Card numberNameRarityCategory
SBSC-ENS01"Heavy Metal Raiders"Ultra Rare
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SBSC-ENS02"Spell Proof Armor"Super Rare
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SBSC-ENS03"Bandit"Super Rare
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SBSC-ENS04"Servants of the Fallen King"Super Rare
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SBSC-ENS05"Double Evolution Pill"Ultra Rare
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SBSC-EN001"Magical Plant Mandragola"CommonFlip monster
SBSC-EN002"Dark Red Enchanter"Super RareEffect Monster
SBSC-EN003"Crystal Seer"Super RareFlip monster
SBSC-EN004"Spell Power Grasp"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBSC-EN005"Spellbinding Circle"CommonContinuous Trap Card
SBSC-EN006"Troop Dragon"Super RareEffect Monster
SBSC-EN007"Vampire Lord"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SBSC-EN008"Command Knight"CommonEffect Monster
SBSC-EN009"Gearfried the Swordmaster"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SBSC-EN010"Release Restraint"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBSC-EN011"Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie"CommonNormal Monster
SBSC-EN012"Fire Reaper"CommonNormal Monster
SBSC-EN013"Book of Life"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
SBSC-EN014"Skreech"CommonEffect Monster
SBSC-EN015"Fortress Whale"CommonRitual Monster
SBSC-EN016"Fortress Whale's Oath"CommonRitual Spell Card
SBSC-EN017"Kabazauls"CommonNormal Monster
SBSC-EN018"Jurrac Tyrannus"CommonEffect Monster
SBSC-EN019"Empress Mantis"CommonNormal Monster
SBSC-EN020"Danipon"CommonEffect Monster
SBSC-EN021"Insect Armor with Laser Cannon"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBSC-EN022"Gatekeeper"CommonNormal Monster
SBSC-EN023"Pendulum Machine"CommonNormal Monster
SBSC-EN024"Launcher Spider"CommonNormal Monster
SBSC-EN025"Slot Machine"CommonNormal Monster
SBSC-EN026"Barrel Dragon"Super RareEffect Monster
SBSC-EN027"Blast Sphere"CommonEffect Monster
SBSC-EN028"Machine Conversion Factory"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBSC-EN029"7 Completed"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBSC-EN030"Metalmorph"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
SBSC-EN031"Bokoichi the Freightening Car"CommonNormal Monster
SBSC-EN032"Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive"Super RareFlip monster
SBSC-EN033"Mask of Darkness"Ultra RareFlip monster
SBSC-EN034"Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu"CommonFlip monster
SBSC-EN035"Infernity Dwarf"CommonEffect Monster
SBSC-EN036"Ally of Justice Core Destroyer"CommonEffect Monster
SBSC-EN037"Master Craftsman Gamil"CommonEffect Monster
SBSC-EN038"Eternal Rest"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBSC-EN039"Gravity Axe - Grarl"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBSC-EN040"The Beginning of the End"CommonNormal Spell Card
SBSC-EN041"Fighting Spirit"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBSC-EN042"Break! Draw!"CommonEquip Spell Card
SBSC-EN043"Night Beam"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
SBSC-EN044"Security Orb"CommonNormal Trap Card
SBSC-EN045"A Major Upset"CommonNormal Trap Card
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