Roboppy (ロボッピ Roboppi) is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She is a robot that works as a maid at Yusaku's house.



Roboppy is a small, toy sized robot. Her body is mostly pale cyan with teal wheels and pink spheres. She has a white neck and stomach with mitten shaped, pink hands that can extend from her body. Her face is a black screen that projects pale yellow slits that represent her eyes, and she can change them to match her developing emotions. She has two horn like attachments around her head with pink rings and orange tips.

Thanks to Ai's programming, Roboppy gains a human form in the data world, appearing like a small girl with a short bobcut of cyan hair, two pink streaks and orange in the back. Her eyes are pale yellow and she has pale skin. a whited framed, yellow diamond is present in the middle of her neck. Roboppy's top composes of a large, blue jacket with a black and white hood, pink and white stripes down the front over a black collar, a white zipper, and pink and orange rimmed sleeves. She wears turquoise jeans and pink sneakers.


Roboppy started out as Yusaku's maid, without much personality. As the series progressed, she began to develop a more quirky side. She gets excited when seeing new things, like going outside, and often cheers on her friends.



Roboppy was first seen cleaning Yusaku's bedroom. Ai called her an idiot; Roboppy replied that "idiot" was a forbidden word. Ai asked Roboppy if she wanted to be smarter, which he said he could do if she became his minion, which she agreed to.[1] Roboppy worked on the Duel Disk, following Ai's instructions while keeping it a secret from Yusaku. At one point, Ai fabricated his own version about his adventures with Playmaker to Roboppy. She did not believe all of them, but was entertained none the less.

The Deleted

After Vaira was defeated, Ai and Roboppy completed the modifications to Yusaku's Duel Disk to turn into a drone. They both laughed in excitement, before Ai told her not to laugh harder than him.

Lost Memories

Three months after the Tower of Hanoi, Roboppy was gadabout Ai, wondering where he was and when he'd be back. When he finally came home, Roboppy. Ai said he would, as she was his precious minion. Roboppy then questioned Linkuriboh, whom Ai was petting affectionately. When he also introduced him as his minion, this sparked a rivalry between the two.

Ignis Warfare

Roboppy went to check on Ai, but noticed he wasn't in the Duel Disk. She alerted Yusaku of this, who just entered the room. He wondered if the Duel Disk was broken, but she told him the Duel Disk was fine. Seeing Ai was gone, Yusaku brought Ai to Kolter to find answers. This was Roboppy's first time leaving the house. After being introduced to him, Takeru, and Flame, Kolter checked Roboppy's data log and found she and Ai were on a website before the latter disappeared. Realizing there was an Ignis algorithm hidden on the site, Yusaku left to check it out. [2]

Before heading out after Lightning, Ai spoke with Roboppy about the mission, feeling something bad might happen. Roboppy encouraged Ai on, but he berated her on her joking. He explained he was going to fulfill his promise to make her smarter, though not right away. Roboppy did a short dance as physical comedy before Ai yelled at her again. Telling Roboppy to live up to his expectations, Ai gave her a program, causing her eyes to glow red. [3] Later, she watched Playmaker and Bohman's final duel by projecting it on screen. She wondered if she always had this ability, calling herself dumb for not remembering, then corrected herself that "dumb is a forbidden word." Roboppy went on cheering Playmaker and Ai. She began to cry as Ai tried to destroy the Neuron Link, saying her bro was gone. She began to panic, wondering if Ai had actually died. However, her system soon began to go haywire and she found herself in front of a large door decocted with sweets. Roboppy became excited, saying she hadn't seen anything this fun before, and opened the door, releasing a wave of Ai's backup data.[4]

Season 3

After releasing the backup, Roboppy's body stopped working. Some time later, Roboppy and Ai, now in human-like bodies, went to Cyberse World to honor the fallen Ignis.[5]



Roboppy agreed to be Ai's minion in exchanged for making her smarter. She helped Ai upgrade Yusaku's Duel Disk into changing into a drone, allowing him to fly. The two also appear to watch soap operas together. While Roboppy serves Ai to an extent, she's not above pointing out his ego, such as him leaving 212 comments on the same message board. She was greatly saddened when Ai sacrificed himself.

The two are later side by side at the funeral for the Ignis in seemingly human forms, showing that Roboppy is now working alongside Ai.


Roboppy developed an instant rivalry with Linkuriboh after Ai introduced it as his minion as well.

Yusaku Fujiki

Programmed by Yusaku, Roboppy is very loyal to him. She does describe him as being "a little cold hearted."


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