(せん) (たく) (formerly () (てい) )

Japanese (ruby)

せんたく (formerly してい)

Japanese (base text)

選択 (formerly 指定)

Japanese (romanized)

sentaku (formerly shitei)

Japanese (translated)

select (formerly designate)



Select (Japanese: (せん) (たく) sentaku) is an outdated term used in card texts prior to the Problem-Solving Card Text update. "Select" indicates that a player decides which card is affected.

"Select" usually indicated that a card targets (the absence of "select" did not mean a card does not target). Some cards that used to say "select", such as "Creature Swap" and "A Cat of Ill Omen", do not target; such cards now use "choose" to specify that a player decides which card without targeting.

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