Shougo Aoyama ( (あお) (やま) (しょう) () Aoyama Shōgo) appears in a Yu-Gi-Oh! movie based on Toei's Yu-Gi-Oh! series as one of the protagonists. Shougo's family name, Aoyama, means "blue mountain" but can also mean "burial place". His given name means "I fly".


Shougo is Mokuba's age. He went to a card shop to buy a card pack, but three bullies told him that he couldn't get anything because he was bad at dueling. When he bought a card pack from the shop lady, he opened it. The pack had "Kuriboh" but then he saw that it had a "Red-Eyes B. Dragon". However, he is too timid to pull a winning streak, and once he gets the Red-Eyes resorts to simply intimidating people with it so they won't duel him. People didn't believe he had it at first but after showing it, people backed off from him. He gets an invitation from Seto Kaiba to participate in a Duel Monsters tournament, however he decides not to go.

The next day, Seto's bodyguard Kemo chased after him to make him participate as it was everyone's duty to appear in this tournament. Yugi and Joey save him, but Shougo's card and Yugi's Millennium Puzzle get stolen by one of Kaiba's men. Joey manages to get Red-Eyes back, but Seto still had the Puzzle.

Joey tells Shougo to duel, but Shougo doesn't want to. Joey gets angry with Shougo for not going. Yugi decides to duel Kaiba instead. However, unknown to Yugi and Shougo, Joey slips Red-Eyes into Yugi's deck.

Once at the tournament, Kaiba and Yugi duel. Eventually Kaiba gets Blue-Eyes White Dragon's 3-Body Connection on the field. Yugi can only win if he uses the Red-Eyes from Shougo's deck. However, he wants to hear Shougo say he's not afraid anymore. So Shougo summons the Red-Eyes in Yugi's deck after getting over his fear of dueling. Yugi uses the Red-Eyes, fusing it with Meteor Dragon to form the Meteor B. Dragon to destroy the Blue-Eyes and win the match.

After the tournament, Yugi congratulates Shougo on getting over his fear and hands him his Red Eyes back.

He is last seen dueling Yugi with Tristan, Tea, Miho and Joey watching.


Apart from "Red Eyes Black Dragon" and "Silver Fang", Shougo's Deck was not shown, but he was shown to have the card "Kuriboh" as it came in the same Booster Pack as "Red-Eyes Black Dragon".

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