Sadie, known as Seiko in the Japanese version, is a character in the Tag Force games. This is a video game version of Sadie, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime.



Sadie, in Tag Force, beginning a duel

Sadie can be found in the Shop, but she cannot be dueled until the player beats the game with at least 5 different Tier 1 characters. Once unlocked as an opponent, if the player can defeat Sadie, she will agree to being their partner.


In the first three games, Sadie uses Burn Decks that lock down the field and destroy her opponent's cards.

In Tag Force Special, Sadie uses Skill Drain Decks.

Tag Force

The Duel Has Begun!

Tag Force 2

Starting to Duel
Learning to Duel
A New Duelist

Tag Force 3

Please Go Easy On Me
Getting Started
Please Help Me Out
Getting Serious

Tag Force Special

Skill Denial (スキルはダ・メ・よ, Sukiru wa da・me・yo) ★2
No Skills For Me (スキルはイ・ヤ・よ, Sukiru wa i・ya・yo) ★4
Stop It With The Skills (スキルはや・め・て, Sukiru wa ya・me・te) ★7


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