"START" (START (スタート) , Sutāto) was the Japanese closing theme to Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's for episodes 1-26. It was replaced in episode 27 by "CROSS GAME". The beginning instrumental is very similar to "OVERLAP" by Kimeru.

It is performed by Masataka Nakagauchi and has been released on the CD START / Sun will shine away

Recording Credits

  • Performed by: Nakagauchi Masataka (中河内雅貴)
  • Lyrics by: Kosaka Naomi (こさかなおみ)
  • Composed by: Ueda Kōji (上田晃司)
  • Arranged by: Masubuchi Azuma (中河内雅貴)
  • Record Label: Marvelous Entertainment(マーベラスエンターテイメント)


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Lyrics (TV Size)

Nani wo tsukameru no ka? Nani ga dekiru no ka?
Fumidasu bokura de mitsukeru kitto
Tomerarenai kimochi atsui mune no kodou
Shinjitsu no koe ga kikoetanda
Kizutsuiteshitta yo
Tsuyoku nareru basho wo
Tenohira no yume kasane
Itsuka kimi ni tsunageyou
Sutaato no aizu sakebe kokoro motomeru mama
Kyuukutsu de hanpa na nichijou wa tobikoeteyaru
Dasshu shite kagayaku mi ai zenbu te ni ireru sa
Shinjiteru kizuna wo idaite kakateyuku ashita he

What are you grasping for?
What good will it do you?
We're moving forward and we'll make sure to discover what
Never-ending sentiments
the passionate beats of our hearts
and the voice of truth are all what we heard
We got busted up and we learned
of where we can get stronger
I'll search through the dreams in my hand
and one day I'll lead them all to you
Shouting the signal for the START
we'll do what our hearts want
and vault over our cramped
and mediocre lives
We'll make a DASH
and attain every bit of our brilliant futures
Embracing the bonds we so believe in
we'll race toward tomorrow

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