Sartorius' motorcycle.

Sartorius' motorcycle is a vehicle Sartorius uses in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime.


Sartorius used this motorcycle to save Jaden Yuki from the Trueman clones in Domino City. He hid it in the back of a truck, which he used to run several of the clones over before emerging from the back of the truck and grabbing Jaden. They emerge from the back of the truck on this motorcycle and after driving off, Sartorius detonates the truck, destroying the Trueman clones. Sartorius drove to KaibaCorp, where he revealed himself to Jaden. On the pretense of escaping in a helicopter, they head into the building. Sartorius then revealed that Sarina had been taken by Nightshroud and Sartorius has agreed to aide his plot to get her back. He must now Duel Jaden.[1]


Jaden escaping KaibaCorp.

Jaden won the Duel, and barely escaped from the burning building with the help of Neos before reaching the motorcycle. He put on a helmet and escaped from the area on it. Jaden rode to the seaport to get back to Duel Academy. Upon arriving, he felt very dizzy and fell off the motorcycle, which plunged into the ocean.[2]


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