Set number English name French name Rarity Category Qty
SDLS-FR001 Master Hyperion Maître Hyperion Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR002 The Agent of Mystery - Earth Terre, Agent du Mystère Super Rare Effect Tuner monster 1
SDLS-FR003 The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter Jupiter, Agent des Miracles Super Rare Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR004 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn Saturne, Agent du Jugement Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR005 The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury Mercure, Agent de la Sagesse Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR006 The Agent of Creation - Venus Vénus, Agent de la Création Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR007 The Agent of Force - Mars Mars, Agent de la Force Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR008 Mystical Shine Ball Sphère Mystique Lumineuse Common Normal Monster 1
SDLS-FR009 Splendid Venus Vénus Splendide Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR010 Tethys, Goddess of Light Téthys, Déesse de la Lumière Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR011 Victoria Victoria Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR012 Athena Athéna Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR013 Marshmallon Marshmallon Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR014 Hecatrice Hécatris Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR015 Shining Angel Ange Lumineux Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR016 Soul of Purity and Light Âme de Pureté et de Lumière Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR017 Airknight Parshath Parshath le Chevalier du Ciel Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR018 Nova Summoner Invocateur de Nova Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR019 Zeradias, Herald of Heaven Zéradias, Héraut du Paradis Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR020 Honest Ange de Loyauté Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR021 Hanewata Coton-Plume Common Effect Tuner monster 1
SDLS-FR022 Consecrated Light Lumière Sacrée Common Effect Monster 1
SDLS-FR023 Cards from the Sky Cartes Célestes Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDLS-FR024 Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen Walhalla, Sanctuaire du Déchu Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SDLS-FR025 Terraforming Terra Formation Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDLS-FR026 Smashing Ground Destruction Terrestre Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDLS-FR027 The Sanctuary in the Sky Le Sanctuaire Céleste Common Field Spell Card 2
SDLS-FR028 Celestial Transformation Transformation Céleste Common Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SDLS-FR029 Burial from a Different Dimension Enterrement d'une Autre Dimension Common Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SDLS-FR030 Mausoleum of the Emperor Mausolée de l'Empereur Common Field Spell Card 1
SDLS-FR031 Solidarity Solidarité Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SDLS-FR032 The Fountain in the Sky Fontaine du Ciel Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SDLS-FR033 Divine Punishment Châtiment Divin Common Counter Trap Card 1
SDLS-FR034 Return from the Different Dimension Retour De La Dimension Différente Common Normal Trap Card 1
SDLS-FR035 Torrential Tribute Hommage Torrentiel Common Normal Trap Card 1
SDLS-FR036 Beckoning Light Lumière Attirante Common Normal Trap Card 1
SDLS-FR037 Miraculous Descent Chute Miraculeuse Common Continuous Trap Card 2
SDLS-FR038 Solemn Judgment Jugement Solennel Common Counter Trap Card 1
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