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Schroeder Corp Logo


Schroeder Corp office

Schroeder Corp is a company run by Zigfried von Schroeder. This company is exclusively mentioned in the KC Grand Championship arc. It is headed by Zigfried, who seized power when the former CEO went mad. It changed to a gaming corporation roughly when KaibaCorp did, even inventing plans for a Battle Box-esque virtual dueling system, though they were too late to present the idea to Industrial Illusions, as Kaiba Corp had already presented their plans for Dueling Arenas. In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, they are mentioned as a sponsor of the WRGP. Their headquarters is located in Germany.


Image Character Description
Schroederzigfried Zigfried von Schroeder President of Schroeder Corp.
LeonWilson Leon von Schroeder Possible Vice President of Schroeder Corp.
MrSchroeder Mr. von Schroeder Ex-President of Schroeder Corp.
Schroederexecutives Schroeder Corp Executives Schroeder Corp Executives.
Schroederexecutive2 Unnamed Executive Executive who told Zigfried that KaibaCorp was a gaming company.
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