season two[]

Aoi thanks Yusaku

Skye visits Yusaku, and thanks him for rescuing her.

Three months after the Knights of Hanoi were defeated, Skye walked around in the town square where she met Yusaku, who was working in Kolter's food truck. Despite teasing him that his frustrated look could scare customers away, she thanked him for finding her when she was unconscious, to which he modestly brushed it off, believing anyone would have done the same. Skye asked for some coffee and a hot dog, though she expressed her doubt that Yusaku would get more customers that day. She later logged in the new LINK VRAINS, and ushered the crowd for the events and activities. While relaxing, she was surprised by Playmaker's arrival in LINK VRAINS, but wondered why would he log in.[32] She was concerned for Playmaker's well-being, seeing he faced a strange new foe.[33] Much to her surprise, she saw another Duelist named Soulbuner appear with a new Ignis, and wondered who he was. When Soulburner summoned another copy of "Salamangreat Heatleo" through Reincarnation Link Summon, Blue Angel wondered about the new summoning method he used.[34] At school, Skye passed by Theodore (who, unbeknownst to her, was Soulburner, while he knew she was Blue Angel from a distance) before Naoki appeared and told her that the next club meeting would be held somewhere else. Later, she and Emma met with Akira at a gazebo.[35]

Akira explained there were six Ignis created from the Lost Incident, one of which was Ai, Playmaker's AI. Since their Cyberse World was attacked, the Ignis have disappeared, so Akira asked Emma to find the missing Ignis. She reminded that Akira hired bounty hunters to track Playmaker down, but realized he wanted to find Ignis without SOL Technologies' permission. Akira showed an entrance to the restricted area, where the figure that had went to after attacking Playmaker. Since the team that Akira had sent to investigate never returned, he asked Emma to go there and find the Ignis. She assumed Akira wanted to bargain with SOL Technologies to sell the Ignis. Skye defended that her brother would never do that, and that he wanted to know of Ignis' intentions and capabilities. Emma accepted, under the condition of three times the ordinary payment, since she would become a target of bounty hunters. Akira complied, and gave her a program that would force her to log out in dire circumstances. Much to Emma's disapproval, Skye obtained the program and wanted to head with Emma, intent on helping her brother find the truth about the Ignis. Emma sighed, while Akira reminded the importance of finding the Ignis, for the sake of humanity, and to return safely, for his sake. He noted they won't be able to communicate past the restricted zone, and wished the girls luck in their mission.[36]

The two went to Emma's hideout, where they logged into LINK VRAINS. Inside LINK VRAINS, Blue Angel and Ghost Gal watched as the Shepherd confronted Playmaker. They focused on entering the restricted area, and had activated Ghost Gal's stealth program to bypass the surveillance. They made pass by the security devices, which impressed Blue Angel, who noted it is why her brother had trust in Ghost Gal. Blue Angel wondered why the bounty hunters were not after them, and was told they were hunting Playmaker down. Ghost Gal revealed she gave the info to the access to the restricted zone to Playmaker, to let him access the zone after dealing with the bounty hunters. Once they crossed the barrier, the girls removed their stealth programs, and Blue Angel changed her outfit. Blue Angel exclaimed this was a secret mission and could not wear her regular outfit, so Ghost Gal, noting her maturity, dubbed her as Blue Gal. She also asked about Shepherd, whom Ghost Gal described as a troublesome man that would not let go of his target. Blue Gal noted Ghost Gal knew Shepherd, and was told even Akira knew him three years ago from a mission. Blue Gal noticed Ghost Gal remained silent for a moment, who simply replied that Shepherd would do anything to win, and if Playmaker would to lose, his Ignis would be taken to SOL Technologies.[36]

Blue Gal and Ghost Gal followed Playmaker and Soulburner. The two ladies passed through the "gate"; Akira, who lost their signal, prayed for Skye's safe return. The two arrived to canyon area, and were engulfed by the winds. Blue Gal lost focus - she crashed and fell down. Ghost Gal launched a rope for Blue Gal to hold onto and land down safely, enough for the two to seek refuge in a cave. Blue Gal believed the winds were what kept the research team away, but Ghost Gal was more concerned that they lost sight of Playmaker. As the two started wondering what to do, Blue Gal received a signal from the research team. She went to find them, making Ghost Gal sigh, thinking she'd have to charge extra cash. The two continued through the wind territory, and found the unconscious research team in a cave. Blue Gal noted they must've crashed, could not log out or even send a distress signal. Blue Gal went to use the emergency log out program to save one of the men, and asked Ghost Gal to do the same. The latter refused, reminding the program was in case of an emergency, and that their mission was to find the Ignis, rather than save the research them. Blue Gal exclaimed this was an emergency, and saving lives was a greater priority.[4]

Blue Girl's intentions

Blue Gal explains her reasons for fighting.

She noted that she was still inexperienced, and she got others into trouble due to her own mistakes by facing Specter. She believed to have enough power to take on problems, but instead had to be rescued. Blue Gal exclaimed this time, she wanted to save others and grow stronger. Ghost Gal, despite her better judgement, passed her own program to the research team, forcing the two to log out. After the research team disappeared, Blue Gal thought they should find their own way to escape, but Ghost Gal pointed out they came too far to retreat. She bet her pride as a treasure hunter to succeed the mission, and Blue Gal approved of that. Eventually, Playmaker and Soulburner intercepted Ghost Gal and Blue Gal. Blue Gal still thanked Playmaker for his victory over the Tower of Hanoi, but still wanted to Duel him. Playmaker didn't recognize Blue Gal, until realizing she had been known as Blue Angel. Soulburner complimented her new appearance and thought of changing his own appearance, but was displeased when Flame reminded nobody knew him.[4]

Blue Gal stated that Ghost Gal and her came to find an Ignis, to have her brother analyze it. Soulburner noted not only bounty hunters were hired, and replied that they would not hand Ignis over to SOL Technologies, since they were also involved in the Lost Incident. Instead, Blue Gal demanded the two to hand Ignis over, since they were still under SOL Technologies' property. Ghost Gal was surprised by Blue Gal's demand, and was told they could use Ignis to find others of their kind. Soulburner and Blue Gal were eager to Duel, as the former even wished to battle one of LINK VRAINS' heroes. Blue Gal faced Soulburner, who reminded he was ruthlessly strong as Playmaker. Blue Gal, however, wanted to use her new Trickstar deck, too.[4] Blue Gal shared her ambitions, wanting to obtain Soulburner's Ignis to have her brother's approval, using the new Deck she had constructed; in addition, she would use the Ignis to find more of its kind. Flame reminded Soulburner about Blue Gal's effect damage tactics, so Soulburner swore to quickly set up a formation to counter that. The two raced to a spot to determine who would take the first turn, and Blue Gal won that race.[37]

Blue Gal proceeded by swarming the field, using "Trickstar Lilybell" and "Trickstar Lycoris" for the Link Summon of "Trickstar Divaridis", and inflicted first 200 damage to Soulburner. She brought "Trickstar Birdhelm", and inflicted 200 points of damage on Soulburner, but could not attack this turn (and neither could she at her first turn). Returning the latter monster, Blue Gal used its effect to equip it to "Trickstar Divadiris". Soulburner's turn started, but he immediately took 200 LP damage, due to "Trickstar Lycoris". Flame and Blue Gal reminded Soulburner could not use Burning Draw, else he'd take 200 LP damage when he would have 100 LP left. Soulburner summoned "Salamangreat Meer", but took 200 LP damage from "Trickstar Divadiris". He noted that the damage would add up, and intended to save his LP by taking out her monsters. He used the effects of his monsters to swap "Salamangreat Meer" with "Salamangreat Falco", and summoned "Salamangreat Wolvie", his LP lowered to 2400. Blue Gal expected Soulburner's "Salamangreat Heatleo", for "Trickstar Birdhelm" didn't allow itself and the equipped monster - "Trickstar Divaridis" - to be targeted by card effects. "Salamangreat Heatleo" went to attack, and Blue Gal noted she lost her previous battles, since the enemy broke through her weak ATK monsters.[37]

This time, she used "Trickstar Corobane", which doubled her monster's ATK, thus cancelling Soulburner's ATK and lowering his LP to 900. Fortunately for Soulburner, "Salamangreat Heatleo" became undestructible, as it used "Salamangreat Wolvie" as material. Still, Soulburner complimented her as one of the LINK VRAINS' heroes. Flame reminded Soulburner he had one thing that improved himself, the Ignis. Soulburner, who believed Flame was just arrogant, asked if he could actually do something, but was told Flame could only observe. Blue Gal summoned a "Trickstar Token". This time, the effect of "Trickstar Divaridis" on her monsters to inflict 200 LP damage on Soulburner. To prevent any such small damage being inflicted, Soulburner used "Gate of Fire". Using her new Skill, "Trickstar Gig", Blue Gal sent cards from her Deck, equal to the number of Trickstar monsters she controlled, and added a Trickstar card from her GY. Using "Trickstar Token" and "Trickstar Lycoris", she summoned "Trickstar Holly Angel", thus setting up a Fusion Summon with "Trickstar Fusion", the card she obtained through her Skill.[37]

Using "Trickstar Token" and "Trickstar Holly Angel", Blue Gal performed the Fusion Summon of "Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar". Flame saw Blue Gal continued to develop herself. Cancelling Soulburner's "Gate of Fire", "Trickstar Divaridis" inflicted 400 LP damage, since her new Fusion Monster doubled that Effect Damage. Blue Gal's "Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar" raised its ATK by that amount, while Blue Gal added her "Trickstar Corobane" into her hand. Sending "Salamangreat Raccoon", Soulburner gained 2600 LP, equal to the ATK of Blue Gal's Fusion Monster, with the additional effects of preventing effects from being used and preventing the destruction of "Salamangreat Heatleo". Thus, he survived the turn, with Blue Gal using the effect of "Trickstar Corobane" to double the ATK of "Trickstar Divaridis". Despite having not won this turn, Blue Gal's confidence was unwavered, as she added "Trickstar Corobane" into her hand. Soulburner was not glad of the circumstances, but Flame stated there was a card in his Deck that could turn the site of battle around. Soulburner drew a card, but was disappointed it was not the card he wanted. Flame dared him to use his Skill, else he'd think Soulburner was lacking courage to face destiny. Soulburner used his Skill, Burning Draw, and succeeded in drawing the desired card.[37]

He played "Fusion of Fire", but Blue Gal reminded him that even if he summoned a monster, "Trickstar Divaridis" would finish him off. However, Soulburner used the latter monster on her side of the field and "Salamangreat Heatleo" on his side of the field to bring out "Salamangreat Violet Chimera". Its effect increased its ATK, equal to the materials' ATK. To reduce damage, Blue Gal sent "Trickstar Corobane", increasing the ATK of "Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar" to 4400. Soulburner anticipated this, seeing she recognized her weakness and played "Trickstar Corobane". In the change of ATK power, the ATK of "Salamangreat Violet Chimera" doubled to 9700; by attacking her Fusion Monster, Soulburner defeated Blue Gal, who was slammed to the mountain wall. Soulburner approached her, complimenting her strength. Flame stated she lost because she didn't have Ignis as an AI, which made Blue Gal remark the two's friendship. She fainted and logged out.[37]

Akira met up with Emma and Skye, who reported their findings through the gate. Emma stated Playmaker was after consciousness data, leading Skye to believe there was a connection towards the Ignis and that data. Akira noted Playmaker was the one that could contact the Ignis, and still had regrets for having bounty hunters track him down, since Akira owed his life to him. Emma stated they had to wait for the gate to be reopened, while Akira wished there was a way to speak with Playmaker. Emma noted Akira wanted to search the city for a Dueling hacker that fought the Knights of Hanoi, but neither she nor Skye were aware of such a person. Akira reminded a person's can act differently while logged in, though Skye replied they would feel who Playmaker was. The next day, Yusaku and Theodore met up with Skye, who walked to school. Theodore introduced himself, and when Skye walked away, he wished he could talk to her about the Duel he had with her as Blue Gal. Naoki ran to Skye, reminding her about the Duel Club. Skye replied she was just busy, and walked away. Yusaku's friend, Theodore, wanted to join the club, and Naoki, being "renown by Playmaker", promised to teach him. Skye was curious about the last part, and asked Naoki about Playmaker.[38]

Naoki replied he was saved by Playmaker from the Knights of Hanoi, remembering his "warm hands". Skye told Emma about Naoki, who was Brave Max in LINK VRAINS and claimed to be Playmaker's best friend. Emma thought tracing Brave Max would lead them to Playmaker. Thus, she swore to test Brave Max, in hopes to contact Playmaker, and recalled Brave Max was a fan of Blue Angel. In LINK VRAINS, Brave Max was excited to hear about the event of Blue Angel before he was approached by Ghost Gal. In truth, Blue Gal announced the event to lure Brave Max, and observed his Duel with Ghost Gal. Blue Gal wondered what Brave Max's strategy was, to pay 2000 LP, all to Link Summon a monster. Ghost Gal managed to defeat Brave Max quickly, seeing Brave Max was a poser. She claimed that was a waste of time, and Blue Gal apologized for that. However, Ghost Gal reminded Blue Gal of the event, just to lure Brave Max out.[38] Emma reported to Skye that the gate in LINK VRAINS was a fake, and Skye deduced it was a trap meant to capture Playmaker. Emma believed she knew who created the trap, but asked of Skye not to do anything, and believed her brother would know of the gate's origins, too.[29]

The next day, Akira came to Emma's hideout, to warn her and Skye of the Ignis, as well as Bohman, who posed threat to humanity. He noted that the Wind and Light Ignis want to conquer humans, which was what the Knights of Hanoi were trying to fight against. Emma reminded that Ai and Flame were their supporters, and believed the Ignis would face each other. Akira feared what would happen if Playmaker would lose, but Skye wondered where were the two remaining Ignis. Akira thought the two remained neutral for now. While Akira went back to his company, Emma promised she and Skye would search for the remaining two Ignis. After finding Earth, Akira sent a live video to Emma and Skye, who saw Gore was pursuing the Ignis. As the Duel progressed, Emma commented that Earth had the advantage. Skye wanted to log into LINK VRAINS and sway the Ignis to join their side, for they could not let the enemy have them. Emma saw she was right, and noted she matured a bit. She went into the system as Blue Gal.[39]

She caught up with Playmaker, and noted the Gore was fighting the EARTH Ignis. She declared she wanted to protect the Ignis, instead of fighting Playmaker. The three continued watching the Duel, and Ai was impressed that Earth protected "G Golem Crystal Heart", as it'd allow him to Special Summon "G Golem Dignified Trilithon". The Gore managed to defeat Earth, and absorb him. Playmaker demanded that the Gore frees Earth, as the Ignis was not the enemy. The Gore didn't care about that, and made Playmaker as his next enemy he wanted to crush. Playmaker tried to remind him that they were allies, but the Gore did not listen. Blue Gal tried to face the Gore instead, who was forced to log out, per the Queen's orders. Later, Emma and Skye spied on SOL Technologies, as they dissolved Earth into data. She commented how that was a horrible treatment, while Skye could not comprehend what an Ignis was.[40]

Skye called her brother for a meeting. She wanted to ask him what is an Ignis, as Emma told her that Akira would have answers. Akira frowned, while Skye wondered if the Ignis were actual living beings. Akira exclaimed they had free will, and could be frightened to perish. Skye concluded that SOL Technologies have eradicated an Ignis, though Akira felt many of his company would disagree. Emma believed Akira wanted her and Skye to capture the Ignis to avoid such an incident. Akira denied, though he also didn't count on SOL Technologies to make such a drastic move. Thinking of Earth, Akira exclaimed humans shouldn't hurt the Ignises. Skye thought if they were really alive, they could also hate humanity. Later, Skye took rest in Emma's apartment, and dreamt of Miyu; the two played on a slide until Miyu left. Skye woke up, but Emma stated she should get more sleep. She teased Skye she could dream of a handsome man, as she was trying to find the WATER Ignis before SOL Technologies would. Despite this a risky task, Emma was up for this challenge. She traced Shepherd's location in LINK VRAINS, knowing that he'd go after the WATER Ignis, after Gore had captured Earth.[8]

Aqua telling Aoi about Miyu

Aqua telling Blue Gal about Miyu Sugisaki.

Just as Shepherd attacked Aqua, Blue Gal showed up and rescued her. Shepherd attacked Blue Gal and chased her, but ended up facing Ghost Gal, who noted how much time had passed since they had seen each other. Ghost Gal refused to have Shepherd obtain the WATER Ignis, and used a program to teleport Shepherd in a place where he could not track the Ignis down. Ghost Gal and Blue Gal were warped away in a safe place with Aqua, where they stated they were Aqua's allies, and did not come to hurt her. Aqua stated it was the second time she saved her; due to her power to distinguish the truth, Aqua noted Blue Gal was actually Skye Zaizen. Blue Gal said it was the first time they met, to which Aqua pointed out the first time was when she saved Miyu. Blue Gal explained her past about Miyu being her first friend and how she told Miyu's mother she was the one who lost her precious ring to protect Miyu. Aqua told Blue Gal Miyu never forgot about that, and wanted to apologize, revealing Skye's friend was a victim of the Lost Incident and Aqua's partner. Aqua admitted she wanted to contact Miyu, who was affected by Lightning's virus, and put in a coma she could not recover from. However, she regained her most precious memory of Skye, prompting Ghost Gal to confront Shepherd herself.[8]


Playmaker, Soulburner, Blue Maiden, and the human-aligned Ignis team up.

Blue Gal was silent, and thought of Miyu, who was a victim of Lost Incident. Aqua exclaimed even after she lost the Duels in that project, her resolve to find Skye and apologize to her never faltered down. Aqua remarked Skye changed Miyu, but the former exclaimed Miyu actually changed her, since she became more open to others. Aqua stated that Skye had inspired Miyu, and that courage was passed onto Aqua to stop Lightning. To do that, she wanted to ally with Skye. Seeing how Miyu endured the pain, Blue Gal decided to try hard, too, and accepted this alliance, and Aqua went into her Duel Disk. Later, Blue Gal went back to LINK VRAINS with Aqua, and met up with Ghost Gal, Soulburner and Playmaker. Aqua greeted Ai, the DARK Ignis. Just as Flame went to introduce himself, Blue Gal announced her rebirth. She transformed her avatar, calling herself now as Blue Maiden, and exclaimed she would now fight together with Playmaker. Ghost Gal stated now all three participants arrived. With rebuilding of Cyberse World, saving Miyu and stopping Lightning, the trio rode off.[7]

Skye sent a letter to Akira, as she wished to be alone for a while, to figure out what the Ignis were. In LINK VRAINS, while Blue Maiden went with her companions, Aqua wondered if she had any regrets, since she was dragged into this conflict. Blue Maiden reminded that she also fought to save Miyu. Aqua feared that Blue Maiden would eventually face her brother, but Blue Maiden thought it was for the best to find her own path. Aqua noticed her former prison, to where Blue Maiden, Playmaker, Soulburner and Ghost Gal went to. They went to inspect traces of Lightning's logs, but Ai found nothing.[41] The group continued searching the network, but found no trace of Lightning. Flame and Aqua advised caution, for Lightning was the type that erased any sort of evidence. Soulburner sensed they could only wait until the situation escalates. Later, Kolter saw a signal in LINK VRAINS, and led Playmaker to it. Playmaker regrouped with Soulburner, Blue Maiden and Ghost Gal, and sensed Lightning beyond the portal. Blue Maiden exclaimed this was their opportunity to face Lightning, and Soulburner cheered her on for her bravery. The group went through the portal, where they saw Lightning and Jin facing Shepherd. Lightning explained to the group that he wanted them invited; he Dueled Shepherd to reduce the amount of his enemies. Thus, the group watched the Duel, and noted how Shepherd timed his "Snatch Drone" destroy "Judgment Arrows", though Lightning managed to evade its negative effects.[42]

Blue Maiden was surprised at "Armatos Legio Gradius", as Soulburner and Aqua explained that it applied its effect to "Armatos Legio Centurion", whom it linked to that monster. The group became frustrated, since Lightning managed to build a solid defense, as well as offense. In the end, Shepherd was defeated. With him gone, Lightning turned to the group, and stated they would be his next targets, then disappeared.[43] In the real world, Skye reported to Emma that Playmaker and Soulburner returned to LINK VRAINS. Skye wanted to join them, but Aqua was alerted, fearing something sad would happen. Later, Emma joined Skye, and the two watched the Gore Duel Playmaker. Skye logged in to LINK VRAINS, and joined Soulburner, who admitted he used to look up to the Gore as one of the heroes that had saved cyberspace. As the Gore played "Crazy Evolution", Blue Maiden noticed Aqua kneeled, as she felt something terrible was to happen. Blue Maiden and Aqua gasped, as the Gore used Earth's Link Monster, "G Golem Crystal Heart", showing that Earth's data has been integrated into the Gore.[44]

Blue Maiden and Aqua continued to watch their Duel, and were shocked when Playmaker fell of his D-Board. After the Gore's defeat, Playmaker gave Aqua the "G Golem Crystal Heart" card back, as it is the only thing Ai managed to retrieve from the Gore. Ai believed Earth would be more comfortable if Aqua held onto that card. However, Blue Maiden worried how was the Gore doing. Soulburner thought he was also a victim of this battle, a battle Playmaker hoped to end quickly.[45] Blue Maiden and Ghost Gal met up with Playmaker and Soulburner. Blue Maiden and Ghost Gal noticed someone crashing into a building, which made Ghost Gal think it was a fool that could not control his D-Board. Much to everyone's shock, Playmaker stated that Varis wanted to meet with them. Playmaker didn't know why would Varis want to talk with them, but Soulburner wanted to know how could he even know where Playmaker even was. Ai mentioned that Varis knew Playmaker's identity, as he knows about Soulburner's, much to the latter's shock. Flame asked Soulburner to calm down, since Varis, as the leader of the Knights of Hanoi, knew who was involved in the Lost Incident. Ai admitted that they also knew Varis' identity, which surprised Blue Maiden and Ghost Gal. The latter wanted to know who that was, but Ai replied that she could ask Varis herself. Aqua feared an incoming trap, but Ai stated they were not enemies, at least, for Varis gave them a protection program. Aqua still thought this could be a trap, but Ghost Gal wanted to stay, since she had a score to settle with the guy.[46]

Despite this, Soulburner was disturbed. As they waited, the area they were in was shielded with a program, as Varis arrived through a portal. Varis noted everyone was present. Ghost Gal demanded to know the meaning behind the barrier. Varis simply stated this was to ensure nobody could spy on them. He wanted to join the group, since they had a common enemy to defeat: Lightning and his group. Aqua noted that he did speak the truth, but Ghost Gal wanted to know the reason behind that, since he wished to eliminate all the Ignis. He wanted to join the main group to fight the enemy, hence why he wanted Shepherd to join them, who refused, but still gave him the advice on how to fight the enemy. He reminded that Shepherd's Dueling was perfect, but the Light Ignis was more powerful, and ended up taking Shepherd's consciousness. He knew the enemy was plotting something, and they had act immediately on finding them. Much to Blue Maiden's shock, Soulburner felt grudge for the Lost Incident project, and wanted to avenge his parents by Dueling Varis.[47]

Blue Maiden wondered what'd Varis do, and Ghost Gal reminded he was a serious Duelist that would push his challenger to the limits. Much to their surprise, Varis drew a card and passed his turn. Aqua didn't sense anything from Varis. Blue Maiden witnessed as Soulburner went to attack, but screamed, for Varis was not fighting him seriously. At that point, Varis told he was Ryoken Kogami, son of Doctor Kiyoshi Kogami, who initiated the Lost Incident. Everyone was shocked that Varis revealed his identity like that. Varis told him they would work together only to defeat the Light Ignis. He reminded once that was done, they would return on being enemies, since they still protect their Ignises. Soulburner calmed down, while Varis wanted to show them something. Since Aqua noted Varis' heart was pure, Blue Maiden and Ghost Gal decided to tag along, while Soulburner swore to fight Varis if he was to trick them. Varis snapped his fingers, conjuring a portal for the group. They went to the place that Varis recently visited, the ruins of the Tower of Hanoi. Soulburner realized they were in the old LINK VRAINS, which was in ruins. Blue Maiden thought that Varis would reconstruct the tower.[47]

Varis confirmed this, for it was the only way to find the Light Ignis. In fact, by scanning the network, Varis believed they could find his hideout. However, he needed a programmer that knew about the Ignis algorithm. Ghost Gal noted that was the reason why he sought Shepherd out. Blue Maiden sensed the risk of using the Tower of Hanoi, since Varis could simply use it as a weapon to delete everything, as he did with Ghost Gal. Varis showed them a program that they could use to simply stop the tower's reconstruction. Playmaker accepted this deal, since they all had to work together to build a new future. Frog and Pigeon were shocked to see Playmaker and Varis teaming up, and wanted to make a new story out of it. However, Varis knew they were hiding behind a rock; to stop them, he locked them up. Outside of LINK VRAINS, Skye and Emma gave approval for this plan, as they analyzed Varis' program.[47]

The next day, Playmaker, Soulburner, Blue Maiden and their Ignises went to the old LINK VRAINS with Specter and Varis. Blue Maiden mentioned that Ghost Gal stayed in new LINK VRAINS, to report to Akira in case of a disaster. Specter mentioned their allies remained logged out, to support the group. The group raised their hands, as they triggered the program. As the Tower of Hanoi was reactivated, Varis had the group shielded from its effects. They noticed LINK VRAINS blurring, as Ai mentioned it was a mirror counterpart of that cyberspace, a world hidden within. The group went through the portal to Mirror LINK VRAINS. Varis wanted the frog and pigeon stay out of the conflict, but changed his mind, since they could report about this clash. The group advanced through the portal, and the passage to the other cyberspace.[47]

Blue Maiden had trouble navigating, but Playmaker held her hand, warning that she could disappear if she was not careful enough. As a portal opened, Playmaker reminded their targets were Bohman, Windy and Lightning. The group came through the portal, arriving to Mirror LINK VRAINS, which looked inverted. As she defeated a BitBoot program, Aqua pointed out another enemy approaching: Harlin. Aqua reported this was Bohman's younger brother, and Blue Maiden felt that in defeating Harlin, she would learn more about their enemy's whereabouts. Harlin took his turn, and summoned "Hydradrive Booster" to Link Summon "Coolant Hydradrive". Blue Maiden noticed he used the same Deck as Bohman's, a statement to which Harlin took offense, for this had been his Deck, and it was he that taught Bohman to use. Using "Hydradrive Rebuild", Harlin destroyed "Coolant Hydradrive" to bring out a "Hydradrive Token". The WATER Hydradrive monster was revived by its own effect. Shocking Aqua, Harlin used Marker's Portal Skill to bring out "Judgment Arrows". Using another "Hydradrive Booster", Harlin Link Summoned another "Coolant Hydradrive", and used the token for "Flow Hydradrive", then used the two Link Monsters for "Twin Hydradrive Knight".[48]

Blue Maiden noted that monster limited her cards. Aqua simply reminded her to trust their Deck and continue. Blue Maiden summoned "Marincess Sea Horse", and used her to Link Summon "Marincess Blue Slug". Harlin noticed this was a new Deck that Blue Maiden used, but still believed in his knight's abilities to stop them. Blue Maiden summoned another "Marincess Sea Horse", and used it and the blue slug to bring out Link-2 "Marincess Coral Anemone". Sending "Marincess Sea Star" from her hand to the GY, her Link Monster gained 800 ATK. Harlin suffered 800 LP damage, as Blue Maiden's monster destroyed his "Coolant Hydradrive". Harlin summoned a token, while Aqua applauded Blue Maiden's skills, who fought for Miyu and her brother. Harlin smirked, since Blue Maiden was not blood-related to her brother, and called humanity foolish for such ideals. Blue Maiden thought Harlin was Bohman's brother, but he denied that. Aqua noticed that Lightning simply used Harlin to motivate Bohman by pretending to be a brother. Blue Maiden replied Harlin could never understand, for even if Blue Maiden was not blood related to Akira, she still had real memories of the times they worked and cared for each other. Harlin refused to listen, and summoned a third "Coolant Hydradrive". He equipped it with "Hydradrive Impact", aiming to defeat Blue Maiden with a single attack.[48]


Blue Maiden activating her Skill, Shape of Sea.

To stop Harlin, Blue Maiden activated her set "Marincess Wave" to negate that monster's attack, which prevented a direct attack on her. In fact, Blue Maiden fooled Harlin, for his monster had to attack, due to "Hydradrive Impact". Forced to fight, Harlin suffered 800 LP damage in the retaliation of "Marincess Coral Anemone". Harlin's knight slashed the latter, and Blue Maiden took 800 LP damage, but she managed to take back her "Marincess Wave" card to her hand. To fight on, Harlin revived "Coolant Hydradrive" through "Hydradrive Nightmare", and had it attack Blue Maiden, who suffered 2000 LP damage. Aqua encouraged Blue Maiden to release her emotions, as she used Shape of Sea Skill to resurrect "Marincess Coral Anemone", who had the exact ATK as the damage Blue Maiden had just taken. Blue Maiden reminded she had to protect what was precious to her. Harlin didn't believe in that, but gasped as he thought of Bohman. Blue Maiden summoned a third "Marincess Sea Horse", and used it and her Link Monster to summon "Marincess Marbled Rock". Using "Marincess Wave", as she controlled the Link-3 "Marincess" monster, she negated Harlin's knight's effects. Harlin still reminded that "Judgment Arrows" doubled the ATK of "Twin Hydradrive Knight". However, Blue Maiden sent her "Marincess Sea Star" from her hand to the GY twice, boosting her monster's ATK to 4100.[48]

Blue Maiden blocked

A barrier prevents Blue Maiden and Aqua from continuing.

Harlin still reminded he had some LP left, but to assure he was wrong, Blue Maiden played "Marincess Current", which added the damage Harlin took - 1200 for her Link Monster and 1000 for Harlin's Link Monster, summing up to 2200. Harlin was knocked off, and vanished into thin air.[48] As the cyberspace started to tremble, the data material disappeared, causing Blue Maiden to descend down from her D-Board, but she extended her wings to fly away. Suddenly, Kolter's program activated, as the latter saw everyone's progress, and sent the link to Varis' allies. Suddenly, Blue Maiden hit a barrier. She suspected it was a trap, and Aqua knew Lightning was involved in this. They watched Specter facing Lightning, who made an Extra Link on his first turn, with Aqua noting that was his strength.[49] They were amazed to see Specter forming an Extra Link of seven monsters, and shocked when Lightning easily destroyed it and defeated Specter.[50] With the video link severed, Aqua warned Blue Maiden they could be Lightning's next targets. A new footage was shown to the two, regarding Soulburner facing Windy.[51] Blue Maiden and Aqua were concerned, as Soulburner had just 600 LP left, while Windy had his ace on his field. When Soulburner revived "Heatleo", Blue Maiden and Aqua noted its effects were negated by "Stormrider Blast".[52]

After Soulburner's victory, Blue Maiden counted only Bohman and Lightning remained as their enemies. She wondered why Harlin faced her in a Duel, and believed their enemies were nearer than they thought. Aqua confirmed this, but as Blue Maiden looked around, she found nothing, for Aqua reminded that Lightning didn't create humans in Mirror LINK VRAINS. Blue Maiden walked around and flew, noticing a large castle, where the central building was supposed to be located. She came inside, and found Bohman, who was expecting her and Aqua to arrive. Bohman introduced himself as the next generation of the Ignis, created by Lightning, to protect Artificial Intelligence. Bohman wanted Aqua to surrender, to let Bohman take action. Aqua refused, due to the fact that Lighting imprisoned her for discovering his plans, and believed Lightning ordered Bohman to do that. Bohman was surprised, since his actions were of his own accord; his goal was to unite all the Ignises. Aqua exclaimed that Lightning went against their wishes, as Bohman noted that Aqua refused to acknowledge his existence.[53]

She believed Bohman should be free and should not harm others, else, in Blue Maiden's words, he'd invade the world of humans. Aqua explained her friend was hurt, because Lightning wanted to conquer the world. Bohman asked about this friend, but Blue Maiden became angry - that friend was also her friend, Miyu Sugisaki. As the latter was unconscious, Blue Maiden swore she could never forgive someone harming her. Bohman was amused, but knew he'd have to fight Blue Maiden. Thus, he bet the anti-virus program to cure Miyu, if he would to lose the Duel. Blue Maiden realized that Bohman was feeling confident as if she could not win. Regardless, the two started a Duel. Aqua presumed that Bohman would strike fiercely, since they defeated his brother, Harlin. Blue Maiden doubted that, since Bohman didn't seem to possess such feelings. Blue Maiden used "Marincess Sea Horse" to Link Summon "Blue Slug", and re-summoned the former by its effect. Bohman noted Blue Maiden was logical in her actions, who was allured by the compliment from an AI. Next, she Link Summoned "Coral Anemone", who revived "Blue Slug", and used the two to bring out "Marincess Marbled Rock".[53]

Bohman, who swore the loss of his brother's life would not be in vain. Like before, Bohman used "Hydradrive Boosters" to Link Summon "Coolant Hydradrives", and placed "Judgment Arrows". Placing a third "Hydradrive Booster", Bohman Link Summoned a third "Coolant Hydradrive". Blue Maiden believed he had seen her Duel against Harlin, and developed a different strategy. However, she was confident, looking the cards in her hand. Much to her surprise, Bohman didn't attack, but used the three monsters to Link Summon "Cubic Hydradrive Lord". Bohman was aware that Blue Maiden could've predicted one of his ways to win, but chose a different one. Blue Maiden understood that as his new monster was even more menacing. Using WATER and FIRE Attributes, Bohman's monster gained those Attributes, in addition to its EARTH one. Since "Marbled Rock" shared the WATER Attribute, its effects were negated. With one slash, Bohman's Hydradrive monster destroyed Blue Maiden's "Marbled Rock" and lowered her LP to 1900. Moreover, since it attacked the monster it shared its Attribute with, "Cubic Hydradrive Lord" made another attack.[53]

In retaliation, playing the Trap "Marincess Snow", Blue Maiden brought out "Marincess Crystal Heart". Aqua called upon Earth to lend them their strength, due to the representation of the crystal heart, who was immune to the negating effects of "Cubic Hydradrive Lord". The latter went to attack, but Blue Maiden protected the crystal heart by sending one monster from her hand to the GY, and took no damage, either. Bohman noted that "Judgment Arrows" didn't double the ATK of his monster in this battle, either, suspecting the crystal heart had another effect. Bohman praised her fighting style, but boasted about his future victory. Blue Maiden cut the talk, since her goal was to return Miyu's consciousness. Noting she still wanted to fight, Bohman, wanting to show the difference between their powers, sent a blast out, which caused Mirror LINK VRAINS to flicker. Bohman exclaimed he and LINK VRAINS were one and the same, and Blue Maiden was a whelp, squirming before his power. Blue Maiden refused to back down, and used "Marincess Bubble Blast" on "Marincess Crystal Heart". Since "Sea Horse" was summoned to the latter's Link Arrow, "Bubble Blast" went to inflict 1000 LP damage to Bohman.[53]

To prevent that damage, Bohman's "Interference Canceller" negated that damage. In fact, her strategy became void, for Bohman could use this effect three times - the number of Link Arrows "Cubic Hydradrive Lord" had. Aqua noted Bohman could use this effect two more times, but Blue Maiden corrected her to say "only twice". Regardless, she swore she would never give up.[53] Blue Maiden used "Seahorse" to Link Summon "Marincess Blue Slug". Despite "Cubic Hydradrive Lord" negating the latter's effects, Blue Maiden went to counter Bohman's "Interference Canceller", which shielded Bohman from this damage a second time. Next, Blue Maiden revived "Marincess Mandarin", just to trigger the effect of "Marincess Bubble Blast" a third time. As Blue Maiden planned on Link Summoning a monster to inflict fatal damage to Bohman, the latter played "Hydradrive Mutation" to re-set "Interference Canceller". Aqua was troubled at this predicament, while Bohman boldly stated he could predict their moves.[54]

Despite this setback, Blue Maiden continued her tactics, as she Link Summoned "Marincess Coral Anemone". As Bohman negated the damage from "Bubble Blast", Aqua noticed that they were false about his Dueling; instead of seeking revenge, he was fighting with precise, calculated moves. Since Bohman knew that Blue Maiden and Aqua defeated his brother, Harlin, Aqua asked why didn't he fight with his emotions. Bohman shed a tear, thanking the two, since he was able to feel hatred, grief and sadness, and knowing these emotions improved him. Blue Maiden was unsure what he was talking about, but Aqua sensed Bohman spoke the truth, and sensed these feelings inside him. Declaring he was fighting for his brother, Bohman had "Hydradrive Mutation" become WATER Attribute, then played "Property Flood" to tribute it and Special Summon three of his "Coolant Hydradrives" from his GY.[54]

Using all four of his "Hydradrive" monsters, Bohman Link Summoned "Tesseract Hydradrive Monarch". Suddenly, he sensed Akira Zaizen, who attempted to log everyone out; he negated this action and had Akira watch their Duel. Bohman proceeded, as his new "Hydradrive" ace negated Blue Maiden's monsters' effects. Blue Maiden sent a "Marincess" monster in her hand to the GY to protect the crystal heart. However, Bohman's monarch forced Blue Maiden to send "Marincess Coral Anemone", a monster that shared the crystal heart's Attribute, and his monster could make another attack. Blue Maiden revised the situation, and Aqua reminded her not to give up. However, she breathed heavily, realizing she could not fulfill her promise to Miyu. When Akira shouted at Blue Maiden not to give up, she calmed down, seeing her brother had called upon her. She thought of a strategy, and played "Marincess Cascade" to banish all of her monsters until her next turn, and increased the ATK of the monarch by 1200. With no monsters for her to send, Blue Maiden protected herself from the monarch's second attack, and the ATK gain had no practical use.[54]

Blue Maiden thanked her brother, since she snapped out of her state. Bohman noticed the bond between these two siblings. Blue Maiden's Link Monsters returned, although their effects were negated. Still, Blue Maiden played "Marincess Battle Ocean", then used the Link-2 crystal heart and "Marincess Coral Anemone" to summon Link-4 "Marincess Wonder Heart". Since the crystal heart was used to Link Summon it, Blue Maiden's ace was protected from the negating effects of "Tesseract Hydradrive Monarch". Furthermore, "Battle Ocean" allowed Blue Maiden to equip "Wonder Heart" with three of her Link Monsters - "Blue Slug", "Coral Anemone" and "Marbled Rock" - to have it gain 300 ATK for each of their Link Markers, for a total of 1800. To counter the "Judgment Arrows", the wonder heart made "Tesseract Hydradrive Monarch" immune to other card effects. With Bohman's LP to 2600, Blue Maiden also Special Summoned "Marincess Coral Anemone". As "Battle Ocean" boosted the "Marincess" monsters with 200 ATK, Blue Maiden had "Marbled Rock" attack Bohman directly, to finish him off in a One-Turn Kill.[54]

However, Bohman remained still, for he played the set card, "Hydradrive Tolerance", he lowered the damage by 1200, and remained in play with 1100 LP. To go on defense, Blue Maiden had "Wonder Heart" re-equip "Marincess Marbled Rock". As Blue Maiden was confident in her victory, Bohman applauded her for her unwavering spirit. As he paid 1000 LP, he Special Summoned "Tesseract Hydradrive Monarch" from his GY, but with its ATK doubled. It went to attack "Marincess Wonder Heart", whose effect made it indestructible, with Blue Maiden's LP kept intact. As she Special Summoned "Blue Slug", the monarch made her send that monster, so it could attack again. Despite the protective effects of "Wonder Heart", Blue Maiden was forced to summon "Coral Anemone", and the monarch repeated its effects and attacks. With another attack, Blue Maiden Special Summoned "Marincess Marbled Rock". As the monarch went to make a final attack, Blue Maiden used "Marincess Crown Tail" from her hand to halve the damage she'd take, and Special Summoned it, and managed to revive "Marincess Crystal Heart", too, leaving her with 200 LP left.[54]

Vrains 091

Akira hugs Skye.

She sent "Crown Tail" to her GY, so Bohman could make another attack. However, he paused for a moment, and selected "Marincess Crystal Heart" to attack. Blue Maiden banished "Crown Tail", so the damage Bohman would inflict would be reduced by 10,000. However, she realized that was not enough, and apologized to Aqua, who admitted Blue Maiden was an excellent partner. Due to "Judgment Arrows", the monarch's ATK became 12,000, and destroyed the crystal heart. Blue Maiden fell to her knees in defeat. Bohman commented that even if she knew she'd lose, she still went to fight to the bitter end. He thought that was beautiful to see, and since he didn't have the opportunity to say Harlin farewell, he extended this chance to her. Akira's hologram appeared, and he went to hug his sister, who disappeared in flashes of data.[54]

Season three[]


Blue Maiden learns of Aqua's death.

After Bohman's defeat, Blue Maiden was reformed back in LINK VRAINS, along with the rest of the victims. Soulburner asked if they had saved Flame, to which Ai apologized to him and Blue Maiden, as they were unable to rescue the Ignis.[55]

Outside LINK VRAINS, Yusaku was working at the Café Nom when Skye approached him, asking for some food. Yusaku explained that Kolter was visiting his brother in hospital. Skye commented she also visited her friend in hospital, too, and was passing by to see Yusaku, as her acquaintance. Noticing an advertisement about SOLtis, Yusaku remembered that Skye's brother worked for that company. Skye explained that Akira was busy because of this new product: the android. Skye explained it should make their lives easier, and Yusaku may not even have to work at the truck, which made him feel slightly bad about it. Yusaku gave her a bag of food, to which Skye thanked him and walked away.[55] Akira got a call, and became shocked. Skye asked him what happened, and was told the Queen had fallen. Skye became concerned, but Akira told she did not need to worry, as he went to investigate.[56]

Playmaker, Soulburner and Unnamed logged in to the deserted LINK VRAINS, where they soon met up with Akira and Blue Maiden. The former welcomed them, and thanked them for coming. Kolter introduced himself as Unnamed, who had provided support for the other two avatars. Before they started the meeting, they were joined by Shepherd, the Gore and Ghost Gal, who also came on Akira's request. The Gore wanted to thank Playmaker, who waondered the purpose behind that gratitude. Unnamed sensed something large must've happened if Akira assembled everyone in this meeting. Akira explained that the top executive, Queen, had been attacked recently. He feared he'd be the next target, as he had the other piece of the code key to the central computer. Unnamed stated that SOL Technologies has a share over the network's infrastructure, which could easily be destroyed.[57]

Blue Maiden added that they'd have control over SOLtiS androids, too. Akira told that the culprit even revealed their identity, and played the message they had left behind. He showed Ai and Roboppi, who threatened to attack Akira and take his code key in three days. Blue Maiden and the rest were shocked that the DARK Ignis was behind that. Soulburner demanded the reason why would Ai do this. Akira had no answer, but that Ai had declared a war. Ghost Gal noticed that Ai sought revenge on the company, and Shepherd assumed it was just because he was an AI program. He assumed Playmaker knew where he was, but Soulburner and Akira wanted of Shepherd to cease his accusations. Akira reminded he fought for AI and humanity to cooperate together, but some assumed Playmaker would've done something about that by now. Akira turned to Playmaker, asking for his help, knowing he knew Ai more than anyone else, even if his innermost feelings were conflicted about Ai.[57]

At evening, Skye watched the video of Playmaker confronting Bohman. The next day, she told Naoki that he was the one that could know how to contact Playmaker, being his biggest fan and all. Later, she met her brother on the streets, wondering why wasn't he in the company. Akira explained he wanted to look around some more before being attacked by Ai. He felt weak, even as he called upon others to come and protect him. To comfort him, Skye took him to a hot dog stand. Akira saw Kolter, and immediately remembered that to be the same guy that was blackmailed into Dueling Playmaker. Yusaku encountered them, and soon after, Akira mentioned that Yusaku was Playmaker. Thinking how he saved Syke when she was infected by the virus, he wanted to thank him for that. Akira admitted it felt strange to meet Playmaker in real life. Skye looked at Yusaku, who simply stated he was fighting for himself. Suddenly, Akira was called to work, and before he left, he felt grateful to have met Yusaku.[57]

Skye and Yusaku shake hands

Skye thanks Yusaku for saving her in the digital world.

Skye stayed behind, stating she wanted to contact Playmaker, and asked Naoki about it. She wanted to stop Playmaker, since he was to face his partner, Ai, and thought if she was to face Aqua or Akira, she would've been heartbroken. She asked about Aqua's final moments. Yusaku explained he didn't get to meet her in person, but Ai told him that Aqua and the rest passed their powers onto him to defeat Bohman. Skye noted that's what Aqua would've done anyway. She still felt bad to see that Yusaku had to fight his own Ignis, and wanted to fight in his stead. Moreover, she wanted to thank him for always sticking to her and her brother, and protecting them countless times. She shook hands with him in gratitude, and felt odd by that. Regardless, she bid him farewell, leaving Yusaku in silence.[57] Akira went on a plane with Skye, and the two flew off 12 kilometers in mid-air, to prevent anyone from physically coming to them. Moreover, with Varis' program, they were severed off from the network, so that only their forms were shown in the cyberspace.[58]

Some time later, Blue Maiden and the rest regrouped in LINK VRAINS. Playmaker was absent, as Akira thought that'd be the case. Soon, they were joined by the Knights of Hanoi, as Akira called them for help. Ghost Gal asked didn't they hate SOL Technologies, to which Varis stated that te LIGHT Ignis revealed his true colors, and their thirst for revenge faded away. Blue Maiden reminded everyone of their crimes, of which Varis was aware of. Soulburner thought they'd turn themselves in to the police, to which Varis confirmed, but only after they hunted the Ignis down. At that point, Varis thought they would have no reason to exist as an organization, and would atone for their crimes. Soulburner regardless felt conflicted. Ghost Gal realized that'd show SOL Technologies was involved as well, and Akira would take the blame, too, despite having no actual involvement. Akira simply stated that's how companies were built, and decided to take that risk, which saddened Blue Maiden. Akira showed pictures of the cyberspace, believing Ai and Roboppi were near it. He showed two routes out of the central station. Akira and Blue Maiden decided to stay where they were, while Akira deployed the rest.[57]

Soulburner wondered that Akira should remain logged out for security purposes. Shepherd denied, thinking Akira's consciousness would be stolen that way, and Akira assured him that there was no way they could reach him in real life. Before going, on Akira's request, Varis gave Pandor to Blue Maiden, Ghost Gal and the Gore to help them out. Soulburner also noticed Playmaker having logged in, and became pleased by his arrival.[57] Blue Maiden and Akira watched as everyone patrolled around cyberspace. Blue Maiden noted the final battle has started, Akira put his final hopes in these heroes. As Ai and Roboppi were approaching the cyberspace, Akira had Soulburner, Playmaker and Varis confront them. Much to his surprise, he saw the main force split into three ones. Much to their shock, they saw three Ai. Since neither of the three knew which was the real Ai, the trio started a Duel against Ai's copies. Akira counted on the trio to fight them off. They also noticed the real Ai having quickly defeated Dr. Genome and Baira. Blue Maiden expressed her shock at how strong Ai was.[59]

Akira and Blue Maiden were glad that Ghost Gal's attack on Roboppi worked. Akira added the key in Tag Duels was to trust one's partner. However, both Ghost Gal and Shepherd lost, and were deleted.[60] The siblings were pleased when the Gore's "Powerload Ogre" defeated Ai, but were surprised to see Ai still standing; Ai banished "A.I.'s Hymn" to get 800 LP to survive the direct attack. The saw that the Gore survived Ai's attack from "Earth Golem @Ignister", and attempted to turn around by reviving "Gouki the Powerload Ogre", and to win. As Ai and Roboppi came, there was nobody present. As Playmaker, Soulburner and Varis arrived, the latter explained Akira and Blue Maiden were actually in an airplane, and were protected by a program he had developed.[58] Ai went into the airplane, and hacked through the security. He found Akira and Skye, lying in chamber pods. He touched Akira's forehead, and teleported himself into a strange place. There, he found both Akira and Blue Maiden.[61]

Blue Maiden asked why Ai was here, who asked of them not to underestimate him. Akira suspected Ai has infilctrated the airplane and attacked its crew. Ai was amused, seeing that Akira thought of him as a villain. He snapped his fingers, showing Hayami unconscious, but unhurt. Ai asked Akira to hand over the code key, to which Akira demanded to know for what purpose Ai wanted it. The latter stated he merely wished to take over the company, similar the airplane. In fact, he had control over it, and could make it crash. Blue Maiden thought he was threating them, but Ai didn't want them to think like that. Instead, he wanted to Duel both siblings for the code key, to give them a chance. Pandor appeared from Blue Maiden's Duel Disk, shocking Ai, since he finished her off a moment ago. Pandor stated she was the last copy, and would use all of the previous Duel experiences for this one. Ai knew the deal behind Pandor, and swore not to lose, even if they knew his tactics.[62]

With no other option left, the two sides started a Duel. However, Ai also had Soulburner, Varis and Playmaker watch the Duel as holograms. Ai simply stated a Duel was not exciting without a crowd. He also had Kolter watch the Duel, as well as Roboppi, who teleported himself in to learn more from the Duel. While Ai approved of Roboppi's actions, Blue Maiden started her turn by using "Marincess Blue Tang" to Link Summon "Marincess Blue Slug", then continued on with summoning "Coral Anemone" and "Marbled Rock". Ai noted Blue Maiden was using Aqua's Marincess Deck. She set two cards to end the turn, and Ai approved of her strategy. Blue Maiden told this Deck was important to her, and Ai assumed Aqua would've been happy that Blue Maiden was using so well.[62]

Ai took his turn, summoning "Pikari @Ignister" to add "Ignister A.I.Land" and play it. Ai used it to summon "Linguriboh", chaining the effect of "Ignister A.I.Land" to summon "Achichi @Ignister". Finally, he summoned "Hiyari @Ignister", to use all three monsters to Link Summon "Dark Templar @Ignister". Pandor told everyone that Ai was using "@Ignister" cards, which represented his feelings towards the Ignis. Blue Maiden stated that Ai was putting a lot of effort, and asked of Akira to be careful. Since he summoned "Doyon @Ignister", Ai managed to revive "Achichi" and "Pikari" from his GY, and use the three "@Ignister" monsters to Link Summon "Fire Phoenix @Ignister". Pandor anticipated its summoning, so to make an unpredictable move, Ai, to the zone "Fire Phoenix" was pointing to, played the strongest card that the Ignis had created: "Judgment Arrows". A dark swirl appeared out of Ai before manifesting into the card, shocking everyone. Others judged him for using the card, but Ai asked of Blue Maiden what happened to Miyu. Blue Maiden stated she was recovering, and Ai believed Kolter's brother, Jin, was healed, too.[62]

Ai simply showed while humans have recovered, his Ignis friends were gone - forever. Pandor told Blue Maiden that Ai just wanted to spark some emotions into his opponents, to lower their guard before taking them down. Ai claimed Pandor shouldn't be this blunt, and swore to win. "Fire Phoenix", whose ATK became doubled by "Judgment Arrows", went to attack. Blue Maiden played the effect of "Marbled Rock" to prevent its destruction, and prevent Blue Maiden from taking battle damage. In addition, "Marincess Wave" protected ehr from effect damage, too. However, Ai used the situation to his advantage: he played "TA.I.med Technique", banishing "Fire Phoenix" to banish all cards in Blue Maiden's hand. He also moved "Dark Templar @Ignister" to the zone "Judgment Arrows" pointed to, to have its ATK doubled when attacking "Marincess Marbled Rock". Blue Maiden, who realized Ai predicted this outcome, took 2100 LP damage from the attack, which alarmed Akira that his sister got hurt. Ai's "Fire Phoenix" returned to the field, as did Blue Maiden's cards in her hand.[62]

Blue Maiden noted Ai was blaming himself for not being able to protect the other Ignis. In fact, she feels the same that she wasn't able to protect Aqua, who felt Blue Maiden as a perfect partner for her. Blue Maiden asked Ai why did they fight, if they both suffered the same sadness, and thought they could stop the fight. Ai became silent for a moment, and became furious that Blue Maiden proclaimed they both were griveing the same. He pointed at Pandor, stating why did she substitute Aqua for that AI. However, he calmed down, as he didn't blame Blue Maiden, who was Aqua's ally. Pandor reminded she wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Ai's crimes. She merely reminded time could only go forward, and was why she took Aqua's place. Ai understood that, and exclaimed he became closed off: he only felt pleasure in defeating his opponents, so time could move forward again for him. Ai declared Akira could take the turn, who stood still.[62]

Akira admitted that the humans have taken part in destroying the Ignis, just as they created them. Thus, as an employee of SOL Technologies, Akira admitted his deepest sorrow for that. However, he reminded that he was the executive of the company, and had to fight to protect many of his employees, and their families. It was why he needed to protect the code key, and demanded Ai to go back. Ai didn't need apologies, and demanded Akira to fight to protect those he fought for, as he declared like that. Akira stood forward, and looked at Ai's monsters, both of whose ATK would double from "Judgment Arrows". Akira set a monster, then played "Stairs of Mail". He sent "Tindangle Intruder" from his GY to flip "Tindangle Angel" up. Ai sensed Flip Monsters could be troublesome, while Akira used the effect of "Angel" to set another monster. He chained its summon to "Intruder" in his GY to summon it in face-down Defense Position, and Special Summoned "Tindangle Base Gardna", too.[62]

He used "Stairs of Mail" to flip "Tindangle Intruder", using its effect to add a "Tindangle" card from his Deck to his hand, and reactivated the "Stairs of Mail" to flip "Tindangle Hound". Ai noted it was the scary pooch again, while Akira then used the latter's effect to set "Tindangle Intruder" and gain its ATK, which summed up to 4700. With so much ATK, "Tindangle Hound" attacked and destroyed "Dark Templar @Ignister", and inflicted 100 LP damage to Ai. Since Ai would not back down, Akira played Blue Maiden's set card, "Marincess Decision", banishing "Marincess Wave" to flip his "Tindangle Intruder" face-up. In addition, Akira and Skye used "Tindangle" monsters to Link Summon "Tindangle Acute Cerberus". Despite the terrifying monster, Ai simply dared them to show the power of their sibling love.[62] Akira played "Marincess Decision" in the GY; by banishing "Marincess Marbled Rock", the ATK of "Fire Phoenix" was reduced to zero. With no defenses left, Ai took the attack, which reduced his LP from 3900 to 400.[63]

Ai applauded them, and banished "Achichi @Ignister" to destroy his "Fire Phoenix", only to trigger its effect to destroy "Tindangle Hound". Per Blue Maiden's approval, Akira banished "Marincess Basilalima" to protect the hound. He also had the cerberus gain 600 ATK, summing it up to 4100. Finally, Akira summoned a "Tindangle Token" at the zone "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" pointed to, and it gained 500 ATK more. Ai noted this was the power of the siblings. Blue Maiden reminded that they both fought on the same side to protect Aqua and others, and she didn't wish to fight him. However, she didn't want to see her brother getting hurt, and wanted to protect him, to which Ai provoked her into fighting him. Blue Maiden asked for no more jokes, but Pandor sensed that Ai's feelings were genuine. In fact, Ai wanted to see whether the one that has something to protect, or someone that has nothing to lose would win. While Ai revived "Fire Phoenix", Pandor continued sensing a great pain from Ai, a similar feeling when the other copies of Pandor had been deleted.[63]

Ai tributed "Fire Phoenix" to activate the effect of "Hiyari @Ignister", adding "A.I.'s Ritual" to his hand, and increasing the level of "Hiyari" by three. Activating "A.I.'s Ritual", Ai banished "Hiyari" and tributed "Pikari", to Ritual Summon the level 7 "Water Leviathan @Ignister", which returned "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" to Akira's Extra Deck, while Ai placed all of his Link Monsters to his Extra Deck, and reduced the ATK of "Tindangle Hound" by 4200 - 600 for each Link Marker of Link Monster returned. "Water Leviathan" attacked "Tindangle Hound", whose ATK was halved in this battle, thus its current ATK became 250. However, Akira survived the battle with 150 LP left - "Marincess Bubble Circle" let Akira gain 300 LP for each Link Marker of "Marincess" Link Monsters in the GY. Blue Maiden helped Akira stand up, and swore to protect her brother.[63]

Ai became intrigued, and dared to protect her brother until the end. Blue Maiden summoned "Marincess Blue Tang", and used it as Link Material for "Marincess Blue Slug". She Special Summoned "Marincess Blue Horse", and used the two monsters to summon "Marincess Coral Anemone". The latter revive "Marincess Blue Tang", and was used to Link Summon "Marincess Marbled Rock". Finally, she Special Summoned "Marincess Crown Tail" by the effect of "Sea Horse", and used it and "Marbled Rock" to summon the Link-4 "Marincess Great Bubble Reef". Before the attack, Blue Maiden banished "Crown Tail" to have "Marincess Bubble Circle" inflict 100 damage to Ai, lowering his LP to 300, while the effect of "Marincess Great Bubble Reef" let it gain 600 ATK. Ai questioned Blue Maiden, since she couldn't even attack. Blue Maiden played "Tindangle Returner" to add the banished "Marincess Crown Tail" to the GY, and replay the effect of "Bubble Circle". "Great Bubble Reef" gained another 600 ATK, and added "Marincess Sea Horse" to Blue Maiden's hand to Special Summon "Marincess Crown Tail", only to tribute it to Special Summon "Tindangle Returner". "Great Bubble Reef" gained the ATK of "Crown Tail", 600.[63]

Ai became displeased, but still dared Blue Maiden to defeat him. Pandor reminded Blue Maiden that Ai knew how to escape danger. Blue Maiden banished "Crown Tail", so that 1000 damage per number of Link Markers of "Marincess" Link Monsters would become 0, and the damage can be up to 6000. Ai noted she was cautious, while Roboppi claimed Ai's plan to provoke her failed. Since "Crown Tail" was banished, the ATK of "Great Bubble Reef" was raised to 5000. Before the attack, Blue Maiden noted that her brother always protected her, as he didn't want to get her in harm. This time, she swore to protect him: "Marincess Great Bubble Reef" attacked "Water Leviathan @Ignister", who halved the ATK of "Marincess". Ai dared Blue Maiden to attack, and played the Trap "HA.I.", which prevented the battle damage, and inflicted effect damage to Blue Maiden and Akira, double of that of the difference in the ATK of those two monsters. Ai's trap defeated the siblings, and Ai commented how Blue Maiden failed to protect him.[63]

Blue Maiden and Akira swept away by the attack

Akira and Blue Maiden lose the Duel.

Skye sheds a tear

Skye cries, as she failed to protect Akira.

Akira and Blue Maiden held hands, promised to never be apart ever again. However, Akira vanished, which shocked Blue Maiden, as to why she wasn't erased, too. Roboppi thought Ai had compassion, which was not like him. Ai denied, and refused to erase Blue Maiden, for he wanted to inflict the pain of regret to fail to protect someone close to her, just like Ai did with the other Ignis. Ai absorbed Akira's data, and with that, gained the code key. As he went to walk away with Roboppi, Ai was called by Playmaker. Ai turned around, but Playmaker had no words to spare. While Soulburner pointed out that Ai went too far, Varis declared he would erase Ai without hesitation. Ai ignored them, and asked of Playmaker to see each other soon. Ai vanished, leaving Blue Maiden lying on the floor. In the real world, Skye started to cry that her brother was gone.[63]

Skye and Hayami were sad to see Akira unconscious, and were quickly visited by Kolter, Yusaku and Theodore. At her apartment, while watching over Akira, Skye blamed herself for being unable to protect her brother, but Yusaku consoled her and told her not to blame herself. As he, Theodore and Kolter left, Skye asked if they were going after Ai and if they had any leads on him. Yusaku admitted that he didn't, other than the fact that Ai now controlled SOL Technologies.[64] At evening, Skye was watching over the unconscious Akira in their apartment.[65]

Skye and Cal in the future

Skye visits Cal, who is spending time with his brother.

Three months later, after Ai's defeat, Skye Zaizen visited Kolter's food truck, where Cal and Jin had been working. She was pleased to see his brother was healthy again. Cal was happy, too, as he could spend more time with his brother to make up for the time they had lost. He thanked Skye for her efforts, who attributed the success to Yusaku and others. She asked where was he, to which Cal did not know - he could not contact him ever since the final Duel with Ai. Skye was sad, since he did protect her and her most precious thing, to which Cal felt the same, as Yusaku was a hero. Still, Cal stated that he would keep his food truck in here, in case Yusaku would return. Skye smiled, as her brother said the same thing.[66]


Akira Zaizen[]

Skye and Akira are step-siblings. He cares very deeply for Skye due to their parents dying while they were young. Skye, on the other hand, is shown to have a big brother complex and idolizes him. Akira is aware that she is Blue Angel, but fails to see her desire to gain recognition from him. Akira unknowingly neglects her due to him working to ensure she doesn't have any hardships. However, Akira has shown that Skye is more important than his work as he risked his position to find a cure for her. He also seems protective of her, as seen when he questioned Yusaku about their relationship, or when he confronted Varis for the removal program.

After Akira's Duel against Playmaker, the two had reached a better understanding for one another. When Skye wanted to help find the Ignis, Akira let his sister work with Emma. However, after watching Earth's termination and learning Ignis have free will, thus being alive, Skye stayed with Emma as she needed time to think. Even though separated, Skye's biggest motivation is her brother, which she brings up in her Duel against Harlin. While the two are not connected by blood, their bond and memories keep them close. When Skye began to panic about losing to Bohman, Akira's voice reached her, reminded her not to give up and snapped her out of her trance.

Yusaku Fujiki (Playmaker)[]

Skye and Yusaku are classmates, but only Yusaku is aware of her alter-ego, and Skye does not discover his until Season 3. As "Blue Angel", Skye is shown to develop an interest in Yusaku's alter-ego, "Playmaker", after he saved her from a "Cracking Dragon".[3] She is shown to be grateful to "Playmaker" for saving her, and tossed him back his D-Board after he fell.[6] She also has a desire to defeat him in a Duel to prove herself.

Yusaku approached her to obtain new leads regarding SOL Technology and his fight against Hanoi, but Skye assumed that he, like many others, wanted a new Duel Disk or a job at SOL so she quickly dismissed him.[11] Likewise, when Skye was broadcasting challenges for a duel to Playmaker, Yusaku wasn't interested in dueling her unless it was related to the Knights of Hanoi. Yusaku was shocked when he discovered that Skye may have had ties to the Knights of Hanoi and decided to duel her nevertheless.

During his duel with Skye, he was visibly disturbed when Hanoi's card began damaging Skye so he rushed to end the Duel as quickly as possible. After the Duel, Yusaku willingly walked into a trap set by Ghost Gal to investigate what happened to her. Yusaku obtained the removal program by defeating Varis, which he used to awaken her. When Yusaku as Playmaker hacked into Sol Technologies' main server, Skye began to sympathize with him after hearing about Yusaku/Playmaker's traumatic past.

Following the events of the first Season, Skye begins to open up and act more friendly towards Yusaku. She approached him while he was working at Cafe Nagi to thank him for discovering her unconscious body.[32]

After partnering with Aqua, Skye teamed up with Playmaker and Soulburner to stop Lightning and save Jin and Miyu, using a new avatar called Blue Maiden.

After Akira deduced Yusaku's identity as Playmaker and left the two alone, Skye attempted to console Yusaku over his feelings about Ai and reassured him that she and the others would handle the fight and that Yusaku should stay out of it. Skye then proceeded to thank Yusaku for being there for her and her brother on multiple occasions, by asking for a handshake. Although they simply held hands, Skye even noted that she felt strange while having a smile on her face. She then leaves Yusaku with a smile on her face, while Yusaku simply stared at her. Later, despite telling him to stay out of the fight, Blue Maiden was quite happy to see Playmaker arrive to help fight against Ai.

It is interesting to note that Yusaku didn't deny Skye's thanks for helping and protecting her as he did with Akira and he even agreed to giving her a handshake.

Emma Bessho[]

Emma started to take an interest in Skye after learning she is Blue Angel and Akira's sister. She has helped Skye in many ways and shows concern for her well being. After learning that Blue Angel hasn't showed up in LINK VRAINS for a long time Emma then encouraged Skye to go back to her sense however took her advice as a insult and became angry at Emma. After learning from Playmaker that Emma became a victim of Tower of Hanoi Skye showed concern over her well being and determined to save her even demanding Specter about her whereabouts.

In the first half of Season 2, Skye had become Emma's partner in learning about the Ignis, even changing her avatar with similarities to Ghost Gal.


Aqua immediately recognized Skye from absorbing a part of Miyu's memories, to whom she expressed gratitude for covering Miyu's mistake during their childhood and for saving herself from Shepherd. She reminds Skye of her bond with Miyu, explaining how Miyu's strong resolve to see Skye again was what kept her going during the Hanoi Project. Aqua also trusts and believes in Skye enough to willingly partner with her and join forces with Playmaker and Soulburner. When Skye learned Aqua did not come back, she was saddened. Skye later admits that if she were forced to fight Aqua, it would be heartbreaking, showing how much she loves and cares about Aqua. She also bears guilt for being unable to protect the WATER Ignis from being terminated.

Even after Aqua's death, Skye continues to honor her by using her "Marincess" cards, saying it is her most important deck.

Miyu Sugisaki[]

Young Miyu & Young Aoi

Young Miyu & Skye

Miyu is Skye's first and childhood friend. They played together a lot until one day, Miyu brought her mother's most precious ring. Miyu wanted Skye to wear it but then dropped it into the drain, losing it. Miyu's mother then comes and asks Miyu where her ring is. Miyu continues to cry and is unable to answer. Then, Skye steps up and lies that she asked Miyu to bring the ring but she accidentally lost it. Miyu's mother then becomes angry and forbids Skye from playing with her daughter again and drags Miyu away as Miyu protests that Skye was lying. Skye starts to cry when Miyu leaves, showing that Skye really did like Miyu and thought of her as a friend.

According to Skye, after her parents died, she closed her heart off from the world. However, Miyu opened her heart again, which she was grateful for. When Skye learns that Miyu is a victim of the Lost Incident and is in a coma due to Lightning's virus, she teams up with Aqua to save her. After the Ignis Warfare, Skye finally got to see Miyu again.


Trickstar Deck[]

Skye uses a "Trickstar" Burn Deck[3] that incorporates Link Summoning as the primary extra deck summoning. Her main strategy is to first gain card advantage while Summoning multiple "Trickstar" monsters, then use a combination of "Trickster Light Stage" and "Trickstar Lycoris" to inflict effect damage to the opponent multiple times a turn, while powering up "Trickstar Holly Angel" at the same time. Ai describes her Duel style as "poking with needles". Her tactics also include quickly assembling different "Trickstar" cards to perform a variety of combos, which grew to include Fusion Summoning following her duel with Specter. By her own admission, the deck has low offensive power and has a weakness for being directly overpowered by opponents.

Skye is also given "G Golem Crystal Heart" after Yusaku defeated Gore and some of Earth's data was retrieved[45].

Marincess Deck[]

After partnering with Aqua during the 2nd Season, Skye gains the Ignis' "Marincess" Deck.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Unnamed Duelist 6 Win
Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker 7 Lose
Prototype Ai-B 17 Win
Clarissa Turner/Baira 25-26 Win
Specter 32-34 Lose
Theodore Hamilton/Soulburner 56 Lose
Bit and Boot 85 Win
Harlin 85 Win
Bohman 90-91 Lose
Ai 110-111 Lose (with Akira Zaizen)


  • Skye has the least amount of wins of any female lead, with only 5 confirmed Duel wins (Tori does not count, as she has never won a single Duel. It's also worth noting that four of Téa Gardner's seven wins were off-screen, meaning she only won three on screen).
  • Skye has the following distinctions from the other female leads:
    • She is the only one who is not a close friend of her series' main protagonist, although she does occasionally work with him.
    • She is the only one to refer to the main protagonist by his surname instead of his given name in the Japanese version.
    • She is the only one whose surname is unchanged in the English dub.
  • Skye is the only known Duelist in LINK VRAINS with more than one alias (in this case, three).
  • Throughout the VRAINS anime, Skye has never won a Master Duel.


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