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{{Infobox archetype
{{Infobox archetype
| image = EspritLordHikokujaku-RATE-JP-R.png
| image = EspritHealing-RATE-JP-C.png
| caption = "[[Esprit Lord - Hikokujaku]]"
| caption = "[[Esprit Lord - Hikokujaku]]" and "[[Esprit Lord - Himekujaku]]" in the artwork of "[[Esprit Healing]]"
| ja_name = エスプリット
| ja_name = エスプリット
| romaji = Esupuritto
| romaji = Esupuritto

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"Esprit" (エスプリット Esupuritto), or Esprit Bird (霊魂鳥 (エスプリット・バード) Esupuritto Bādo),[1] is a series of WIND Winged Beast-Type Spirit monsters debuting in Raging Tempest.


The "Esprit" monsters are based off the story of Tanabata.

Esprit card Origin
Esprit Lord - Hikokujaku Hikoboshi
Esprit Lord - Himekujaku Orihime
Esprit Bird - Kannagi Tsuru Kannagi Tsuru (Shrine Maiden)
Esprit Bird - Den Hato
Esprit Bird - Shinobi Garasu

Playing style

Recommended cards


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