"Silent Swordsman" (サイレント・ソードマン Sairento Sōdoman in the OCG and manga, also written as 沈黙 (サイレント) 剣士 (ソードマン) Sairento no Sōdoman in the Japanese anime) is an archetype of LIGHT Warrior "LV" monsters used by Yugi Muto. Each one has a varying effect that revolves around being unaffected by Spell Cards.

In the anime and manga, they are a series of Warrior monsters that depict the "evolved" form of "Silent Swordsman LV0", which gains 1 LV and 500 ATK each turn.

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Spadassin Silencieux +
Schweigsamer Schwertkämpfer +
Spadaccino Silente +
サイレント・ソードマン +
Sailleonteu Seuwodeumaen +
사일런트 스워드맨 +
Silent Swordsman (archetype) +
Archseries page +
Espadachim Silencioso +
Sairento Sōdoman +
Espadachín Silencioso +