The Super Animal Learning lab, usually shortened to SAL lab is the lab in which Wheeler was trained and is unnamed in the dub. The lab is located in the Duel Academy forest. It would later be adopted as a headquarters by Thelonious Viper, who hid the Devil Arm and Survival Duel equipment there.


The lab was commissioned by unknown peoples (the dub implies it was owned by KaibaCorp). It was used as a location to experiment on animals. Monkeys were used, as they were known to be able to hear the voices of Duel Monster Spirits (the dub instead states that the subjects were punished for making Dueling mistakes). Subjects were fitted with cybernetic gear to aide in Dueling, with a helmet having been used to give them access to Dueling terminology.[1]


One test subject, Wheeler, eventually escaped the lab. He was pursued into the forest by the doctor and Tatewaki. Wheeler would kidnap Jasmine, a student at Duel Academy and was eventually cornered by the group from the lab and some of Jasmine's friends. Wheeler Dueled and lost to Jaden Yuki and was let free along with other monkeys after Professor Banner threatened to call the authorities about the lab's indiscretions.[1]

At some point after this, the lab was abandoned.

Non-canon appearances

The lab appears in the GX Tag Force series. It features the Card Conversion Machine and Password Machine, as well as a card rental counter for use with the latter device. It is inhabited by the head researcher from the anime, called "Doctor" in-game and the security guards, called "Researchers" in-game.

The location serves the same purpose in Tag Force 2 and also appears in storyline events that involve Thelonious Viper.


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