"Skiel" (スキエル Sukieru) is an archetype used by Lester in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. Just like "Wisel" and "Granel", all its five parts were Special Summoned by its core, and all parts function as one monster. Rather than being DARK attribute monsters like those of "Wisel", its parts were WIND. The parts themselves resemble birds and other flying creatures.

All of them are Level 1, WIND, and Machine-Type, with the exception of "Skiel Attack 3" and "Skiel Carrier 5" who are level 3 and level 5, respectively. There are 5 basic parts but there is also 1 called "Sky Core", which Special Summons all of them to the field when it's sent to the Graveyard by a card effect.

Between episodes 106 and 107, Primo stole "Skiel Carrier 3" and "Skiel Carrier 5" from Lester to use in his duel against Yusei.

Skiel functions not that much differently than Wisel; quickly destroy "Sky Core" with a card effect, then use the main body part to absorb the opponent's Synchro Monsters, while at the same time upgrading the parts to give Skiel better offense and defense. Unlike the other two "Meklords", "Skiel" if upgraded can bypass the opponents monsters and attack directly (the OCG Skiel has to sacrifice the Synchro monster equipped in order to attack directly). Like the other Meklords, there is a real-life version of this card that is only one monster and not 5.

These cards are all available in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 (as the single part was not released at this time), though a few minor changes were made (i.e. the main body doesn't prevent the other cards from attacking). They continued to appear in Tag Force 6, though in order to make the parts function with the OCG/TCG cards, the lore now only refers to "Meklord Emperors"; not Infinity Monsters.

Monster members

Name Part ATK DEF
Meklord Emperor Skiel ∞ Body 0 0
Skiel Top Head 600 0
Skiel Guard Tail 200 300
Skiel Attack Lower body 1000 0
Skiel Attack 3 Upgraded lower body 1200 0
Skiel Attack 5 Further upgraded lower body 1400 0
Skiel Carrier Wings 400 0
Skiel Carrier 3 Upgraded wings 600 200
Skiel Carrier 5 Further upgraded wings 800 400
Meklord Emperor Skiel TCG/OCG version of Skiel Infinity 2200 2200
Meklord Army of Skiel Downgraded version of Skiel Infinity 1200 1000

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