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{{Card table set|SOVR-KR047|Stardust Overdrive|Rare}}
{{Card table set|SOVR-KR047|Stardust Overdrive|Rare}}
{{Card table set/footer}}
{{Card table set/footer}}
| mst1 = Destroys Attack Position Monster Cards
| m/s/t = Destroys Attack Position Monster Cards
| lp1 = You gain Life Points
| attack = Must attack
| lp2 = Your opponent gains Life Points
| life_points =
| attack1 = Must attack
* You gain Life Points
* Your opponent gains Life Points
| database_id = 8482
| database_id = 8482

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Savage Colosseum
English Savage Colosseum
French Colisée Sauvage
German Brutales Kolosseum
Italian Colosseo Selvaggio
Portuguese Coliseu Selvagem
Spanish Coliseo Salvaje
Japanese サベージ・コロシアム
Japanese (rōmaji) Sabēji Koroshiamu
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