Sacred Sword Thanatos
  • Japanese: 霊剣タナトス
  • Kana: れいけんタナトス
  • Romaji: Reiken Tanatosu
  • Translated: Spirit Sword Thanatos
Card type




Boost ATK by 300 points. Destroy tokens and raise the equipped monster's ATK by the amount of their ATK.

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Name Lore
Japanese (れい) (けん) タナトス 攻撃力300アップ トークンを破壊してその攻撃力分アップする



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Stat changes
Equipped gains ATK

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SacredSwordThanatos-EN-Manga-5D.png +
Sacred Sword Thanatos +
Sacred Sword Thanatos +
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れいけんタナトス +
攻撃力300アップ トークンを破壊してその攻撃力分アップする +
霊剣タナトス +
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Destroys your face-up Monster Cards +  and Destroys your opponent's face-up Monster Cards +
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Sacred Sword Thanatos +
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Equip Spell Card +
Reiken Tanatosu +
(れい) (けん) タナトス +
(れい) (けん) タナトス +
Equipped gains ATK +
Spirit Sword Thanatos +