Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords
(きょ) (しん) (りゅう) () (せき)
English Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords
French Ruines des Grands Dragons Divins
German Ruinen der Himmlischen Drachenherren
Italian Rovine dei Signori Divini dei Draghi
Korean 거신룡의 유적
Portuguese Ruínas dos Divinos Senhores Dragão
Spanish Ruinas de los Señores Dragón Divinos
Japanese (kana) きょしんりゅうのいせき
Japanese (base) 巨神竜の遺跡
Japanese (rōmaji) Kyoshinryū no Iseki
Japanese (translated) Ruins of the Giant God Dragons
Card type Spell SPELL.svg
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Passcode 69868555
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