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| [[SD24-JP032]]
| [[SD24-JP032]]
| [[Frembell Counter]]
| [[Flamvell Counter]]
| フレムベルカウンター
| フレムベルカウンター
| [[Common]]
| [[Common]]

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STRUCTURE DECK (ストラクチャーデッキ) —炎王の急襲—
(OCG - Japanese)
Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Card number Category Qty
SD24-JP001 Fire King High Avatar Garunix (えん) (おう) (しん) (じゅう) ガルドニクス Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP002 Fire King Avatar Barong (えん) (おう) (じゅう)  バロン Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP003 Fire King Avatar Qilin (えん) (おう) (じゅう)  キリン Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP004 Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys ネフティスの (ほう) (おう) (しん) Common 61441708 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP005 Manticore of Darkness (あん) (こく) のマンティコア Common 77121851 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP006 Goka, the Pyre of Malice (おん) (ねん) (たましい) (ごう) () Common 23116808 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP007 Heat Haze Beast Hippogriffo 陽炎獣 (ヘイズビースト) ヒッポグリフォ Common 31303283 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP008 Laval Lancelord ラヴァル・ランスロッド Common 00123709 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP009 Flamvell Firedog フレムベル・ヘルドッグ Common 23297235 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP010 Flamvell Poun フレムベル・パウン Common 28332833 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP011 Jurrac Guaiba ジュラック・グアイバ Common 11012887 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP012 Jurrac Velo ジュラック・ヴェロー Common 59312550 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP013 Volcanic Rocket ヴォルカニック・ロケット Common 76459806 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP014 Volcanic Counter ヴォルカニック・カウンター Common 66436257 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP015 Molten Zombie (しゃく) (ねつ) ゾンビ Common 04732017 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP016 Spirit of Flames (ほのお) (せい) (れい)  イフリート Common 13522325 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP017 Raging Flame Sprite (さか) () (ほのお) (せい) (れい) Common 90810762 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP018 Fox Fire きつね () Common 88753985 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP019 Flame Tiger 焔虎 (フレイム・タイガー) Common 66499018 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP020 Little Chimera リトル・キメラ Common 68658728 Effect Monster 1
SD24-JP021 UFO Turtle UFOタートル Common 60806437 Effect Monster 2
SD24-JP022 Assault of the Fire Kings (えん) (おう) (きゅう) (しゅう) Normal Spell Card 1
SD24-JP023 Fire King Fire Cycle (えん) (おう) (えん) (かん) Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SD24-JP024 Rekindling (しん) (えん) (ばく) (はつ) Common 74845897 Normal Spell Card 1
SD24-JP025 Blaze Accelerator ブレイズ・キャノン Common 69537999 Continuous Spell Card 1
SD24-JP026 Wild Nature's Release () (せい) (かい) (ほう) Common 61166988 Normal Spell Card 1
SD24-JP027 Pot of Duality (ごう) (よく) 謙けん (きょ) (つぼ) Common 98645731 Normal Spell Card 1
SD24-JP028 Hand Destruction () (ふだ) (だん) (さつ) Common 74519184 Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SD24-JP029 Creature Swap (きょう) (せい) (てん) () Common 31036355 Normal Spell Card 1
SD24-JP030 Burden of the Mighty (きょう) (しゃ) () (つう) Common 44947065 Continuous Spell Card 1
SD24-JP031 Backfire バックファイア Common 82705573 Continuous Trap Card 1
SD24-JP032 Flamvell Counter フレムベルカウンター Common 60718396 Counter Trap Card 1
SD24-JP033 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast (ほう) (よく) () (ふう) Common 63356631 Normal Trap Card 1
SD24-JP034 Horn of the Phantom Beast (げん) (じゅう) (つの) Common 21350571 Normal Trap Card 1
SD24-JP035 Blast with Chain (くさり) () 爆弾 (ダイナマイト) Common 98239899 Normal Trap Card 1
SD24-JP036 Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai () (れい) (じゅつ) - 「紅」 (くれない) Common 42945701 Normal Trap Card 1
SD24-JP037 Regretful Rebirth リグレット・リボーン Common 79544790 Normal Trap Card 1
SD24-JP038 Chain Destruction 連鎖破壊 (チェーン・デストラクション) Common 01248895 Normal Trap Card 1
SD24-JP039 Nightmare Wheel (ごう) (もん) (しゃ) (りん) Common 54704216 Continuous Trap Card 1
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