The Dark Illusion
Worldwide English
Set number Name Rarity Category
TDIL-EN000 Magical Something Rare Effect Monster
TDIL-EN001 Performapal Bot-Eyes Lizard Common Effect Monster
TDIL-EN002 Performapal Gongato Common Effect Pendulum Monster
TDIL-EN003 Performapal Extra Slinger Common Effect Pendulum Monster
TDIL-EN004 Performapal Inflater Tapir Common Effect Monster
TDIL-EN005 Performapal Gumgumouton Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
TDIL-EN006 Performapal Bubblebowwow Common Effect Pendulum Monster
TDIL-EN007 Performapal Radish Horse Common Effect Pendulum Monster
TDIL-EN008 Performapal Life Swordsman Common Effect Monster
TDIL-EN009 Acrobatic Magician Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
TDIL-EN010 D/D Savant Thomas Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
TDIL-EN011 D/D Savant Nikola Common Effect Pendulum Monster
TDIL-EN012 Blackwing - Tornado the Reverse Wind Common Effect Monster
TDIL-EN013 Blackwing - Gofu the Vague Shadow Common Effect Tuner monster
TDIL-EN014 Red Warg Common Effect Monster
TDIL-EN015 Red Gardna Common Effect Monster
TDIL-EN016 Red Mirror Common Effect Monster
TDIL-EN017 Magician of Dark Illusion Super Rare Effect Monster
TDIL-EN018 Magician's Robe Common Effect Monster
TDIL-EN019 Magician's Rod Super Rare Effect Monster
TDIL-EN020 Master Peace, the True Dracoslayer Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDIL-EN021 Metalfoes Steelen Common Normal Pendulum Monster
TDIL-EN022 Metalfoes Silverd Common Normal Pendulum Monster
TDIL-EN023 Metalfoes Goldriver Rare Normal Pendulum Monster
TDIL-EN024 Metalfoes Volflame Rare Normal Pendulum Monster
TDIL-EN025 True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDIL-EN026 Dinomist Ankylos Common Effect Pendulum Monster
TDIL-EN027 Triamid Dancer Common Effect Monster
TDIL-EN028 Triamid Hunter Rare Effect Monster
TDIL-EN029 Triamid Master Rare Effect Monster
TDIL-EN030 Triamid Sphinx Super Rare Effect Monster
TDIL-EN031 Shiranui Solitaire Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDIL-EN032 Toon Dark Magician Super Rare Toon monster
TDIL-EN033 Scapeghost Common Flip Tuner monster
TDIL-EN034 Block Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDIL-EN035 Amaterasu Super Rare Spirit monster
TDIL-EN036 Black Dragon Ninja Common Effect Monster
TDIL-EN037 Spell Strider Super Rare Effect Monster
TDIL-EN038 Zap Mustung Common Effect Monster
TDIL-EN039 Totem Five Common Effect Monster
TDIL-EN040 Tuning Gum Rare Effect Tuner monster
TDIL-EN041 Wrecker Panda Short Print Effect Monster
TDIL-EN042 Fairy Tail - Snow Short Print Effect Monster
TDIL-EN043 Metalfoes Adamante Rare Fusion Monster
TDIL-EN044 Metalfoes Orichalc Common Effect Fusion Monster
TDIL-EN045 Metalfoes Crimsonite Rare Fusion Monster
TDIL-EN046 Nirvana High Paladin Secret Rare Effect Synchro Pendulum Monster
TDIL-EN047 Assault Blackwing - Sayo the Rain Hider Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TDIL-EN048 Assault Blackwing - Sohaya the Rain Storm Common Effect Synchro Monster
TDIL-EN049 Assault Blackwing - Onimaru the Divine Thunder Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TDIL-EN050 Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TDIL-EN051 Coral Dragon Secret Rare Effect Tuner Synchro Monster
TDIL-EN052 Ebon High Magician Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
TDIL-EN053 Super Hippo Carnival Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TDIL-EN054 Luna Light Perfume Super Rare Normal Spell Card
TDIL-EN055 Frightfur Sanctuary Common Continuous Spell Card
TDIL-EN056 Forbidden Dark Contract with the Swamp King Common Continuous Spell Card
TDIL-EN057 Dark Magical Circle Secret Rare Continuous Spell Card
TDIL-EN058 Illusion Magic Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
TDIL-EN059 Dark Magic Expanded Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TDIL-EN060 Metamorformation Super Rare Field Spell Card
TDIL-EN061 Metalfoes Fusion Super Rare Normal Spell Card
TDIL-EN062 Triamid Fortress Common Field Spell Card
TDIL-EN063 Triamid Cruiser Rare Field Spell Card
TDIL-EN064 Triamid Kingolem Rare Field Spell Card
TDIL-EN065 Cosmic Cyclone Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
TDIL-EN066 Pot of Desires Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
TDIL-EN067 Magical Mid-Breaker Field Common Field Spell Card
TDIL-EN068 Card of the Soul Short Print Normal Spell Card
TDIL-EN069 Fusion Fright Waltz Common Normal Trap Card
TDIL-EN070 King Scarlet Common Continuous Trap Card
TDIL-EN071 Magician Navigation Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
TDIL-EN072 Metalfoes Counter Common Normal Trap Card
TDIL-EN073 Metalfoes Combination Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
TDIL-EN074 Triamid Pulse Rare Continuous Trap Card
TDIL-EN075 Destruction Sword Memories Common Normal Trap Card
TDIL-EN076 Floodgate Trap Hole Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
TDIL-EN077 Premature Return Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
TDIL-EN078 Unified Front Short Print Normal Trap Card
TDIL-EN079 Pendulum Hole Common Counter Trap Card
TDIL-EN080 The Forceful Checkpoint Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
TDIL-EN081 Ninjitsu Art Notebook Common Continuous Spell Card
TDIL-EN082 Subterror Nemesis Warrior Rare Effect Monster
TDIL-EN083 Subterror Behemoth Umastryx Ultra Rare Flip monster
TDIL-EN084 Subterror Behemoth Stalagmo Ultra Rare Flip monster
TDIL-EN085 The Hidden City Secret Rare Field Spell Card
TDIL-EN086 SPYRAL Super Agent Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TDIL-EN087 SPYRAL Quik-Fix Rare Effect Monster
TDIL-EN088 SPYRAL GEAR - Drone Rare Effect Monster
TDIL-EN089 SPYRAL GEAR - Big Red Rare Equip Spell Card
TDIL-EN090 Heavy Freight Train Derricrane Common Effect Monster
TDIL-EN091 Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
TDIL-EN092 Revolving Switchyard Common Field Spell Card
TDIL-EN093 Dragodies, the Empowered Warrior Common Effect Pendulum Monster
TDIL-EN094 Empowerment Common Field Spell Card
TDIL-EN095 Paleozoic Olenoides Common Normal Trap Card
TDIL-EN096 Paleozoic Hallucigenia Common Normal Trap Card
TDIL-EN097 Paleozoic Canadia Common Normal Trap Card
TDIL-EN098 Paleozoic Pikaia Common Normal Trap Card
TDIL-EN099 Paleozoic Anomalocaris Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
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