Sacred Guardians

High Priests

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High Priests


High Priests

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World

The Sacred Guardians, known as the High Priests ( (ろく) (しん) (かん) Rokushinkan "Six Priests"[Notes 1]) in the Japanese version, were six of the strongest individuals chosen to serve the Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. A position filled by many, however the most notable is the group that guarded Pharaoh Atem 3,000 years ago. The six Priests that were deemed to be worthy on serving the Pharaoh also had access to six of the Millennium Items (with the Pharaoh himself always wielding the Millennium Puzzle) to ensure the Pharaoh's safety, as well as to utilize their power to bring justice to Egypt. Notably, after retiring his position and item to Shada, Shimon Muran became the Pharaoh's Grand Vizier.


With Pharaoh Atem

Character Millennium Item
Pharoah Atem Pharaoh Atem Millennium Puzzle
Priest Seto Priest Seto Millennium Rod
MAHADO Priest Mahad Millennium Ring
PriestShadah Priest Shada Millennium Key
Kalim Priest Karim Millennium Scale
Aknadin2 Priest Aknadin Millennium Eye
Isis2 Priestess Isis Millennium Necklace

With Pharaoh Aknamkanon

Character Millennium Item
Akhnamkanon Pharaoh Aknamkanon Millennium Puzzle
Setos predecessor Millennium Rod's original wielder Millennium Rod
Mahadpredecessor Millennium Ring's original wielder Millennium Ring
Shimon muran Priest Shimon Millennium Key
Karim predecessor Millennium Scale's original wielder Millennium Scale
Aknadin2 Priest Aknadin Millennium Eye
Isisspredecessor Millennium Necklace's original wielder Millennium Necklace

With Pharaoh Seto

Character Millennium Item
Priest Seto Pharaoh Seto Millennium Puzzle
Seto successor Seto's successor Millennium Rod
Mana Priestess Mana Millennium Ring
Shada successor Shada's successor Millennium Key
Kalim successor Kalim's successor Millennium Scale
Aknadin successor Aknadin's successor Millennium Eye
Isis2 Priestess Isis (manga only) Millennium Necklace


  1. The word shinkan, literally "official of gods", strictly refers to a Shinto occupation. However, in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!, it gains broader meanings, similarly to the word 巫女 (みこ) miko.
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