Secret Pass to the Treasures
(ざい) (ほう) への (かく) (つう) ()
English Secret Pass to the Treasures
Chinese 通向財寶的隱藏通路
French Passage Secret vers les Trésors
German Geheime Passage zum Schatz
Italian Passaggio Segreto per il Tesoro
Korean 보물로 가는 비밀통로
Portuguese Passagem Secreta para os Tesouros
Spanish Pasaje Secreto a los Tesoros
Japanese (kana) ざいほうへのかくしつうろ
Japanese (base) 財宝への隠し通路
Japanese (rōmaji) Zaihō he no Kakushi Tsūro
Card type Spell SPELL.svg
Property Normal Normal.svg
Passcode 77876207
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