Starter Deck: Yugi Evolution
Mazzo Introduttivo: Yugi Evoluzione
Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
SYE-IT001 Dark Magician Mago Nero Super Rare Normal Monster
SYE-IT002 Mystical Elf Elfo Mistico Common Normal Monster
SYE-IT003 Feral Imp Demone Selvaggio Common Normal Monster
SYE-IT004 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 Drago Alato #1 Common Normal Monster
SYE-IT005 Summoned Skull Teschio Evocato Common Normal Monster
SYE-IT006 Beaver Warrior Castoro Guerriero Common Normal Monster
SYE-IT007 Gaia The Fierce Knight Gaia il Cavaliere Common Normal Monster
SYE-IT008 Celtic Guardian Guardiano Celtico Common Normal Monster
SYE-IT009 Great White Mega Squalo Bianco Common Normal Monster
SYE-IT010 Giant Soldier of Stone Soldato di Pietra Common Normal Monster
SYE-IT011 Mystic Clown Clown Mistico Common Normal Monster
SYE-IT012 Neo the Magic Swordsman Neo lo Spadaccino Magico Common Normal Monster
SYE-IT013 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts Gazelle, Re delle Bestie Mitiche Common Normal Monster
SYE-IT014 Warrior Dai Grepher Guerriero Dai Grepher Common Normal Monster
SYE-IT015 Dark Blade Lama Oscura Common Normal Monster
SYE-IT016 Wall of Illusion Muro Illusorio Common Effect Monster
SYE-IT017 Man-Eater Bug Insetto Mangia-Uomini Common Flip monster
SYE-IT018 Sangan Sangan Common Effect Monster
SYE-IT019 Kuriboh Kuriboh Common Effect Monster
SYE-IT020 Giant Rat Ratto Gigante Common Effect Monster
SYE-IT021 Sonic Bird Uccello Sonico Common Effect Monster
SYE-IT022 Zombyra the Dark Zombyra l'Oscuro Common Effect Monster
SYE-IT023 Royal Magical Library Biblioteca Reale Magica Common Effect Monster
SYE-IT024 Black Luster Soldier Glorioso Soldato Nero Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
SYE-IT025 Black Luster Ritual Rito della Gloria Nera Super Rare Ritual Spell Card
SYE-IT026 Dark Hole Buco Nero Common Normal Spell Card
SYE-IT027 Dian Keto the Cure Master Dian Keto il Curatore Common Normal Spell Card
SYE-IT028 Fissure Spaccatura Common Normal Spell Card
SYE-IT029 Monster Reborn Mostro Resuscitato Common Normal Spell Card
SYE-IT030 Change of Heart Cambiare Idea Common Normal Spell Card
SYE-IT031 Last Will Ultimo Desiderio Common Normal Spell Card
SYE-IT032 Card Destruction Distruggi-Carte Common Normal Spell Card
SYE-IT033 Remove Trap Rimuovi Trappola Common Normal Spell Card
SYE-IT034 The Reliable Guardian Guardiano Affidabile Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SYE-IT035 Axe of Despair Ascia di Distruzione Common Equip Spell Card
SYE-IT036 Malevolent Nuzzler Nuzzler Malevolo Common Equip Spell Card
SYE-IT037 Mystical Space Typhoon Tifone Spaziale Mistico Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SYE-IT038 Mystic Plasma Zone Zona Mistica del Plasma Common Field Spell Card
SYE-IT039 Swords of Revealing Light Spada Rivelatrice Common Normal Spell Card
SYE-IT040 Pot of Greed Anfora dell'Avidità Common Normal Spell Card
SYE-IT041 Trap Hole Buco Trappola Common Normal Trap Card
SYE-IT042 Waboku Waboku Common Normal Trap Card
SYE-IT043 Magic Jammer Disturbo Magico Common Counter Trap Card
SYE-IT044 Seven Tools of the Bandit I Sette Attrezzi del Bandito Common Counter Trap Card
SYE-IT045 Spellbinding Circle Cerchio Incantatore Common Continuous Trap Card
SYE-IT046 The Eye of Truth L'Occhio della Verità Common Continuous Trap Card
SYE-IT047 Backup Soldier Soldato di Riserva Common Normal Trap Card
SYE-IT048 Shift Cambio Common Normal Trap Card
SYE-IT049 Disappear Sparizione Common Normal Trap Card
SYE-IT050 Raigeki Break Frattura Raigeki Common Normal Trap Card
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