ONe (オネ) サンダー
English Sishunder
Chinese 雷電姐姐
French Sœutonerre
German Schwesdonner
Italian Soretuono
Korean ONe (오네) 썬더
Portuguese Irmãtrovão
Spanish Hermanatrueno
Japanese (kana) オネサンダー
Japanese (base) ONeサンダー
Japanese (rōmaji) Onesandā
Japanese (translated) ONeThunder
Card type Monster
Attribute LIGHT
Types Thunder / Effect
Level 4 CG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svg
ATK / DEF 900 / 400
Passcode 57019473
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900 +
Activates upon Normal Summon +  and Adds banished cards to the hand +
Banishes from your Graveyard +
Sishunder-REDU-EN-R-1E.png +
雷電姐姐 +
Official +
400 +
Trigger Effect +  and Condition +
Sishunder +
Lorsque cette carte est Invoquée NormalemeLorsque cette carte est Invoquée Normalement : vous pouvez cibler 1 monstre LUMIÈRE de Type Tonnerre de Niveau 4 avec max. 1600 ATK ("Sœutonerre" exclu) dans votre Cimetière ; bannissez la cible. Durant la End Phase de ce tour, ajoutez la carte à votre ce tour, ajoutez la carte à votre main. +
Sœutonerre +
Wenn diese Karte als Normalbeschwörung besWenn diese Karte als Normalbeschwörung beschworen wird: Du kannst 1 LICHT Monster vom Typ Donner der Stufe 4 mit 1600 oder weniger ATK in deinem Friedhof wählen, außer „Schwesdonner“; verbanne das gewählte Ziel. Während der End Phase dieses Spielzugs, füge die Karte deiner Hand hinzu.ielzugs, füge die Karte deiner Hand hinzu. +
Schwesdonner +
Quando questa carta viene Evocata NormalmenteQuando questa carta viene Evocata Normalmente: puoi scegliere come bersaglio 1 mostro LUCE di tipo Tuono di Livello 4 con ATK 1600 o inferiore nel tuo Cimitero, eccetto "Soretuono"; bandisci quel bersaglio. Durante la End Phase di questo turno, aggiungi quella carta alla tua mano.mano. +
Soretuono +
オネサンダー +
このカードが召喚に成功した時、「ONeサンダー」以外の自分の墓地の雷族・光属性・レベル4・攻撃力1600以下のモンスター1体を選択してゲームから除外できる。このターンのエンドフェイズ時にそのカードを手札に加える。 +
ONeサンダー +
이 카드가 일반 소환에 성공했을 때, "ONe(오네) 썬더" 이외의 자신 묘지의 번개족 / 빛 속성 / 레벨 4 / 공격력 1600 이하의 몬스터 1장을 선택하고 게임에서 제외할 수 있다. 이 턴의 엔드 페이즈시에 그 카드를 패에 넣는다. +
ONe (오네) 썬더 +
When this card is Normal SummonWhen this card is Normal Summoned: You can target 1 Level 4 LIGHT Thunder-Type monster with 1600 or less ATK in your Graveyard, except "Sishunder"; banish that target. During the End Phase of this turn, add that card to your hand.hand. +
TCG +  and OCG +
Female +
Sishunder +
Card page +
57019473 +
Onesandā +
Quando esta carta é invocada por InvocaçãoQuando esta carta é invocada por Invocação-Normal: Você pode selecionar 1 monstro LIGHT de Nível 4 do tipo Thunder com 1600 ou menos de ATK em seu Cemitério, exceto "Sishunder"; bana o monstro selecionado. Durante a End Phase deste turno, adicione o monstro banido para sua mão.o, adicione o monstro banido para sua mão. +
Irmãtrovão +
Onesandā +
ONe (オネ) サンダー +
ONe (オネ) サンダー +
--- REDU-EN097 --- Return of the Duelist --- Rare --- English --- +, --- REDU-FR097 --- Return of the Duelist --- Rare --- French --- +, --- REDU-DE097 --- Return of the Duelist --- Rare --- German --- +, --- REDU-IT097 --- Return of the Duelist --- Rare --- Italian --- +, --- REDU-SP097 --- Return of the Duelist --- Rare --- Spanish --- +, --- VE07-JP003 --- V Jump Edition 7 --- Ultra Rare --- Japanese --- +, --- REDU-TC095 --- Return of the Duelist --- Common --- Chinese --- +  and --- PP08-KR025 --- Premium Pack Vol.8 --- Super Rare --- Korean --- +
{ "number": "REDU-EN097", "name": "Return of the Duelist", "rarity": "Rare", "region": "English" } +, { "number": "REDU-FR097", "name": "Return of the Duelist", "rarity": "Rare", "region": "French" } +, { "number": "REDU-DE097", "name": "Return of the Duelist", "rarity": "Rare", "region": "German" } +, { "number": "REDU-IT097", "name": "Return of the Duelist", "rarity": "Rare", "region": "Italian" } +, { "number": "REDU-SP097", "name": "Return of the Duelist", "rarity": "Rare", "region": "Spanish" } +, { "number": "VE07-JP003", "name": "V Jump Edition 7", "rarity": "Ultra Rare", "region": "Japanese" } +, { "number": "REDU-TC095", "name": "Return of the Duelist", "rarity": "Common", "region": "Chinese" } +  and { "number": "PP08-KR025", "name": "Premium Pack Vol.8", "rarity": "Super Rare", "region": "Korean" } +
Cuando esta carta es Invocada de Modo NormCuando esta carta es Invocada de Modo Normal: puedes seleccionar 1 monstruo de LUZ de Tipo Trueno de Nivel 4 con 1600 ATK o menos en tu Cementerio, excepto "Hermanatrueno"; destierra ese objetivo. Durante la End Phase de este turno, añade a tu mano esa carta. de este turno, añade a tu mano esa carta. +
Hermanatrueno +
Can be Special Summoned +  and Can always be Special Summoned +
ONeThunder +