Roboppy (ロボッピ Roboppi) is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She is a robot that works as a maid at Yusaku's house.



Roboppy is a small, toy sized robot.


Roboppy started out as Yusaku's maid, without much personality.



Roboppy was first seen cleaning Yusaku's bedroom. Ai called her an idiot; Roboppy replied that "idiot" was a forbidden word. Ai asked Roboppy if she wanted to be smarter.[1]

The Deleted

Lost Memories

Ignis Warfare

Roboppy went to check on Ai, but noticed he wasn't in the Duel Disk. She alerted Yusaku of this, who just entered the room. He wondered if the Duel Disk was broken, but she told him the Duel Disk was fine. Seeing Ai was gone, Yusaku brought Ai to Kolter to find answers. This was Roboppy's first time leaving the house. After being introduced to him, Takeru, and Flame, Kolter checked Roboppy's data log and found she and Ai were on a website before the latter disappeared. Realizing there was an Ignis algorithm hidden on the site, Yusaku left to check it out. [2]

Before heading out after Lightning, Ai spoke with Roboppy about the mission, feeling something bad might happen. Roboppy encouraged Ai on, but he berated her on her joking. He explained he was going to fulfill his promise to make her smarter, though not right away. Roboppy did a short dance as physical comedy before Ai yelled at her again. Telling Roboppy to live up to his expectations, Ai gave her a program, causing her eyes to glow red. [3]



Roboppy agreed to be Ai's minion in exchanged for making her smarter. She helped Ai upgrade Yusaku's Duel Disk into changing into a drone, allowing him to fly. The two also appear to watch soap operas together. While Roboppy serves Ai to an extent, she's not above pointing out his ego, such as him leaving 212 comments on the same message board.


Roboppy developed an instant rivalry with Linkuriboh after Ai introduced it as his minion as well.

Yusaku Fujiki

Programmed by Yusaku, Roboppy is very loyal to him. She does describe him as being "a little cold hearted."


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