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|spells =
|spells =
* [[Shinobird's Calling]]
* [[Shinobird's Calling]]
* [[Shinobird Powerspot]]
* [[Shinobird Power Spot]]
* [[Burial from a Different Dimension]]
* [[Burial from a Different Dimension]]
* [[Divine Wind of Mist Valley]]
* [[Divine Wind of Mist Valley]]

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"Shinobird", known as "Esprit" (エスプリット Esupuritto) in Japanese, is a series of WIND Winged Beast-Type Spirit monsters debuting in Raging Tempest.


The Ritual Monsters in the series are based off the story of Tanabata.

Shinobird card Origin
Shinobaron Peacock Hikoboshi
Shinobaroness Peacock Orihime
Shinobird Crane Crane
Shinobird Tsutaebato Pidgeon
Shinobird Crow Raven

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