A Signature Card is one particular card a duelist uses in almost all their Duels and is most associated with them.

Character Signature Card(s)
Yugi Muto Dark Magician
Seto Kaiba Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Joey Wheeler Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Ryo Bakura Change of Heart
Yami Bakura Dark Sanctuary
Mai Valentine Cyber Harpie Lady
Keith Howard Barrel Dragon
Mako Tsunami The Legendary Fisherman
Weevil Underwood Insect Queen
Rebecca Hawkins Fire Princess
Rex Raptor Black Tyranno
Paradox Brothers Gate Guardian
Maximillion Pegasus Toon World
Hobson Zombiemaster
Seeker Exodia the Forbidden One
Espa Roba Jinzo
Arkana Dark Magician
Strings Revival Jam
Lumis and Umbra Masked Beast Des Gardius
Marik Ishtar The Winged Dragon of Ra
Ishizu Ishtar Exchange of the Spirit
Odion Ishtar Mystical Beast Serket
Noah Kaiba Shinato, King of a Higher Plane
Gozaburo Kaiba Exodia Necross
The Big Five Five-Headed Dragon
Alister Air Fortress Ziggurat
Valon Psychic Armor Head
Double Cloth Armor
Rafael Guardian Eatos
Dartz Seal of Orichalcos
Shimon Muran Exodia the Forbidden One
Priest Seto Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Thief King Bakura Diabound
Anubis Theinen the Great Sphinx
Yakou Tenma Wicked Gods
Jaden Yuki Elemental Hero Neos
Alexis Rhodes Cyber Blader
Syrus Truesdale Power Bond
Chumley Huffington Des Koala
Chazz Princeton Ojama Yellow
Zane Truesdale Cyber End Dragon
Kagemaru Sacred Beasts
Camula Vampire Genesis
Lyman Banner Helios Trice Megistus
Aster Phoenix Destiny Hero - Plasma
Nightshroud Darkness
Darkness Neo-Sphere
Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon (as Atticus)
Clear Vice Dragon (as Yusuke)
Clear World (as Yusuke)
Atticus Rhodes Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
Jesse Anderson Rainbow Dragon
Axel Brodie Volcanic Doomfire
Adrian Gecko Cloudian - Eye of the Typhoon
Vellian Crowler Ancient Gear Golem
Blaze Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
Frost Mobius the Frost Monarch
T-Bone Granmarg the Rock Monarch
Thunder Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
The Supreme King Super Polymerization
Yubel Yubel
Rainbow Dark Dragon (as Jesse)
Trueman Dark Archetype
Yusuke Fujiwara Honest
Sartorius Arcana Force Ex - the Light Ruler
Professor Viper Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes
Yusei Fudo Stardust Dragon
Jack Atlas Red Dragon Archfiend
Akiza Izinski Black Rose Dragon
Luna Ancient Fairy Dragon
Leo Power Tool Dragon
Crow Hogan Blackwing Armor Master
Hunter Pace Supersonic Skull Flame
Bolt Tanner Giant Ushi Oni
Sayer Thought Ruler Archfiend
Greiger Flying Fortress SKY FIRE
Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua (as a Dark Signer)
Kalin Kessler Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu (as a Dark Signer)
Aero & Blister Machiners Sniper
Trudge/Sector Security Goyo Guardian
Gate Guardian
Carly Carmine Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu (as a Dark Signer)
Misty Tredwell Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua (as a Dark Signer)
Rudger Earthbound Immortal Uru (as a Dark Signer)
Demak Earthbound Immortal Cusillu (as a Dark Signer)
Rex Goodwin Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca (as a Dark Signer)
Ghost Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity
Rudolf Heitmann Ancient Gear Golem
Sherry Leblanc Fleur de Chevalier
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