Schoolgirl (女生徒 or 女子生徒) is a name used in the credits to describe various minor characters in the Toei Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. The schoolgirls are all attendees of Domino High School.

Image Episode Voice actresses Information
Schoolgirls Toei ep1.png Episode 1 Commented on Ushio's condition, after his Penalty Game
Schoolgirls Toei ep7.png Episode 7 Mentioned how Kujirada used to be quiet and shy, but his attitude suddenly changed with his wealth
Schoolgirl 1 Toei ep 10.png Episode 10 Kanako Okada Had an accessory on her bag confiscated by Ms. Chono
Schoolgirl 2 Toei ep 10.png Episode 10 Miki Otani (left) Discussed a test with a friend. Declined Anzu Mazaki's request to sign a petition.
ObeseFangirltoei.png Episode 13 Miki Otani Said she was at the dawn of her beauty and asked Kokurano how long it would last. Kokurano said it would last until she dies. She is based on the fangirl from the manga.
Schoolgirl 2 Toei ep13.png Episode 13 Chieko Atarashi (center) Informed Anzu that Katsuya Jonouchi had almost been hit by a falling lamp in the gym
Episode 18 Complained about Jonouchi chasing them underwater. They are based on a character in Duel 46 of the manga, who made the same complaint.
Episode 19 Akemi Misaki
Episode 21
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