These are the September 2006 Forbidden and Limited Lists for the TCG in effect since September 1, 2006.[1]

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Monster Cards
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Monster Cards
Spell Cards
Trap Cards


Monster Cards
Spell Cards
Trap Cards


Monster Cards
Spell Cards
Trap Cards


Card Card type Old status (April 2006) New status (September 2006)
Chaos Sorcerer Monster Card 1Unlimited 4Forbidden
(December 21, 2006)
Monster Card 1Unlimited 4Forbidden
Thousand-Eyes Restrict Monster Card 3Limited 4Forbidden
Tsukuyomi Monster Card 3Limited 4Forbidden
Snatch Steal Spell Card 3Limited 4Forbidden
Magician of Faith Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 3Limited
Spirit Reaper Monster Card 1Unlimited 3Limited
Future Fusion Spell Card 1Unlimited 3Limited
Nobleman of Crossout Spell Card 2Semi-Limited 3Limited
Gravity Bind Trap Card 2Semi-Limited 3Limited
Ring of Destruction Trap Card 4Forbidden 3Limited
Ultimate Offering Trap Card 1Unlimited 3Limited
Exiled Force Monster Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited
Giant Trunade Spell Card 1Unlimited 2Semi-Limited
Reckless Greed Trap Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited
Wall of Revealing Light Trap Card 1Unlimited 2Semi-Limited
Reflect Bounder Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Emergency Provisions Spell Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Lightning Vortex Spell Card 3Limited 1Unlimited
Drop Off Trap Card 3Limited 1Unlimited


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