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This is the depiction of Serenity Wheeler from Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour. She becomes available to duel near the beginning of the game once the Player reaches Level 4. She requires four wins to register. She says that her brother Joey got her hooked on Duel Monsters, and she even starts borrowing his phrases before dueling. Before challenging the player she will always politely ask permission to duel him/her. Her outfit appears to be based off her manga appearance, as her orange shirt has long sleeves rather than short.

In Game Story

Serenity is kidnapped by Dox at night for revenge against the player, and taken to an abandoned shack in Puzzle Town during the game's eighth level, and the player will have to rescue her by defeating Dox in a Shadow Game. Upon doing so, Dox flees and Serenity thanks the player, after her big brother Joey expresses concern over her wandering around at nighttime.

Later she offers to help the player before the Beginner's Cup and Expert Cup by dueling him/her to celebrate the occasion.

She also appears to assist the player when Yami Marik brainwashes her brother, Joey and is happy when he is saved.


Her Deck does not contain "The Forgiving Maiden", which she used in the anime. However, strangely, Noah's Deck does.



Deck Recipe