"Shinob", known as "Esprit" (霊魂 (エスプリット) Esupuritto) in Japanese, is a series of WIND Winged Beast Spirit monsters, debuting in Raging Tempest.


The TCG name of the series derives from "shinobi", another word for "ninja". The only member that's undoubtedly a shinobi is "Shinobird Crow" (whose Japanese name reads "Esprit Bird - Shinobigarasu").

The Ritual Monsters in the series are based off the story of Tanabata.

Shinob card Origin
Shinobaron Peacock Hikoboshi
Shinobaroness Peacock Orihime
Shinobird Crane Crane
Shinobird Pigeon Pigeon
Shinobird Crow Raven
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