Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category Qty
SDLS-IT001 Master Hyperion Maestro Hyperion Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT002 The Agent of Mystery - Earth L'Agente del Mistero - Terra Super Rare Effect Tuner monster 1
SDLS-IT003 The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter Super Rare Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT004 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn L'Agente del Giudizio - Saturno Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT005 The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury L'Agente della Saggezza - Mercurio Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT006 The Agent of Creation - Venus L'Agente della Creazione - Venere Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT007 The Agent of Force - Mars L'Agente della Forza - Marte Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT008 Mystical Shine Ball Sfera Mistica Lucente Common Normal Monster 1
SDLS-IT009 Splendid Venus Venere Splendida Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT010 Tethys, Goddess of Light Tethys, Dea della Luce Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT011 Victoria Victoria Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT012 Athena Athena Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT013 Marshmallon Marshmallon Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT014 Hecatrice Hecatrice Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT015 Shining Angel Angelo Splendente Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT016 Soul of Purity and Light Anima della Luce e della Purezza Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT017 Airknight Parshath Parshath Cavaliere Volante Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT018 Nova Summoner Evocatore Nova Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT019 Zeradias, Herald of Heaven Zeradias, Araldo del Paradiso Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT020 Honest L'Onesto Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT021 Hanewata Hanewata Common Effect Tuner monster 1
SDLS-IT022 Consecrated Light Luce Consacrata Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-IT023 Cards from the Sky Carte dal Cielo Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDLS-IT024 Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen Valhalla, Sala dei Caduti Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SDLS-IT025 Terraforming Terraformare Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDLS-IT026 Smashing Ground Schiacciare Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDLS-IT027 The Sanctuary in the Sky Il Santuario nel Cielo Common Field Spell Card 2
SDLS-IT028 Celestial Transformation Trasformazione Celestiale Common Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SDLS-IT029 Burial from a Different Dimension Sepoltura da un'Altra Dimensione Common Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SDLS-IT030 Mausoleum of the Emperor Mausoleo dell'Imperatore Common Field Spell Card 1
SDLS-IT031 Solidarity Solidarietà Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SDLS-IT032 The Fountain in the Sky La Fontana nel Cielo Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SDLS-IT033 Divine Punishment Punizione Divina Common Counter Trap Card 1
SDLS-IT034 Return from the Different Dimension Ritorno dall'Altra Dimensione Common Normal Trap Card 1
SDLS-IT035 Torrential Tribute Tributo Torrenziale Common Normal Trap Card 1
SDLS-IT036 Beckoning Light Luce del Richiamo Common Normal Trap Card 1
SDLS-IT037 Miraculous Descent Discesa Miracolosa Common Continuous Trap Card 2
SDLS-IT038 Solemn Judgment Giudizio Solenne Common Counter Trap Card 1
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