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| [[SHSP-EN086]]
| [[SHSP-EN086]]
| World Premiere
| [[SHSP-EN087]]
| World Premiere
| World Premiere
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| [[SHSP-EN097]]
| [[SHSP-EN097]]
| OCG import
| [[SHSP-EN098]]
| OCG import
| OCG import

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Shadow Specters
(TCG - English)
Set number English name Rarity Card number Category
SHSP-EN000 World Premiere
SHSP-EN001 Labradorite Dragon 62514770 Tuner monster
SHSP-EN002 Chauchow-chan 99902789 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN003 Malicevorous Spoon 35307484 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN004 Malicevorous Fork 61791132 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN005 Malicevorous Knife 98780137 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN006 Battlin' Boxer Leverage Gardna 24184846 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN007 Battlin' Boxer Rabbit Puncher 61679541 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN008 Wid the Duplicitous Druid 97074649 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN009 Druise the Duplicitous Druid 24062258 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN010 Mythic Wood Dragon 50457953 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN011 Mythic Water Dragon 92841002 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN012 Protect Dragon 29330706 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN013 Drain Dragon 55735315 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN014 Tanukit Ponpoko 92729410 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN015 Tanukit Tantan 28118128 Flip Effect Monster
SHSP-EN016 Ghostrick Lantern 54512827 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN017 Ghostrick Specter 81907872 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN018 Ghostrick Witch 27491571 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN019 Ghostrick Yuki-onna 54490275 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN020 Ghostrick Kyonshee 80885284 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN021 Ghostrick Stein 16279989 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN022 Bujin Mikazuchi 53678698 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN023 Bujingi Yata 89662736 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN024 Bujingi Ibis 16157341 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN025 Bujingi Boar 42551040 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN026 Bujingi Centipede 88940154 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN027 Mecha Phantom Beast Sabalhawk 15335853 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN028 Mecha Phantom Beast Gryphin 41329458 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN029 Vampire Sorcerer 88728507 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN030 Vampire Shadow 14212201 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN031 Vampire Grace 40607210 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN032 Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts 17601919 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN033 Yellow-Bellied Oni 53090623 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN034 Vampire Killer 80485722 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN035 Aratama 16889337 Spirit monster
SHSP-EN036 Rakshasa 43378076 Spirit monster
SHSP-EN037 Natural Bone Saurus 89362180 Gemini monster
SHSP-EN038 Knight Dei Grepher 15767889 Gemini monster
SHSP-EN039 Genomix Fighter‎ 42155488 Tuner monster
SHSP-EN040 Malina, Princess of Sunflowers 78540593 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN041 Granmarg the Rugged Rock Monarch 15545291 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN042 Swarm of Crows 41039846 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN043 Tsuchinoko‎ 77428945 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN044 Risebell the Star Walker 14512659 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN045 Blue Duston 40217358 Effect Monster
SHSP-EN046 Number C96: Dark Storm 77205367 Xyz Monster
SHSP-EN047 Number 65: Judge Buster the Adjudicutter Djinn 03790062 Xyz Monster
SHSP-EN048 Number C65: Judge Doom the Adjudicutter King 49195710 Xyz Monster
SHSP-EN049 Battlin' Boxer Cheat Commissioner 76589815 Xyz Monster
SHSP-EN050 Number 46: Draggluon the Ethereal Dragon 02978414 Xyz Monster
SHSP-EN051 Number 64: Sandayu the Vetanuki 39972129 Xyz Monster
SHSP-EN052 Ghostrick Alucard 75367227 Xyz Monster
SHSP-EN053 Bujintei Kagutsuchi 01855932 Xyz Monster
SHSP-EN054 Edelritter - Vampire Bram 38250531 Xyz Monster
SHSP-EN055 Melia the Ashwood Nymph 64245689 Xyz Monster
SHSP-EN056 Felgrand the Divine Dragon Knight 01639384 Xyz Monster
SHSP-EN057 Pyrallis, Dragon of Purple Flames 37038993 Synchro Monster
SHSP-EN058 Kiganjou 63422098 Synchro Monster
SHSP-EN059 Gagagatag 00917796 Normal Spell Card
SHSP-EN060 Burnin' Boxin' Spirit 36916401 Normal Spell Card
SHSP-EN061 Dragon Shield 63300440 Equip Spell Card
SHSP-EN062 Ghostrick House 99795159 Field Spell Card
SHSP-EN063 Bujin Regalia - The Mirror 35183853 Normal Spell Card
SHSP-EN064 Vampire Kingdom 62188962 Field Spell Card
SHSP-EN065 Pot of Duplicity 98672567 Normal Spell Card
SHSP-EN066 Grandeur 25067275 Quick-Play Spell Card
SHSP-EN067 Molding the Monarchs 61466310 Continuous Spell Card
SHSP-EN068 Breath of the Valiant 98850929 Quick-Play Spell Card
SHSP-EN069 Duston Mop 24845628 Equip Spell Card
SHSP-EN070 Burst Reverse 50243722 Normal Trap Card
SHSP-EN071 Number Overlay Boost 97738431 Normal Trap Card
SHSP-EN072 Sinister Shield 23122036 Normal Trap Card
SHSP-EN073 Ghostrick Out 50527144 Normal Trap Card
SHSP-EN074 Ghostrick Panic 86516889 Normal Trap Card
SHSP-EN075 Vampire Shift 22900598 Normal Trap Card
SHSP-EN076 Mistake 59305593 Continuous Trap Card
SHSP-EN077 Chain Ignition 85893201 Continuous Trap Card
SHSP-EN078 Grisaille Gaol 22888900 Normal Trap Card
SHSP-EN079 Fight for Survival‎ 58272005 Normal Trap Card
SHSP-EN080 From the Jaws of Defeat!? 84677654 Normal Trap Card
SHSP-EN081 World Premiere
SHSP-EN082 World Premiere
SHSP-EN083 World Premiere
SHSP-EN084 World Premiere
SHSP-EN085 World Premiere
SHSP-EN086 World Premiere
SHSP-EN087 World Premiere
SHSP-EN088 World Premiere
SHSP-EN089 World Premiere
SHSP-EN090 OCG import
SHSP-EN091 OCG import
SHSP-EN092 OCG import
SHSP-EN093 OCG import
SHSP-EN094 OCG import
SHSP-EN095 OCG import
SHSP-EN096 OCG import
SHSP-EN097 OCG import
SHSP-EN098 OCG import
SHSP-EN099 OCG import
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