5Dx137 Security assemble

Sector Security members.

Sector Security, known as the Public Security Maintenance Bureau (ネオ童実野シティ治安維持局 Neo Domino Shiti Chian Iji Kyoku) in the original anime, is an organization led by a Director, who attempts to maintain law and order in New Domino City.

The true goal behind the bureau is to prevent the evil sealed in the Nazca Lines by the Crimson Dragon from being reborn. They attempt to do this by cleansing evil from New Domino City, which Rex Goodwin believes to be the only present day utopia. This is done by keeping unworthy people out of New Domino and forcing them to reside in the run down Satellite.

Believing that allowing residents of Satellite into New Domino will cause the world to fall into disorder, some members, called Securities, often deal with keeping residents of Satellite out of New Domino City.

Sometime after Z-one's defeat, the organization is abolished as New Domino City switches to a government of elected officials. It is replaced by the New Domino City Police Department.



The former director, Rex Goodwin.

Sector Security is led by a director, but as of episode 65, three people come to share this title by unknown means. However in episode 117, Lazar took over as director after Team New World altered the present so that they never were directors.

List of directors


Security officers are permitted to use the otherwise banned card "Gate Blocker", which prevents the opponent from utilizing Speed Counters. The officers otherwise use an array of Trap Cards.

Named officers Tetsu Trudge and Kaz have been shown with other cards, indicating that they may personalize their Decks.

Security Deck
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