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"Skilled Magician" (Japanese: (じゅく) (れん) Jukuren) is a series of Level 4 LIGHT and DARK Spellcaster monsters that have an effect to gain 1 Spell Counter each time a Spell Card is activated (max. 3), and can then use those Spell Counters to Summon or search a specific monster or set of monsters. Each monster that can Special Summon monsters of a particular archetype rather than a specific monster has an additional effect: it can banish itself from the GY to place a Spell Counter on one of its controller's face-up cards.

Both "Skilled Dark Magician" and "Skilled White Magician" were characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime.


Skilled Magician Supported monster
Blue "Gaia The Fierce Knight" monster
Brown "Kuriboh" monster
Dark Dark Magician
Red "Archfiend" monster
White Buster Blader


  • Each monster uses a different word for "Magician" in Japanese. In the names of the LIGHT monsters the kanji have the reading madōshi (まどうし), while in the names of the DARK monsters (except "Chestnut") the kanji have the reading majutsushi (まじゅつし); however, all of the monsters use different kanji for the word "Magician".