The Shadow Charms are talismans used by the Shadow Riders. There are eight in total, one for each of the Shadow Riders, and one for Kagemaru himself. Although their origins are unknown, they seem to have powers similar to the Millennium Items, and are, in turn, all emblazoned with the Wdjat Eye. Being noticeably less important to the story than their aforementioned counterparts, the nature of their powers are not deeply explored, but all of them seem to serve the purpose of their respective owner, although they appear less powerful then the Millennium Items. All of them allow the user and his/her opponent to participate in a Shadow Game. Kagemaru alone seems to understand the nature of these items, and is responsible for their distribution. The items were taken by the students that defeated the Shadow Riders, but what happened to them after that is not shown.

  • Nightshroud/Darkness - His Shadow Charm is half of a pendant, given to him by Gravekeeper's Chief. Jaden Yuki later revived the other half.. Whole or in parts, it seems to afford dark powers to the user, as well as a certain amount of protection and resilience against the effects of Shadow Games, and other Shadow Charms.
  • Camula - Camula's Shadow Charm is a choker which allows her both to claim the souls of those who lose to her and place them inside voodoo dolls as well as the ability to wager the souls of others present (even players outside the game) as fodder for her "Illusion Gate" Spell Card.
  • Don Zaloog - His Shadow Charm is his eyepatch. It allows him and the rest of the Dark Scorpions to take physical form in the human world. Without it, they become Duel Spirits once again.
  • Tania - Her Shadow Charm takes the form of a gauntlet. This allows her to assume human form (her true form being a tiger).
  • Abidos III - His Shadow Charm is a headband that allows him to return from the afterlife and assume physical form.
  • Titan - His Shadow Charm is the new mask he wears. It allows him to channel the powers of darkness into his cards as well as affording him a certain mastery over it. Deprived of it, however, he is consumed by the darkness once again.
  • Amnael - His Shadow Charm is the Emerald Tablet, the only Shadow Charm with a history that is not exclusive to the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe. Its fictitious version allows Amnael to trap his victims, soul and body, inside its pages, trapping them until he is defeated.
  • Kagemaru - The master of the Shadow Charms' iconic item is a small ring which allows him to channel the powers of the Sacred Beasts and other duel cards into himself, not only regaining his youth but also receiving an exponential increase in both physical strength and magical power.
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