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Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants
(TCG - English - 1st Edition)

<gallery widths="175px"> EvilswarmHeliotrope-BPW2-EN-C-1E.jpg | BPW2-EN001 (C)
Evilswarm Heliotrope WallofIllusion-BPW2-EN-R-1E.jpg | BPW2-EN002 (SR)
Wall of Illusion BigEye-BPW2-EN-C-1E.jpg‎ | BPW2-EN003 (C)
Big Eye Kazejin-BPW2-EN-SR-1E.jpg | BPW2-EN004 (SR)
Kazejin Otohime-BPW2-EN-C-1E.jpg‎ | BPW2-EN005 (C)
Otohime YomiShip-BPW2-EN-SR-1E.jpg‎ | BPW2-EN006 (SR)
Yomi Ship WingedSageFalcos-BPW2-EN-C-1E.jpg | BPW2-EN007 (C)
Winged Sage Falcos CyberRaider-BPW2-EN-C-1E.jpg‎ | BPW2-EN008 (C)
Cyber Raider BerserkGorilla-BPW2-EN-C-1E.png | BPW2-EN009 (C)
Berserk Gorilla InvaderofDarkness-BPW2-EN-C-1E.jpg | BPW2-EN010 (C)
Invader of Darkness LegendaryJujitsuMaster-BPW2-EN-SR-1E.png | BPW2-EN011 (SR)
Legendary Jujitsu Master BladeKnight-BPW2-EN-C-1E.png | BPW2-EN012 (C)
Blade Knight BigTuskedMammoth-BPW2-EN-SR-1E.png | BPW2-EN013 (SR)
Big-Tusked Mammoth GolemSentry-BPW2-EN-SR-1E.jpg | BPW2-EN014 (SR)
Golem Sentry AdhesiveExplosive-BPW2-EN-SR-1E.jpg‎ | BPW2-EN015 (SR)
Adhesive Explosive CyberGymnast-BPW2-EN-SR-1E.jpg‎ | BPW2-EN016 (SR)
Cyber Gymnast CyberPrima-BPW2-EN-SR-1E.png‎ | BPW2-EN017 (SR)
Cyber Prima MajesticMechGoryu-BPW2-EN-C-1E.png‎ | BPW2-EN018 (C)
Majestic Mech - Goryu DestinyHERODefender-BPW2-EN-C-1E.jpg | BPW2-EN019 (C)
Destiny HERO - Defender ArchfiendofGilfer-BPW2-EN-SR-1E.png | BPW2-EN020 (SR)
Archfiend of Gilfer LegendaryFiend-BPW2-EN-SR-1E.png | BPW2-EN021 (SR)
Legendary Fiend LylaLightswornSorceress-BPW2-EN-SR-1E.png‎ | BPW2-EN022 (SR)
Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress MontageDragon-BPW2-EN-C-1E.png‎ | BPW2-EN023 (C)
Montage Dragon CursedFig-BPW2-EN-SR-1E.png | BPW2-EN024 (SR)
Cursed Fig RedOgre-BPW2-EN-SR-1E.png‎ | BPW2-EN025 (SR)
Red Ogre BlackwingElphintheRaven-BPW2-EN-SR-1E.png | BPW2-EN026 (SR)
Blackwing - Elphin the Raven SauropodBrachion-BPW2-EN-C-1E.png | BPW2-EN027 (C)
Sauropod Brachion WormApocalypse-BPW2-EN-C-1E.png | BPW2-EN028 (C)
Worm Apocalypse WormJetelikpse-BPW2-EN-C-1E.png | BPW2-EN029 (C)
Worm Jetelikpse InfernityDestroyer-BPW2-EN-SR-1E.jpg | BPW2-EN030 (SR)
Infernity Destroyer

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