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Romin Kassidy, known as Romin Kirishima ( (きり) (しま) ロミン Kirishima Romin) in the Japanese version, is one of the main characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS. She is Yuga Ohdo's classmate, and a talented student and sportswoman who is the guitarist of RoaRomin.



Romin's usual outfit consists of a black top with yellow buttons, a short red skirt adorned with two brown belts to hold the Deck cases at her waist, grey tights and red/black high-heels. Almost all time, she hoists her guitar thats adorned with logo of her school band "RoaRomin over her shoulder. She has a sky-blue eyes and purple hair with a slim body.

When she was younger, Romin wore a pink dress over a red and white-striped shirt, knee-length white socks, and dark pink Mary Jane shoes.


Perfect closeup of Romin

Better angle of Romin.

Romin doesn't like Duels much but she tends to cross paths with Yuga and his friends. She also has a mysterious aura around her persona and seems to know more things than she lets on. She gets reasonably along with Yuga and his friends, and despite not being too interested in Duels she is fairly observant, a fast learner and impressively tactical for a newbie.

Romin red eyes

Romin with red eyes.

Whenever she gets hungry, Romin becomes very aggressive in her playstyle and her eyes have been shown to turn red during these circumstances. It is later revealed that she doesn't always need to be hungry to become intense.[2]


Aside from playing her guitar in the band, Romin has good class marks and is proficient in sports too.[3]

It is later revealed that Romin is tone-deaf.[4]

Romin does not have any experience in cooking. Her first dish ended up being a blue-colored curry dubbed by Rook as "Dragears Curry".[5]


Her Japanese family name contains the kanji for "fog" (霧 kiri) and "island" (島 shima).



Birth of Rush Duels[]




Romin's real Deck is a Psychic Deck, based around manipulating her own LP to activate the effects of her cards, similar to early Psychic Monsters in the OCG/TCG.


Romin claimed at first that she did not own a Deck of her own, so instead she used a spare copy of Yuga's Spellcaster Deck. She did however add the card "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light" to the Deck, which she claimed to be the only card she owned.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Ohdo 3 Lose
Gavin Sogetsu 11 Win
Arata Arai 16 Win
Otes 24 Win
Gavin Sogetsu 27 Not shown
Sushiko Maki 28 Lose
Yuga Ohdo 40 Win
Roa Kirishima 49 Win
Yuka Goha 56 Lose
Mimi Imimi 71 Win
Princess G 87 Win


  • Romin has several similarities to Zuzu Boyle.
    • Both have dark pink hair and blue eyes.
    • Both wear red skirts.
    • Their ace monsters involve music.
  • Romin is the second female lead to use honorifics for her series' main protagonist; the first being Skye Zaizen.
  • Romin is the first female character to win against a male main character in a serious Duel without her opponent making misplays.
  • Romin is the first female lead to never get brainwashed.


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