Rush Duel (ラッシュデュエル, Rasshu Dyueru) is a format for Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. It is featured in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime, and marks its debut in Deck Modification Pack: Hyperspeed Rush Road!! in the OCG.


  • Players start with 8000 LP and can have 40-60 cards in their Decks.
  • When the turn starts, the turn player draws cards from their Deck until they have five in their hand. However, there is no limit to their hand size. If the turn player has five or more cards in their hand, they draw one more card.
  • Both players can Normal Summon as many monsters as possible during a single turn, though the Tribute rules for Level 5 and higher monsters still apply.
  • Like Speed Duels, the player has three Monster Zones and three Spell & Trap Zones available.
  • The phases of regular Duels are (in order):
  • Card effects can only be used once per turn. The player also needs to satisfy the requirements to use these effects.

Players can only use cards designed for Rush Duels, which have a special frame and a "RUSH DUEL" tag at the bottom of the card. These are Rush Duel counterparts of the regular traditional cards. Notably, the card effects and their style of writing are much simpler than their Master Duel variants, as are the ATK and DEF monster values.


All "Rush Duel" cards


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Brave of Dawn, Lydacross暁の勇者ライダクロスEffect MonsterLIGHTWarrior721001500
Dark Sorcererダーク・ソーサラーNormal MonsterDARKSpellcaster415000
Dragolite輝岩竜Normal MonsterEARTHDragon415000
Dragon Knight of Darkness暗黒の竜騎士Normal MonsterDARKDragon516001100
Maxe Raiderマックス・レイダーNormal MonsterEARTHWarrior724001400
Rush Dragon Dragears連撃竜ドラギアスEffect MonsterLIGHTDragon725001500
Sevens Road Magicianセブンスロード・マジシャンEffect MonsterDARKSpellcaster721001500
Sevens Road Witchセブンスロード・ウィッチEffect MonsterDARKSpellcaster616001000
Spell Archerスペル・アーチャーNormal MonsterWINDSpellcaster31000400
Windcaster Torna風使いトルネEffect MonsterWINDSpellcaster616001000
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Dragonic Pressureドラゴニック・プレッシャーSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Wind Spirit's Blessing風精の加護Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Blue-Eyes White Dragon青眼の白龍Normal MonsterLIGHTDragon00080000300000002500
Dark Sorcererダーク・ソーサラーNormal MonsterDARKSpellcaster00040000150000000000
Magical Beast Wolfram魔獣ウォルフラムNormal MonsterFIRESpellcaster00030000110000000100
Rush Dragon Dragears連撃竜ドラギアスEffect MonsterLIGHTDragon00070000250000001500
Sevens Road Magicianセブンスロード・マジシャンEffect MonsterDARKSpellcaster00070000210000001500
Spell Archerスペル・アーチャーNormal MonsterWINDSpellcaster00030000100000000400


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